​​​​​​​​​​​The Phoenix days have arrived as the mythical bird takes flight over Earth Mother bringing huge upheavals and changes to our planet. The Phoenix represents death, rebirth and renewal of life. It is also a symbol of Eternal Life. July 23, 2018 a strange colorful bird was captured on the Grand Teton National Park live webcam. Bird watchers have never seen such a bird. The Firebird is also known the Phoenix and is a sacred bird found in the mythologies of many cultures and described as a large magical glowing bird with majestic plumage that glows brightly emitting red, orange, and yellow light, like a bonfire that is just past the turbulent flame. Every five hundred years, according to some popular legends, it dies in flames and is reborn out of its own ashes. It is an omen of things that are about to be destroyed in fiery ashes and then reborn. According to a Native American shaman we are now in The Phoenix Days of great Earth changes. Earth Mother is going through a rebirth now. Extreme weather, droughts, floods, volcanoes will awaken from their slumber with huge eruptions, tectonic plates will shift, huge tears will suddenly appear from deep core movement, land will fall into big holes all over (sinkholes) from water under Earth Mother drying up, strange accidents with planes, trains, boats, cars and increased meteors and bolides lighting up the night sky. Huge winds will blow across the land with great intensity--hurricanes, tornadoes and straight line winds. New lights in sky will be green signaling more to come. These prophecies are in Betsey's new book,Star Beings:Their Mission and Prophecy available on Amazon.  At the age of seven, Betsey began to have lucid dreams of catastrophic Earth changes that were given to her several nights in a row shortly after a UFO encounter. In the dreams she witnessed huge earthquakes, volcanoes erupting worldwide, tsunami waves hitting coasts and extreme winds and weather. This is now happening.

​​​​​World renowned psychic Betsey Lewis predicted Donald J. Trump would become our 45th President as early as April of 2016 when she was given a powerful vision of Trump taking the oath as the 45th President of the United States.  Newsmax article.  Please note that predictions relating to people can change. God gave humans free will to create our own destiny.  Events I foresee now could change at any time. The future is not yet in form. Even natural disasters can be avoided with human thought!

2019 Predictions 

Nine (2019) will be the Year of Endings, Transitions, and SHOCKING Revelations. 

  1. President Donald Trump will be re-elected in 2020 despite those who want him to fail or want him impeached. It looks like there isn't one Democrat who can defeat him at this time. There are traitors inside his Administration who will leave the White House--the revolving door will continue. Watch for someone close to Trump to be labeled a traitor--shocking news soon. Got it right - Michael Cohen, Trump's former attorney, has shown his true colors and made some outrageous claims to Congress about his former boss. Cohen praised Trump when he was first hired, and not he berates him as a lies and criminality, but in truth he's talking about himself. He has lied on many occasions. Trump will be vindicatedWhite House Chief of Staff John Kelly will leave before the end of 2018. 2019 will be a tough year for him. Got this right already. John Kelly is leaving the White House. No matter what Trump tries to do he will be met with opp​osition from the Democrats. They are doing to do everything they can to remove him from office in 2019, but it could backfire. Trump should learn to stop the bombastic rhetoric and Tweets that get him in trouble, but it's all that Leo in his astrological chart. I can tell you this--if any other person had been elected in 2016, our country would be in a horrible state with North Korea and Russia.  Read more...  Dec. 23, 2018 - Two more resign - General Mattis and special US envoy for Isis, Brett McGurk resign after Trump announced withdrawal of troops in Syria. It's going to get worse for Trump's It's my way, or the highway  attitude. 2019 will be a tough year for him and could take a toll on his health. How can someone live with such negativity aimed at them? Mattis, Kelly, Dunford, Haley, Zinke, and now March 2019 Bill Shine resigned as White House Communications Director.  More will resign into 2019! Got it right again - April 8, 2019 Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen was forced to resign and Secret Service Directory Randolf Alles was fired by Trump. There's more to come!!!
  2. I only predict what I am shown in visions about Trump. But I will say this--Trump has accomplished a lot in the short time he's been in office. Unemployment is at its lowest, the Stock Market made huge gains in early to mid 2018, pulled the United States out of the Iranian nuclear deal. Stood up to NATO countries for not ponying up enough money to cover the organization’s expenses and their own defense costs. He began a dialogue with North Korea about ending its nuclear weapons program. He created millions of new jobs (the White House claims as many as 3 million) and brought unemployment down to 3.9 percent, the lowest since 2000. Proposed and helped pass a tax cut and cut federal regulations. I am deeply disappointed that he has turned away from protecting sacred lands to help oil and gas companies continue drilling. I realize that it has allowed us to get away from the Mideast oil reserves but at what cost? We are removing Mother Earth's lifeblood and this could cause the poles to shift--the grid is no longer stable and is causing huge Earth changes--extreme weather, mysterious booms, huge fissures opening up, sinkholes forming, increased earthquake and volcanic activity. In December of 2016, President Obama signed a proclamation protecting 1.35 million acres of land as part of the newly created Bears Ears National Monument, named for the distinctive buttes that resemble a bear peering over the horizon. “The land,” Obama’s proclamation read, “is profoundly sacred to many Native American tribes.” So a year later, when Trump opted to shrink the monument to about 200,000 acres, potentially opening hundreds of thousands of acres to mining operations, many tribes took it as an affront. Read article...
