The events of 2017 was only a sneak preview of what will transpire in 2018. After the total solar eclipse on August 21 that crossed the United States, our world frequency drastically changed with major events: parts of Southern Texas devastated by Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma in Florida, Hurricane Maria destroying Puerto Rico, a powerful 8.2 earthquake hit Southern Mexico on September 8th, and a shooter killed 58 people in Las Vegas and injured 500, plus devastating wildfires erupted in Northern California killing over 40 people and destroying 5,700 homes. What will come next?

Acclaimed psychic and Earth mysteries investigator Betsey Lewis delved into sacred numbers and peered into the near and far future and made some unbelievable revelations relating to these questions: will Donald Trump complete 4 years as President or will something happen where Vice President Mike Pence becomes the next U.S. President? Will 2018 be another disastrous year of extreme weather, hurricanes, wild fires, drought, floods, tornadoes, and increased seismic and volcanic activity? Will World War III become a reality, will there be a collapse of the current global banking system, what is the financial outlook for the United States and the world, and will Planet X destroy Earth as certain psychics have predicted? Are events fated or can the future be changed? Is Project Blue Beam already in place for a mass takeover of the planet?

Lewis sees dark times ahead but she also sees a hopeful future when people come together in prayer and intent to change time lines and create a New World. Our world is out of balance and until we learn to honor all life and Earth, these catastrophic events will increase. We are the Atlanteans who have returned in mass at this time to learn our karmic lessons about greed and power. Will we be doomed to repeat the past and destroy our world just as we did in Atlantis? The choice is ours and humans can transform the future, says Lewis.
Betsey Lewis has authored 9 acclaimed books and 3 children’s books. She is a world renowned psychic and a long-time Earth mysteries investigator, who investigated the baffling cattle mutilations taking place across the West and South West during the 1970s and early 1980s. She has been a frequent guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory and Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis as well as other well-known talk shows.  Betsey believes that humans are beginning to awaken to their innate powers as our frequency and DNA changes. Great changes are coming to our planet!