Newsletter December 13, 2018 

As cosmic energy comes onto the Earth plane, there are millions of you who are now increasing opportunities to reinterpret what Kundalini can do. It is the force of your lives, and you pulse with it. Used accordingly it is going to bring a tremendous number of solutions. This energy connects you to a cosmic source and unifies you with a great purpose and understanding of what you can do with it. Did you know there are individuals now who are able to hold their hands together and make a piece of paper catch on fire? This energy in the hands is going to amplify in each of your lives. You may use it to purify food, heal, clean the oceans, and depollute rivers and land. You will be able to transmute the toxic pollution that is everywhere around your planet. 

The ability to do these things will be had by those who are willing to believe! As you believe and practice and search, you will be rewarded. Then you will show others. These are the gifts that will make a difference in the shift toward mass cooperation on a planetary scale. The unhealed and the sick can also learn to activate this energy in themselves and direct it in their own bodies. The essence of what everyone must manufacture is the value of self: “Hey, if my body manifested sickness, it can manifest wellness as well. Whose limitation and whose decree of illness am I going to accept?” Your planet is going to survive its transmutation process as you recognize the power of imagination, which is tied very closely to memory.  Imagination acts as a movie screen in your mind that holds images and creates blueprints of consciousness. Your body is filled with memories of different worlds, as well as different time frames from the now you perceive. As Earth evolved, you will become capable of pulling up these concepts and blueprints and finding the teachings in their purpose, as well as their significance to your now, based on what you know. 

One of the most important keys we can give you is this: Love yourself, honor the vehicle you occupy, and act as if you are priceless. Act as if you lucked out and received the best thing possible—your body.  Honor Earth as well with love and respect, for it is here, on Earth, that you stage your fanciful dramas. Love yourself and Earth on your ride through the universe, and your journey will be lighter. Taken from the channeled Pleiadian book EARTH by Barbara Marciniak.

Signs, symbols, and messages are all around, and you must learn to interpret them. Perhaps you are speeding up or slowing down. Do not judge. Allow yourself to feel lousy if you feel lousy, get in touch with it and really feel lousy. And then, when you start to feel better, energize the thought, “I feel beter.” Learn to express the feelings that come up from inside of you, and in this way you can be your own healer. When you are in a health crisis, you can bring spirit into form by understanding that a test is occurring concerning your parameters, beliefs, and ideas about living.  Let the old structure crash and crumble and imagine that you are like a set of Tinkertoys or Legos, which can be dismantled and rebuilt. You often become ill by either putting storms in your field and not cleansing them, or by refusing to change. When you stick with the same old routine, acting like a bull pounding its hooves, bellowing and refusing to move, then the resistant force grows stronger and stronger. You are all healers, here to heal yourselves and to manifest the healing vibration so that plants, animals, and the Earth can feel the vibration  running through the land. Many so-called witches in ancient times were simply those who understood the plants and, as midwives and herbalists, were sought out because they knew which plants would alleviate specific ailments. So much of this knowledge has been lost. If you listen to the plants, you will learn that they symbolically represent various parts of the body. As you allow more energy to enter your body, as you use the numeral 8—or the sign of infinity—over your third eyes, you will learn so much more and truly begin to relax and change with the unfolding times. From the Family of Light by Barbara Marciniak.

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Wishing you all a wonderful and joyous Holiday Season. May all your dreams come true in 2019! Thank you all for your continued support of my daily  
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Love, Light and Blessings, 
Betsey Lewis  