  3. Border Wall and Shutdown: Trump will eventually get his way to build the border wall or fence but at a great cost. I sense the Dems and Republications will continue their division on Border issues as refugees flood toward  the border. Both parties are to blame for the stalemate on the border. 
  4. I see much anger and violent protests along the Mexican and US border. Throughout the world humans are leaving their tyrannical countries, hoping to start a new life somewhere else--Europe, Canada and the US. Around the world, 68.5 million people have been forcibly displaced. That’s the most since World War II, according to the U.N. Refugee Agency (UNHCR). Most people remain displaced within their home countries, but about 25.4 million people worldwide have fled to other countries as refugees. More than half of refugees are children. Such a displacement will a great burden to all who help refugees--feeding them, housing them and finding employment for mostly unskilled workers.
  5. What will happen with Mueller's ludicrous investigation of Russian interference before the 2020 election?  Trump, as I have foreseen, will not be impeached, but there will be talk of it by Pelosi and Democrats of indictment and impeachment. Only fear tactics. Now there is proof of no Russian collusion. Mueller is just a pawn in the game to bring down Trump.
  6. Remember when Trump was campaigning in 2016 and he made one of the crazier campaign pledges, perhaps one of the craziest he’s ever made,to eliminate the national debt? Not the deficit mind you, which is just how much red ink Uncle Sam spills each year—but the entire debt itself. All $20 trillion of it. In 2020 Trump will put forth an idea to make the United States debt free. People worldwide will marvel at what happens after 2019. I wish that I could tell you more, but my spirit guides and a human source have requested that I remain mum on the details. To me this seems too far-fetched, but stranger things have happened.  
  7. Summer Blackouts 2019 - Expect blackouts in cities in Europe and United States from hackers, EMP, or extreme heat and overload of the power grid. 
  8. ​Earth Magnetic Field - Something major is happening to our planet's magnetic field. Deep beneath its skin, its life blood — rivers of molten iron — pulse around its core. And this mobile iron is what generates the magnetic field that causes auroras — and keeps us alive. But, according to the science journal Nature, something strange is going on deep down below. It’s causing the magnetic North Pole to ‘skitter’ away from Canada, towards Siberia. “The magnetic pole is moving so quickly that it has forced the world’s geomagnetism experts into a rare move,” Nature reports. On January 30 (delayed due to the US Government shutdown), the World Magnetic Model — which governs modern navigation systems — is due to undergo an urgent update. I sense this will also cause the Earth's physical poles to shift. Read this article... The 11-11-18 event off the coast of East Africa near Mayotte Island in the Indian Ocean the caused a series of unusual seismic pulses to ripple across the world almost undetected--the waves rang for over 20 minutes, which scientists now believe was caused by molten lava moving deep within the Earth. This is just the beginning of huge disasters to befall the planet in 2019. What happens to Earth and humans depends on how willing everyone is to change. So far the majority of humans on this planet have not shown any great change in consciousness. Yes, there are many but not enough to hold the energy grid in place.
  9. BREXIT - It won't happen! More problems for the UK and Prime Minister Theresa May.  Read article.
  10. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, now 85 years old, will experience more health problems in 2019. She is so frail now. 
  11. Events will take place the US/Mexican border as refugees from Central America try to flood through barriers at the border beginning. US military will be brought in. It could get ugly and very violent in the days to come. These central American governments are behind the people leaving because they want more money from the U.S.  
  12. If anything happens to Trump (death), the stock market will nose-dive--even, Trump stated recently. At times the market in 2019 will be up and down like a roller coaster, a lot of fear and profit taking. No worries, everyone! Big downturn in late 2019 and early 2020. I don't see a recession in 2020, but a slow down.
  13. Toxic Disasters and Earth Events: Watch for an oil disaster on the ocean or radiation leak.  There will be huge Earth events this year with extreme temperatures, huge snow storms in January, February and into March. Huge flip flop weather extremes from record breaking cold to warm spring like weather. I foresee flash floods, more wildfires around the planet, disastrous tornadoes, hurricanes hitting the U.S. on the East Coast and West Coast with warmer ocean temperatures in the Pacific Ocean.  So far we humans have not made the shift in values and realized that without Earth we could not be here. Earth, in her love for her own initiation and her reaching for a higher frequency, will bring about a cleansing that will balance the energy grid once again. There will be many people who will leave the planet in an afternoon. When this happens maybe everyone will begin to walk up to what is going on. We are now witnessing global change. When humans make the quality of life the number one priority in their lives by honoring the quality of Earth's life, there will be far fewer Earth changes and disasters upon this planet. However, at this time line, we are more concerned with how many electronic devices we own, how many clothes in our clothes, and how many cars in our garages. We are not at all connect to the effects of all this material manufacturing on the sentient being that is our parent--MOTHER EARTH! Love yourself and love Earth, because they are the same and connected in ways you can't imagine. 
  14. Oct. 2018 -Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh will be nominated despite allegations about sexual harassment. It's all fake news and never happened. I predicted this nearly 2 weeks before Kavanaugh was confirmed for the Supreme Court on Oct. 6, 2018.  
