​​​​​​There is a great disconnect and imbalance on planet Earth at this time. We have lost the God and Goddess within.

If every woman on the planet really knew how much power she had, what do you think the patriarch would do? Eons ago a version of the patriarchy became threatened by the power of women. So women, in order to hide their power, doubted themselves so that men could take a stand and rule the world. Women doubted the very life force within them which ancient medicine women understood and tried to continue.

Most human beings are afraid of their emotions of compassion and love—the feeling center; they are afraid to feel. Men and women are put on Earth to compliment and balance each other. Look around you and you will see humans suffering everywhere—we no longer honor our bodies, sex has become a dirty word and not the spiritual experience it should be. We dislike each other—we are constantly putting out negativity toward each other.

Realize there is something massive missing within those who harm others. These toxic humans, whether it is male or female, are experiencing great pain and emptiness. Those who have committed sexual horrible acts on children, men and woman, have been abused themselves. The pattern continues until we learn to honor one another. These humans need help—they need healing. They need to understand that sex is not just an emotionless act, put a spiritual union of souls. In order to understand the deeper mysteries, men must make peace within themselves and understand that their emotions are the feminine portion of themselves. There is great confusion with men at this time, and more so with the “Me Too” movement against men. I'm not say it's wrong, I'm only say that we are getting more disconnected from each other by the anger and hate.

The more compassion you have for others, the quicker mass consciousness will change. Make a commitment to have your heart chakra open, and see it stays open and that you use the heart energy of the Mother Goddess. Today, there are few geographical locations on Earth that broadcast the love frequency. Earth is going through some challenges, to put it mildly. However, if you think this is intense, hold on. We are in for a grand ride. There will be a catapulting of energies on a global scale that will take you further and further toward what looks like the destruction of Earth. Earth is like a gigantic mirror for what is transpiring inside of 7.8 billion human souls. Humans are creatures of energy, and our emotions create a collective force that is broadcast around the planet and into the cosmos. You are broadcasting chaos, fear and hate, which is basically what humans have been doing for a very long time.

It’s time for all to forgive and find love again, the pure spiritual kind, in order to heal. Embracing the Goddess energy within yourselves will bring all of you to a new understanding and valuing of life and a new and deeper love for all creation. Embracing the Goddess will open the Living Library to you and teach you the secrets held deep within the bosom of Mother Earth, for who is the Earth mother if not the Goddess herself?

Time to honor both God and Goddess within all of us!  (Some excerpts were taken from the book EARTH by Barbara Marciniak)

Sending love and healing to all,
Betsey Lewis

Honoring Our Mothers on Mother's Day, May 12, 2019

Dear Friends,

Next Sunday, May 12 is the day we celebrate Mother’s Day. On a soul level, we and our mothers are old friends. We have known each other in past lives and decided to be together again on this Earthly plane. Our mothers signed up for assisting us on our souls’ journey big time—by being willing to take on the great responsibility of motherhood. And no matter how well they did or didn’t do that job, we have a job, too: to realize that through we might not have had the mother we wanted, we all got the mother our souls needed.

Every single one of us can connect right now with the mother energy that made all of our bodies in the first place. I was lucky because I had the best mother ever, although not perfect, who believed in spirits, reincarnation, telepathy, metaphysics and the belief in extraterrestrials and who gave me the gift of prophecy. Beginning at childhood we had long discussions on these subjects and I knew that we had lived together in a past life or lives. She was my best friend then and during her lifetime. Her humor was infectious and so was her love for her two daughters. She left us all too soon at age 72, and every day I think about her how special she was and wonder what part of the Cosmos she’s investigating. She always said that she’d never return to Earth again, but I suspect we will be together in future earthly adventures.

So on the beautiful and glorious Mother’s Day, call on your Mother whether she is alive or passed on, even if speaking with her directly is too painful. Here’s a special prayer for her: “With my Spirit, I send Divine Love and healing to my Mother’s soul. I honor her today and give thanks for her bringing me into the world.”

That’s all. Just say this powerful prayer with your whole heart and the energy will reach her.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Check out this YouTube video of Taylor Wilson, a prodigy, born to ordinary parents, who is one of the New Children aka Star Children, born to make huge changes in our chaotic world. Watch video.