Newsletter for December 2018

A few nights ago I re-watched the 1984 children's epic fantasy film THE NEVER ENDING STORY, based on a 1979 German novel. In the movie young Auryn is given the task of saving the Empress and Fantasia from the malevolent force called the "Nothing." Auryn and his beloved white horse Artax must cross the Swamps of Sadness and it is there that his horse begins to sink in the Swamp because he has lost all hope. Life is getting so crazy these days with all the disasters and horrible things that happen that humanity is sinking in the Swamps of Despair and Sadness. We are actually pouring our negative emotions into Gaia, our Mother Earth and she’s reacting in a harsh way. It's so important that we send our love, light and prayers and not our sadness to those who have survived disasters now and in the coming months and years.
Earth changes are playing an important role in breaking down the system—the system that isn’t working for humans or the planet. When huge changes happening we feel it such a negative thing, but in reality it is cleansing and cathartic. It’s the planet rising to a higher vibration--evolving. In the near future we will be put to the test and challenged in every way, but remember you signed up for this assignment at this time in Earth’s history. Without change there is no growth. Only huge changes propel you to grow to your highest frequency.
When human beings make the quality of life their number one priority in their lives by honoring the quality of Earth’s life, there will be very few Earth changes upon the planet. However, the problem is that most humans in the Western world are concerned with materialism—how many electronic devices they own, how many clothes are in their closets, and how many cars are in their garages. Most people on the planet are not all connected to the effects our materialism has on the sentient being that is our parent—Mother Earth. What happens to Earth depends on how willing everyone is to change. What is your responsibility? How willing are you to change? The time has come not to just talk about it but to do something about it. As you commit to change in your own life, where you automatically make the change available to the entire planet.
Mother Earth loves us, but she feels dishonored, and unloved. Love yourself and love Earth, because they are the same!
If your mind is clouded by drugs or alcohol you are lowering your frequency of Mother Earth—she feels you. Just think of all the millions of people who have clouded minds on this planet at this time—where do you think this consciousness goes--into the ethers and into Earth. Understand that what you do to yourself, you do unto God and the Planet. They are the same. When everything begins to collapse, the human spirit will prevail as both men and women go out to help others when disasters occur. This bonds humans. Honor your body as the living temple of God and know that you are POWERFUL SPIRITUAL BEINGS. Your mission, if you accept it, will be to bring about powerful, positive changes to our unique planet.
In December I will be posting some YouTube videos on a variety of subjects--UFOs, Earth changes, Star Beings, aliens and more on other paranormal subjects. There's a good possibility that I will be a guest on a national radio show for New Years eve on Prophecy. I'll keep you updated.

Sending love to all--The Rainbow Tribe,
Betsey Lewis

​​​​​​There is a great disconnect and imbalance on planet Earth at this time. We have lost the God and Goddess within.

If every woman on the planet really knew how much power she had, what do you think the patriarch would do? Eons ago a version of the patriarchy became threatened by the power of women. So women, in order to hide their power, doubted themselves so that men could take a stand and rule the world. Women doubted the very life force within them which ancient medicine women understood and tried to continue.

Most human beings are afraid of their emotions of compassion and love—the feeling center; they are afraid to feel. Men and women are put on Earth to compliment and balance each other. Look around you and you will see humans suffering everywhere—we no longer honor our bodies, sex has become a dirty word and not the spiritual experience it should be. We dislike each other—we are constantly putting out negativity toward each other.

Realize there is something massive missing within those who harm others. These toxic humans, whether it is male or female, are experiencing great pain and emptiness. Those who have committed sexual horrible acts on children, men and woman, have been abused themselves. The pattern continues until we learn to honor one another. These humans need help—they need healing. They need to understand that sex is not just an emotionless act, put a spiritual union of souls. In order to understand the deeper mysteries, men must make peace within themselves and understand that their emotions are the feminine portion of themselves. There is great confusion with men at this time, and more so with the “Me Too” movement against men. I'm not say it's wrong, I'm only say that we are getting more disconnected from each other by the anger and hate.

The more compassion you have for others, the quicker mass consciousness will change. Make a commitment to have your heart chakra open, and see it stays open and that you use the heart energy of the Mother Goddess. Today, there are few geographical locations on Earth that broadcast the love frequency. Earth is going through some challenges, to put it mildly. However, if you think this is intense, hold on. We are in for a grand ride. There will be a catapulting of energies on a global scale that will take you further and further toward what looks like the destruction of Earth. Earth is like a gigantic mirror for what is transpiring inside of 7.8 billion human souls. Humans are creatures of energy, and our emotions create a collective force that is broadcast around the planet and into the cosmos. You are broadcasting chaos, fear and hate, which is basically what humans have been doing for a very long time.

It’s time for all to forgive and find love again, the pure spiritual kind, in order to heal. Embracing the Goddess energy within yourselves will bring all of you to a new understanding and valuing of life and a new and deeper love for all creation. Embracing the Goddess will open the Living Library to you and teach you the secrets held deep within the bosom of Mother Earth, for who is the Earth mother if not the Goddess herself?

Time to honor both God and Goddess within all of us!  (Some excerpts were taken from the book EARTH by Barbara Marciniak)

Sending love and healing to all,
Betsey Lewis