  15. Melania Trump - She recently gave an interview on ABC's 20/20 about her husband's infidelities and said that she does not dwell on it. Article. I feel that what Melania said in the interview is not totally true. At some point Melania will separate from Donald Trump, probably between 2020 and 2024. Melania was born on April 26, 1970, making her a strong Taurus and very rebellious. She has great leadership qualities and this quality will become stronger in the coming years. She relates well with people and especially children. She will be known years later her charitable work worldwide. She’s involved with charities such as the American Cross, Love Our Children USA and the Police Athletic League. In more recent years, Melania has supported charities such as the Wounded Warrior Project and Paralyzed Veterans of America and she doesn't do it for publicity! 
  16. Forty-first President George H.W. Bush passed away on Nov. 30, 2018. I predicted after his wife Barbara Bush  passed away on April 17, 2018 that he would join her in death mid to late 2018. (See #7 prediction below for 2018). Bush was a dichotomy--a Jekell and Hyde personality who people believe was an upstanding military hero and President of the United States, but in reality, he was devoid of true love and did many horrific things to humans--including children, during the MK Ultra Mind Control years (read Trance Formation of America by Cathy O'Brien). He was a Skull and Bones man and belonged to the New World Order (also Kissenger, Cheney, Clintons and others.  Watch this video on Bush.  Also David Icke's video.  There are horrible Satanic things that this man was involved in but you wouldn't believe it. You want to believe that these Leaders (including the Pope and Catholic Priests) are do-gooders, but they are "Evil doers."  These people come from family after family that abuses children and their own off-spring. They lack real love and have no empathy or compassion. Look into their eyes and the truth will be revealed. Do you see warmth or stone-cold shark eyes? 
  17. ​US Economy: big slow down in 2020. Interest rates will go up twice in 2019.
  18. Russian and Ukraine - huge buildup by Russian on the Ukraine border. Looks like a big confrontation there in coming months. Blood will flow. I foresee something horrible happening in Syria with Russia. We could see US military deployed to Syria and Russia. Trump will be at odds with Putin.   
  19. Saber Rattling for Israel, Iran, Russia, China, North Korea and the U.S. France, Russia and the United States have already launched test missiles February in a show of nuclear strength. Could some country ignite World War III in 2019? Feb. 3 or 4th there were military exercises over downtown Los Angeles and a helicopter actually landed on Wilshire Blvd. 
  20. Right now, we are all experiencing Pluto in Capricorn, from now until 2023, which means that we will see many things collapse such as money, religion and government, but these changes will present an opportunity for everything to be rebuilt in humanity's best interests. There will be those who have been honored, but will Fall from Grace or have been part of the family of Dark from the beginning. Many shocking revelations to come, including with NASA, the Moon, Mars, ET disclosure and those beings who live underground.  
  21. Oprah Winfrey will not run for President in 2020, and although Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley is now resigning as UN Ambassador as of October 2018, and says she had no plans to run for President in 2020. I sense she will change her mind by 2019 or will run in 2024. I do not foresee a women becoming president until 2024 when Nikki Haley or Ivanka Trump could run. Does former CEO of Starbucks Howard Schultz, 65-year-old, have a chance to win the Presidential election in 2020 as an Independent? I don't see it.
  22. The Big One: A super megathrust earthquake is building along the Cascadia Subduction zone that covers the entire distance between Northern California, and Vancouver Island, Canada and also a volcano or megathrust earthquake is going happen off the coast of East Africa near the Island of Mayotte in the Indian Ocean.  The mysterious event of 11-11-18 was a sign of this sleeping giant awakening. This is a warning fopeople from the USA must get ready for the “Big Earthquake.” Also, If the entire cleft splits open along the U.S. West Coast, we will witness a megathrust earthquake of 8.7 to 9.2 degrees, “The Super Mega Earthquake,” and huge tsunami. In that region, 225,000 square miles will be unrecognizable. From Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, Eugene, Salem (the capital of Oregon), to Olympia (the capital of Washington). Over 7,000,000 people live in that area.
    They will be affected by the greatest natural disaster in the history of United States. See my 2018 predictions below--I had a vision a powerful earthquake would hit along the Cascadia Subduction Zone along the West Coast of the U.S. On Oct. 22, 2018 a 6.8 magnitude earthquake shook in the ocean off of Port hardy, Canada near Seattle. 
    Read article... 

  23. Bitcoin - Many of you have written to me about investing in Bitcoin, and I've told you beware. It's a bunch of computer code that a bunch of criminals, idealists and speculators agree is worth "real" money. Sadly, its real money value swings widely, making it impractical except for criminals, idealists and speculators. 
  24. Joe Biden - Joe Biden may run for President in 2020, but he won't be elected. He turned 77 years old on Nov. 20, 2019 - a Scorpio. All of his touching women and children will come back to haunt him during this year of revelations.
  25. Retailer stores will almost seem obsolete as more and more companies close their doors due to all the internet sales. But like everything retail stores will again rebound in the next three to five years! For instance, Vinyl records are again in because the sound is so pure unlike CDs.  
  26. Celebrities: More celebrities will be in the news for physical and sexual abuse. I sense a well-known actor will take his own life. Actor Jason Momoa, Aquaman, Frontier, Games of Thrones, will see greater fame in the future. Many older celebrities and singers will leave us this year.  I worry about Johnny Depp and his depression. Ellen DeGeneres may file for divorce from her wife Portia de Rossi by late year. The Dalai Lama will have some serious health issues this year and may pass. He has often talked about his time being short on Earth.  