Wishing you all Love, Joy and Happiness, 
Betsey Lewis 

Newsletter for April 13, 2019  ​​WALK-INS or SOUL EXCHANGES
Suicides are climbing, especially with school age children. But what if there was a way for the children or people who contempt suicide could leave their physical body without taking on karmic lessons from a suicide? What if two souls decided to mutually exchange places? The person wanting to leave his or her body exchanges with a higher evolved soul on the Other Side to inhabit that their physical body from a specific mission on Earth. It’s not as “scary” as it sounds. It’s not possession; it’s simply a transformational switch. Some even call this “soul transformation.” It happens on a subconscious level, and most of the time the souls are not even aware that the transformation has taken place.

I met a Walk-In while doing my talk show Rainbow vision Network in 2009. The woman was a well-known spiritual teacher in Southern California who had a near death experience years before. Although she had all of her memories of the soul body she now inhabited, she said that she no longer regarded her parents as her parents and her personality had changed drastically. Privately I suggested that she was a Walk-In and she was stunned that I knew about the concept. She confided that she was indeed a Walk-In. Another example of a Walk-in can be found in my book 
Déjà vu where a young girl of three fell down a flight of stairs on January 16, 1907 and was pronounced dead by the family doctor but suddenly awakened to the shock of her parents. Dorothy’s personality suddenly change and she began to have a vivid recall of her life 3,000 years earlier in Egypt as a high priestess. Later she learned through a spirit visitation that her lover in the past was none other than Pharaoh Seti I. She had committed suicide in that lifetime when she discovered she was pregnant by Seti. She was told by the high priest that her crime against Isis was punishable by nothing less than death. She took her own life and because of Seti I endless love for the young priestess he searched the Universe for her for over 3,000 years until he found her in England in the early 1900s in the body of Dorothy Eady. Although this seems like a case of reincarnation, it might have been a soul exchange. Dorothy later became known as Omm Sety and worked for the Department of Antiquities in Abydos for many years as a tour guide. The full story of Dorothy can be found in the book, The Search for Omm Sety by Jonathan Cott.

Interest in the “walk-in” phenomenon was initially stimulated in the 1970s by the popular “Seth Speaks” series of occult books written by channel Jane Roberts, as reputedly authored by her various “spirit-world” benefactors.

In 1979, Ruth Montgomery contributed to the fascination with Strangers Among Us, a collection of accounts of walk-ins. She included prominent historical figures among her subjects, such as Thomas Jefferson as having hosted walk-in spirits who actually wrote the Declaration of Independence.

• Suddenly, you don’t fit into your environment? 
• Did you have a NDE (near death experience) or some physical event that your personality changed literally overnight? 
• Wondering why nothing seems the same or that you came from another planet? 
• Wondering why your friends and family seem like strangers. 
• Sudden changes in your taste, clothing, habits, friends or relationships? 
• A deep desire to dramatically change jobs for service to humanity? 
If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may be a Walk-In. or – maybe someone you know (and love) is a walk-in.

What happens to the other soul? The other soul continues on its journey, either to be together with a loved one or be sent to another place to continue learning. They will at this point in time not be back here in this body. Although, we have now seen evidence that sometimes the Walk-Out, returns to the Walk-in and merges together in the same physical form to complete a unified mission that requires both walk-out and walk-in skills. 

Excerpts from Joshua David Stone books 
“Walk Ins — Walk-ins are soul extensions, or personalities, who take over the body of an adult human being who has chosen to leave his or her physical body. Some believe that this is an occurrence that has not been very common in the history of this planet. However, it has been occurring much more frequently recently because of the amazing shift this planet is going through as it moves into the new age. It is also believed that there are at least one million Walk-Ins on the planet at this time.”

It is not something that simply happens when someone wants to check out and some other soul floating about in the Universe says, “Hey, there is a good body, let’s go there.” Instead, it is an important process that is usually governed by and controlled at the soul level. The soul extension, or personality, who is walking out of the body usually has no conscious awareness of the procedure. It is usually the soul who has made the decision, although in some rare instances the personality has requested it. The walk-in will come into the new physical body only, of course, if the walk-out has agreed to it on a soul level. In other words, there is an actual agreement between the two souls involved and one voluntarily leaves and goes for re-training, to the afterlife or someplace else agreed upon and the new soul enters and attempts to continue where the walk-out left off.

The second important ingredient is that the souls, or higher selves, and the spirit guides of the walk-in and the walk-out feel that the physical vehicles is strong enough and the emotional vehicle stable enough for the process to work effectively. Such a transfer is very much like a major surgery on an etheric level. Teams of spirit guides help in the transfer. It is a very delicate procedure.

I'd love to hear from any of you who think you are a Walk-In. Contact me...

With Love and Blessings,

Betsey Lewis 
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