  27. Space X Elon Musk's Tesla Motors could continue to have big financial problems.  If you own stock get out as fast as you can. Jan. 2018 Elon Musk caused something of a stir online yesterday when he shared a weird meme which suggested an alien connection to the moon landing. The strange message, issued from his official Twitter account, simply read "there are no coincidences" and featured a picture of Neil Armstrong juxtaposed with a menacing depiction of an iconic alien grey.  Perhaps the most intriguing incident occurred back in 2016 when conspiracy theorists posited that an unidentified flying object caused the dramatic explosion of a Falcon 9 rocket. The following year, anomaly hunters accused SpaceX of cutting their live feed from a rocket in space after a UFO appeared. I believe that a recent NASA launch failure and the explosion of the Falcon 9 was a message to us from aliens to stop exploring space. Is this the real reason for Trump's Space Military Force? As Predicted - April 21, 2019: hick plumes of smoke rose over a SpaceX facility in Florida during a test fire of a Crew Dragon spacecraft on Saturday. If the issue was serious, it could derail plans to fly astronauts aboard the capsule later this year. Read...
  28. Riots in the News: This year Paris, Belgium, Russia, South American countries, US and other global cities could see huge rioting and protests. Humans are tired of the old school laws and want reform from tyranny.  
  29. Hillary Clinton's health problems will continue. It will soon be revealed about her health crisis.
  30. Crazy Events worldwide--Extreme Weather will continue with increased regularity worldwide. Mysterious booms, strange stress waves will be recorded deep within the Earth (strange blue lights seen in the sky from crystals and rocks grinding beneath the surface, huge earthquakes, volcano eruptions, floods, extreme weather--FLASH FLOODS, WILD FIRES, MUDSLIDES, EXTREME HEAT AND COLD, TORNADOES CAUSE MAJOR DESTRUCTION, HURRICANES, CYCLONES, INCREDIBLE WINDS, SAND STORMS. It will seem as if Mother Earth has gone crazy, and in a way she has. She's pushing back as we continue to disrespect her and cause her continued environmental destruction. Everyone on the planet will experience major catastrophic events in 2019.   
  31. Disasters will bring out the heroes. As the Earth changes increase, there will be those who put others before themselves and save lives. Some will lose their lives, but all will advance spiritually in the next world.  Every word, every deed, every thought, every intent, is recorded on the Universal computer--known as the Akashic Records.  
  32. Powerful earthquakes will shake the Pacific Rim of Fire. I see another huge tsunami hitting Indonesia after a huge earthquake that hits again like the 7.5 earthquake on Sept. 28, 2018. This could shake up the U.S. West Coast faults as well. Volcanoes will awaken worldwide from earthquakes. They are both connected. I'm really concerned about the West Coast from Seattle to Northern California with all the earthquakes along one of the deadliest faults in the world--the Cascadia Subduction Zone. Watch for the signs of a mega thrust earthquake. Read how to detect a huge earthquake. 
  33. Mysterious booms will continue in 2019 and will be associated with deep inner Earth movement. Continued reports of sinkholes. Also, strange deep core earth movement taking place worldwide like the one reported near Mayotte Island off the East coast of Africa. The Hum or Seismic Event rang around the world, but no earthquake was detected. Scientists remain baffled, however, it was discovered after this event on Nov. 11, 2018 (master number), the Island of Mayotte slide 2.4 inches to the East and 1.2 inches to the South. Was this magma moving under the Earth that caused the planet to shutter? I feel that a huge event will take place off the coast of East Africa, a megathrust earthquake 9.0 or greater and will produce a tsunami that will travel across to Indian ocean. A volcanic eruption could proceed this event. 
  34. Listen to Tyler's Secure Team video on this. A 7.0 magnitude earthquakehit near Anchorage, Alaska on Nov. 30, 2018. Did the Event on Nov. 11,, 2018 trigger the Alaskan earthquake? I have no doubt. There will be more strange events in the months to come! 
  35. Flu Pandemic -  Remember last year's horrible flu and how many died suddenly due to pneumonia? My husband and I had a friend that died from it--one minute he was well and the next he was gone. It has been 100 years since the Spanish Flu (also known as the 1918 flu pandemic) spread across the globe, infecting 500 million people and causing the deaths of 50 million – which was three to five percent of the world’s population at the time. I'm do foresee another flu pandemic this year, but I do see a bad flu--Swine Flu hitting many people. Those with compromised health issues, could be in danger from this flu. A 26 year old newscaster recently died from the H1N1 flu.    
  36. As I predicted in 2018, 2019 will foresee horrible shootings in the United States linked to those who hate certain nationalities and religious groups. This evil will continue in our world until we learn to honor all humans for their religious beliefs, they nationality, and their sexual preferences. We are all God's children, a part of the divine consciousness, and to kill another is an act against our Creator. There will also be Isis attacks on European countries. Blood will flow.  
  37. Planet X aka Nibiru aka Planet Nine will be confirmed traveling through our solar system. More photos and more leaks from NASA. Someone is going to come foreward this year to tell us more about why Earth is experiencing such strange Earth events--volcanoes erupting, sudden tsunamis, sinkholes, mysterious booms and strange sightings in the sky. Animals will behave in strange ways before these events--watch for signs. 
  38. More UFO activity even over major cities: Many of these sightings with be advanced holographic technology used by our military and aliens. More orbs will be reported. There will be more sightings of the secret US military TR-3B triangle-shaped craft. 
  39. Massive Flooding--Water, water everywhere - In my visions for 2019, I foresee another year of floods on the East Coast, Southern U.S. and a heavy snow year for the West Coast and East Coast and parts of Canada. Extreme weather for the entire planet.  
  40. Destructive weather worldwide -  If you thought 2018 was a horrible year for wildfires and flash floods, just wait for 2019. Summer and winter will be all mixed up. Huge winds blowing over homes, buildings and cars, trucks. More destructive wildfires for California, more flash floods, disastrous tornadoes even in places that don't usually don't have tornadoes and huge hurricanes, cyclones, and tropical storms worldwide. 
  41. Volcanoes awaken - Kilauea has quieted down, but others will awaken along the Pacific Rim of Fire. Those living near volcanoes be prepared to leave your homes within  minutes. Huge volcanoes and earthquakes will shake the South Pacific and possibly a mega thrust earthquake 9.0 and higher in the South Pacific region. Yellowstone geysers are going to become more active--we could see some big activity in 2019.  Dec. 2018 - Mtn. Etna and other volcanoes in Italy are now erupting and there will be more eruptions from Little Krakatoa in Indonesia. More tsunamis in the news. 
  42. UFOs and strange sightings in the sky -  Some of the UFOs will be our military, especially the huge triangle-shaped craft, but others will be operated by worldly beings. In some instances there are holographic images beamed into the sky, especially on cloudy days. 
  43. Strange holes in the Earth will open up--both fissures and flames shooting out of holes. Read this... 
  44. Winter of 2019 will bring record snows to the Southwest, East, Midwest and the Northwest. Snow again will fall in the UK and even Middle East deserts.
  45. MS (Multiple Sclerosis) - Scientists will discover a gene that causes MS. It won't be a cure, but will stop the progression of the illness that affects 2.3 million people worldwide (mostly women).
  46. Amazing discoveries: some people will be able to see again through the aid of a device that stimulate nerves in the brain and major discoveries for paralyzed people walking again (stem cell research and electrical stimulation to the brain). 
  47. STRANGE Accidents with trains, planes, buses, trucks due to carelessness, greed, alcohol and drugs. Most of the horrible accidents that will happen in the future could have been prevented like the March 10, 2019 Ethiopian Boeing 737 that killed 157 people shortly after takeoff. These accident like the burning of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France on April 18, 2019, a day before the full moon, will happen more often, causing the destruction of many sacred sites. Some of these events will be aciddental, nature and arson.   
  48. 3-D Printers: In the next 10 years we will see 3-D Printers make body parts including human hearts with human cells. THERE WILL BE NO REJECTIONS OF THESE BODY PARTS. 3-D Printers will also pave the way for instant food. Read article...
  49. Vatican and Pope Francis: A great darkness that has been pervasive in the Church for eons will come to light and many more will fall from Grace due to their evil ways and sexual perversions. It's possible Pope Francis will resign in 2019. Misuse of sexuality is not new. We ignore the darkness and try to shield our children from it, but it's still there. Perhaps we should consider studying the dark in classrooms, devoted to the eons of misuse of power. Ignoring it will not make it disappear. Newspapers, television networks, and the media are all owned and operated by a small handful of individuals. True ownership of these enterprises is difficult to track because there are plans and players behind the players, and nothing is exactly as it appears. It's time to wake up and realize that you are being fed information designed to limit and control you, to have you support and become part of the economy of death (pharmaceutical ads). There will be shocks and scandals forthcoming the like of which you have never seen, even in the Vatican and Catholic Church and other notable churches. When the storms come, find your courage and face your fears in these chaotic times. When you run from the dark you give it more power, allowing it to perpetuate itself.  Also, a (total) Sun eclipse will occur on July 23, 2019, which is possible to mark the beginning of the disaster that will envelop the Catholic Church, but also all others Christian churches.The assassination of the Pope will bring chaos all over the world, and this event will take place in the following period.
  50. Children killing Children and Mass Shooters: Until humans understand that we are all connected and that everything we do is recorded and for every horrible action is a price to pay. We were created by God and so we are part of that intelligent energy of All There Is. It might take a world catastrophe to transform humans and stop the killings and wars. School shootings will be in the news, terrorist shootings and bombings and more children killed with chemicals in Syria. Sad state that humans have not evolved in thousands, probably millions of years.   
  51. More on Elon Musk:  business magnate, investor and engineer. He is the founder, CEO, and lead designer of SpaceX; co-founder, CEO, and product architect of Tesla, Inc. I see tough times ahead for him in 2019 and his mental state. Watch for shocking news in the future.
  52. Terrorist attacks in the United States and Europe. If you travel to Europe (France and Germany) be vigilant for anything suspicious. Trust your intuition. Note: by 2021 all tourists and visitors to Europe will need a Visa. Your passport will no longer be accepted. By Oct. 2020 you will require either a Passport or a Star on your Driver's License to travel within the United States.  
  53. Volcano or volcanoes erupting: Italy could see a dormant volcano awaken with sudden disastrous eruption.  Molten lava deep inside the Earth  on Nov. 28, 2018 caused the Mayotte Islands off the coast of Africa to move several inches both East and South. No earthquake was detected, but the Earth rang like from this strange event. Yellowstone National Parkwill become extremely active, with a very large earthquake. Read more...  Our poles are closer to shifting.  
  54. Round Houses in the future: Due to extreme weather and winds, humans will eventually turn to building round houses. Article on round homes.
  55. ​Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth's husband, who turns 98 on June 10, may suddenly pass away this year. 
  56. Oscar Win for Best Picture:  At first I could see GREEN BOOK winning best picture Oscar award this year, but Bohemian Rhapsode, Roma, A Star is Born and Black Panther all are Oscar worthy.  ROMA could be a favorite on Sunday, Feb. 24 in some categories. There will be Oscars for A Star is Born, Roma, and  Black Panther will win in special effects. The Academy had a really difficult time deciding on Best Picture.  GREEN BOOK wins Best Picture at the Oscars! 
  57. MORE UFO coverups. Watch for similar events like the one that took place at Sunspots Observatory in southern New Mexico on Sept. 6, 2018. (the FBI lied about a security breech). 
  58. GOT IT RIGHT! On May 6, 2019 Meghan Markle gave birth to a baby boy as I predicted. I predicted June of 2018 that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry would have a perfect wedding--not the disaster n Irish psychic predicted. I also at the time knew that there would be an announcement of a baby in the spring of 2019. Got that right as well! Today, Oct. 15, 2018, they announce the Meghan is pregnant and expecting in the spring of 2018. I also predict it will be a boy, their first child. Meghan is going to have a hard time adjusting to the Royals and their way of life. Meghan doesn't like being controlled. She will be in the news constantly. Also, her father, who wants attention, will continue to be a big annoyance  in her life. Read article...
  59. ​Solar Events - 2019 will bring some rather unusual solar events--solar winds hitting Earth throughout the year causing some spectacular Aurora Borealis/Northern Lights in the Northern hemisphere. There could be sunspots that will fire  huge CMEs (Coronal Mass Ejections) at Earth by June or July. Could cause blackouts! Betsey gets it right again! May of 2019 the sun suddenly became very active, producing CMEs.  May 9th began with a bang. Big sunspot AR2740 produced another solar flare within a week, this time an impulsive C7-category explosion. Telescopes onboard NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured the extreme ultraviolet flash: Radiation from the flare briefly ionized the top of Earth's atmosphere, causing a brownout of shortwave radiation over Asia and the Indian Ocean. 

2018 Predictions

  1. Jan. 24, 2018 - FBI is being investigated now for a massive scandal. Article...  (Already more is being revealed about Russia's involvement in the Trump election, Trump's sexual affairs, UFO revelations from the Pentagon. Much more will be revealed this year).
  2. Yellowstone National Park will become extremely active - huge tears in the Earth, strong earthquakes and eruption of geysers showing massive Earth movement.  I do not foresee Yellowstone Super Volcano erupting in this century. This did happen as predicted when a massive fissure opened up in July and Old Faithful became very active.   
  3. Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii - Is the beginning of massive Earth changes as more volcanoes awaken and seismic activity increases. I believe the mysterious booms heard worldwide since 1991 signals something happening in Earth interior. There are many theories on it such as skyquakes, deep core Earth movement, meteors coming into our atmosphere, and another one that I ponder as well as Linda Moulton Howe that the reptilian beings inside our planet are planning a war.  
  4. Fire and Rain - Horrible wildfires will burn there way through towns destroying homes and life. The East coast will continue to see huge flooding. People will have little time to escape with their lives. No one will be safe as Earth changes intensify. Will you be prepared for The Phoenix Days?  The Campfire California fires in 2018 destroyed an entire town of Paradise killing 88 people, homes, businesses and pets and wild life in the area.
  5. West Coast Earthquakes: Indications of powerful earthquakes this year around the Cascadia Subduction Zone off the coast of Oregon and Washington show that there is great movement going on. Scientists say this Subduction Zone is long overdue for a megathrust earthquake in the 9.0+ magnitude range. This is just the beginning of a very active earthquake year even in the South Pacific and with volcanoe's awakening! Got it right! Oct. 5, 2018 Mexico's Popocatepeti and Indonesia's Mount Soputan suddenly came to life after the 7.5 magnitude earthquake and tsunami hit Indonesia on Sept. 28, 2018.  
  6. Solar strangeness - Although the sun has been very quiet--no sunspots, it has produced CME and geomagnetic storms. But it will suddenly awaken and show it's fierceness later this year, producing huge earthquakes and volcanic activity.  
  7. Former First Lady Barbara Bush, 92, passed this year on April 17, and her husband 41st President George H.W. Bush, 94, will join her in mid to late 2018. April 17, 2018 - Barbara Bush passed.  He has also been in poor health for the last two years.  George H.W. Bush passed away Nov. 30, 2018 as I predicted. Read more...
  8. Children Abused - For the past few years in my Mystic Revelation books I have predicted that those people who look up to and admire will fall from grace--politicians, celebrities, and Catholic priests and other religious leaders. 8/14/18 the news broke about 300 priests accused of sexually abusing children for years and the Vatican ignored it. There is nothing new about this, except the Vatican and the Pope turn a blind eye to this. There are so many well-known people involved in sexual abuse worldwide. It's one of the darkest secrets in our world. Read. Also Boston, MA 271 priests were found guilty of sexual in 2014.      
  9. Trump's 2018 Year:  Donald Trump is not a politician. He reacts to situations as an entertainer and many times like a little boy who wants to have the last say about something. He likes to outrage and upset people and will continue to do this. Sometimes it's a way to take your eye off the ball--divert your attention.  His ego and tweets will continue to get him in trouble--it's all that Leo fire in his astrological chart: his rising sign, his Mars in Leo and Pluto in Leo, plus his Moon is in Sagittarius (speaks before thinking). I see General John Kelly may find that Donald Trump is blocking him at every turn, and call it quits before by the end of 2018. An article in March stated he nearly quit. The Trump White House will continue to be a revolving door of people resigning or being fired all year long! Trump will be fighting with Congress into 2020 if he doesn't resign. I don't see him being impeached, but there are those people who want him out and everyone is bailing on him--even so-called close friends. If Trump is impeached, the Stock Market will Crash. He even remarked on this August 24, 2018.  So far 28 people in President Trump's cabinet have either resigned or been fired since he took office. Trump has his Sun in Gemini, Uranus in Gemini and North Node in Gemini and he changes his mind often on issues he supported or didn't support before the election. 2018 will find him in a number of investigations, accusations, law suits, and protests. 2018 will be a tough year for everyone.  It's a year where many secrets will be uncovered--some false and some true. Accusations and events will get worse for Trump as those around him want him to fail. There are those who love Trump or hate him, but I see him running again in 2020, and a large part of the population want him in because of employment is so high. The Stock Market has made some huge gains and continues to rise. But here's the bad part--Trump doesn't appear to care about the environment and keeps passing horrible laws that help huge corporations who only want to pollute Earth (Utah and sacred Indian land), with continued use of coal and nuclear energy.  
  10. Trump and assassination plot: There is a plot to assassinate President Trump before 2020. There are strange things afoot. Watch as Trump begins to talk about conspiracy theories.
  11. The stars and planetary alignment have aided the President's career so far. President Trump said he will run in 2020 and he will be re-elected. 
  12. Stock Market and Economy: The stock market will be a roller coaster this year--ups and downs with tariff news. Oil prices will rise for a short time. Again, I must say that I am extremely disappointed with Trump and his lack of concern for the environment with off shore oil drilling in California and oil drilling in Utah's National Parks. What is he thinking? He has grandchildren who will never see a pristine Earth. As we destroy Mother Earth, we destroy ourselves. 
  13. Many of the children separated from their parents were sent by drug lords to get them inside the U.S. 
  14. Mega earthquakes in 2018: Mega earthquakes - 8.0 to 9.0 magnitude will shake the Pacific Rim of Fire this year.  Other areas of great concern are: Southern and Northern California coast, Oregon Coast, Washington Coast, and South Pacific.  Volcanoes worldwide will awaken and cause great destruction and death. Kilauea volcano erupted May 2018 and continues to destroy homes and cover large areas with lava. Nearly every day a 5.0 or greater eruption has taken place there, indicating it's not slowing down. Other volcanoes will erupt in 2018 with great destruction. A crack/fissure has opened near Yellowstone. More tears will suddenly appear worldwide like the one in Kenya.   
  15. NASA will announce stunning discoveries about space, time, Mars, Jupiter and Planet 9 aka Nibiru.  
  16. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies: I predicted in my new book, MYSTIC REVELATIONS, that these currencies would plummet and urged people not to invest in them. Again, I warn: DO NOT INVEST IN THESE CURRENCIESRead how this is happening Jan. 16, 2018.  June hacking of Bitcoin. Read article...
  17. MASS KILLINGS - I'd like to tell you that mass killings will not happen in 2018, but that would not be true. More will take place from October 2017 into 2018 with ISIS terrorist attacks and lone gunman targeting people in public places. On 10-1-2017 (10+1 = 11, a master number) an alleged lone gunman killed 59 people in Las Vegas and injured over 406 people while attending an outdoor Country music festival. It's like our worst nightmares coming true. I would like to say there will be no more of these mass shootings, but I can't. Until all humans learn to honor all life, this will continue. If aliens are creating hybrids as many abductees have been told, I hope they are creating a being that is kinder and more compassion than the human today. We need a major reset in our DNA. We can't stop living, but we can be aware and stay away from large outdoor events where you can become an easy target. Trust your intuition! If you have a gut feeling about something, trust it. Your guardian angels are warning you to get out of harm's way.  Article of 15 year old killing 2 and wounding 18 at Kentucky school.
  18. Mysterious booms heard worldwide in the past few years will increase in 2018. These booms are usually accompanied by flashes in the sky and shaking not connected with earthquake activity. Earth is warning us. Also we will see more meteors coming into Earth's atmosphere in the coming months from Planet X pulling in space debris.  
  19. The ongoing Hillary Clinton investigation will continue in 2018 along with the Clinton Foundation. As of Jan. 2018 three more investigations have begun on the Clinton's and their Foundation. Read article on investigation.  Hillary will also be plagued by falls as her illness progresses, which she continues to hide from the world. 
  20. Building Round Homes in the future - we continue to build square homes and building that can't withstand huge winds (tornadoes, hurricanes), but if we built round homes like our ancestor and learned what nature has taught us, round homes would withstand huge wind storms or other natural disasters. Read more... 
  21. 3-D Holographic Technology: Huge advances in this technology. Aliens have used this technology to trick humans for thousands of years. Their holographic technology is so advanced the projection looks real. Humans are also making huge advances in this technology. Will you know what is real and what isn't in the coming years?
  22. Disastrous Weather Worldwide: WATER AND GREAT FLOODS, HURRICANES, TORNADOES, WILDFIRES, EXTREME HEAT IN THE SUMMER AND EXTREME COLD FOR WINTER. EVERYTHING IS OUT OF BALANCE. This will be the year of  natural disasters, record cold, snow, floods, hurricanes for the United States, cyclones, tornadoes, flooding in spring of 2018. California will experience heavy flooding, mudslides and huge wildfires again this year through the fall of 2018. Horrible wildfires in the Northwest.  As of July 24, 2018 - Huge wildfires and record breaking heat hitting the US Southwest, Greece and Sweden. Drought conditions worsen.
  23. UK's Kate and Prince William are expecting their third child and it will be a boy. This won't be their last. One more is in their future. I predicted this in my book Mystic Revelations, published on Amazon Oct. 22, 2017.  Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, the wife of Britain's Prince William, has given birth to a son on Monday, April 23, 2018, the royal family announced Monday. Read...
  24. Prince Harry will wed in 2018. I made this prediction which is in my new book Mystic Revelations Oct. 2017 before Harry and Meghan Markle made their announcement for a June 19, 2018 wedding. May 17, 2018 - MEGHAN MARKLE AND PRINCE HARRY - IS THERE WEDDING DOOMED AS ONE IRISH PSYCHIC PREDICTS? Betsey's Prediction:  I DON'T FORESEE THEIR WEDDING CANCELLED. I've  had many emails asking whether the couple will get married on Saturday, June 19 or will something happen to prevent their wedding? Prince Harry is a Virgo, born Sept. 15, 1984 and Meghan Markle is a Leo, born August 4, 1981. Although there are differences, they make a wonderful love match when each partner learning to understand each other and the two different worlds they come from. I foresee nothing that will stop--the wedding will go on without a hitch. Meghan's father has been in the news for health issues and possible surgery, but I don't think he will die before the wedding. He wants the publicity. I foresee the announcement of a baby late 2018 or early 2019--and it's a boy! Will there marriage last? I predict it will! Got it right again! Meghan and Prince Harry announce Meghan is pregnant and they are expecting their royal baby in the spring of 2019. Read article... 
  25. DEADLY FLU: I predicted for 2017 and in my new book, Mystic Revelations, that this would be a very bad flu year and already the flu has spread to nearly every U.S. state--infants and the elderly dying. California is setting up tents it's so bad. Elderly and infants are dying.  Read this article...
  26. Watch the sky for strange sightings--Strange clouds, orbs, UFOs, red lights, spirals, and green sky. It's going to be a very weird year of sightings and warnings. There will be revelations about UFOs and aliens, more  stunning disclosures.  
  27. Joe Biden - Joe Biden may run for President in 2020, but he won't be elected. He will be 76 years old on Nov. 20 - a Scorpio. 
  28. 2018 and 2019 will be dangerous times for the United States.  If anything happens to Trump, the stock market will plunge. As long as he remains in office, the stock market will remain stable, despite a few down days.
  29. The late psychic Edgar Cayce predicted that major earth upheaval would hit New York City and Japan, and that Japan would eventually go into the sea, but was he seeing a nuclear event? Our prayers are greatly needed in this time of chaos. 
  30. ​​I foresee another great scientists passing in 2018. We lost physicist Stephen Hawking on March 14, 2018, which was Albert Einstein's birth and PI day. It will be a sad year of losses with celebrities and famous people. We could see a beloved religious leader leave us and a former U.S. President. 
  31. Falling bridges, train wreaks, and problems with the airlines. Mechanical problems, accidents, airlines mistreating people and animals. March 2018 Bridge falls in Florida.  8.14.18 Suspension bridge in Genoa, Italy collapsed, killing 39 + people.  
  32. ​​Pope Francis and the Catholic Church will be forced to resign before 2019 due to priests sexual abusing children--he has known about this for years and did nothing. Read article...  In my book, Mystic Revelations of Thirteen, and how Pope Francis uses numerology and is connected to the Illuminati number 13. Does that mean he is evil? Think about this--the Catholic Church has been known to delve into occult rituals through the ages, and is there any reason to believe they have changed in the 21st century? NO! The sexual abuse of young children has been part of their sick rituals. Why would Pope Francis be any different? As more and more priests are accused of sexual abuse, Pope Francis will not take steps against them. Ask yourself why? The late Father Martin Malachi wrote books about the evil in the Church and was a frequent guest on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell. Read more...  I believe Pope Francis will resign either the end of 2018 or in 2019 and it will be on the 13th day of the month. 
  33. FAMOUS DEATHS: I don't like to predict deaths, but I foresee many famous people leaving, and some by suicide in the prime of their life. A former US President will pass in late 2018 or early 2019 (possibly H.W. Bush). Fashion designer Kate Spade took her life in June and so did famous chef Anthony Bourdain. I believe that Kate's suicide prompted Anthony to take his life by strangulation. There are many types of suicide and many reason for it--depression, drugs--both prescribed and recreational, mental illness, dying from a disease and extreme pain, and bullies who push young people too far. Do these people suffer in the Afterlife? The only suffering they feel is from their own judgment. There is no horrible retribution for these people, only loving spirit guides and angels who rush in to help them heal after they have died. But in some future life, they may choose to correct their error for taking their own life. If you know of someone who has taken their own life, I urge you to pray for them and their soul's healing. Some decided to rest on the Other Side for a time or many years before the reincarnate again on Earth. Another reason for so many souls departing now. John McCain died on August 25, 2018, 4 days before he would have turned 82. People often died a week or two before or after their birthdate. 

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