Everything in our world vibrates. There are high healing vibrations and there those that are extremely low(ELFs) that are destructive. The normal vibratory rate of a human body has been determined to be between 62 and 68 MHz (megahertz). The brain functions optimally between 72 and 90 MHz. When the body lowers to 58 MHz it can “catch a cold’; at 57 MHz the flu; 55 MHz candida, at 52 MHz Epstein Barr begins; 42 MHz cancer begins and at 25 MHz death begins. Currently, there are electromagnetic waves bombarding us from many sources. The negative planners in our world want to eliminate us by simply lowering our MHz. Today there is radiation from TV, cell phone, computer screens, and new 5G technology with cell phones. 5G towers use between 24 to 90 gigahertz frequency. Not only is it harming humans but all life on Earth.

How do we combat the assault on our bodies and minds? Don Campbell (1943-2012) made a groundbreaking discovery about the cognitive effects of listening to the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) and the music's ability to reduce chronic and acute pain, restore brain connections after a stroke. Mozart music can also reduce blood pressure, boost immunity and promote brain development in children. "The Mozart Effect" can even increase your intellect!

Also, drumming has been proven to be able to balance the hemispheres of the brain, bolster immunity and offer last physical and emotional benefits for conditions ranging from asthma to Parkinson’s. Listening to higher vibrational music can have an analgesic effect on the body, and researchers theorize that the brain releases a cascade of natural opioids, including dopamine. Music has also been shown to help the brain that governs speech, reading skills and sound perception in children. Music’s capacity to bring healing and solace also extends to the end of life.

Classically trained musician and certified music practitioner Lloyd Goldstein knows firsthand the power of providing music for cancer patients and the terminally ill. He feels it helps the patient make a more peaceful transition during the death process.

There is one caveat in healing--the person must have the will to live. Suggested music:
Claude Debussy: Clair de lune
432 Hz - Deep Healing Music for The Body & Soul - DNA Repair, Relaxation Music, Meditation Music

Sending Healing Light and Love,
Betsey Lewis


Is time travel possible? On this planet, we have been under the assumption that the present time springs from the past. However, the present springs from the future as well. Time has many doorways through it, and the past and future both have their own validity and importance. Time as we know it does not exist. It’s an illusion and the past, present, and future are happening at once—it’s all simultaneous! Time is collapsing on itself. Since the computer, time became condensed to such an extent that, within nanoseconds, billions of separated segments of time were experienced by a machine. The second could not be divided by the human eye.
     There are Time Jumpers, Time Shifters, and Keepers of Time who steer our universe along a certain course and are able to move through what would be called the barriers of time. No wonder there are such paranormal activities happening throughout the world. They create slices or segments of our universe that allow our universe to be connected. It’s all connected to Prime Creator who is on a journey of separation so that it can come to a greater understanding of itself. Our planet has layers of energy grids around it that allow it to be experienced from its various time frames. In order to enter a planetary body, you must discover the portals or stargates that take you to the other realities of Earth where sentient life exists. You could also land on a world and it would look completely empty to you if you don’t go through the right portal or stargate.
     People can jump into other times and places—a form of time travel. These realities exist. Layer upon layer of gridworks surround worlds. When you move or shift the grids and pass through a portal/stargate, you are able to enter worlds of past, present, and future simultaneously.There are stargates in the Mexico/Central America area. There is one in the Sinai, and there is one over Tibet. These are major Stargates through which energies come and depart Earth. Ancient crystal skulls discovered worldwide are often guardianship and ownership of a Stargate, and they have the ability to access the corridors of time. Those Masters from Tibet and those close to the Dalai Lama looked into the future and could see that they were to be invaded, so they made preparations for the times that were coming. They could see why their religion and sacred artifacts had to be hidden, and that they had to go into exile.
     Another Stargate is the Bermuda Triangle, the old Atlantean area, which also serves as a major gateway onto the planet. However, now the energies are chaotic and confused there, and the portal is no longer safe to access. Other portal areas include Easter Island, Mount Fuji in Japan, Mount Shasta in Northern California, Lake Titicaca and the Nazca lines in South America, and Uluru near Ayers Rocks in Australia.
     So does time travel exist? Without a doubt! Scientists have conducted experiments that how great anomalies with time and probably multidimensional realities. There are strange stories of people who jump into another time and place for a few minutes, and stories of people who simply vanish. Has human technology advanced enough to create a time machine. In 1943 during World War II the U.S. Navy used the U.S.S. Eldridge as part of a top-secret experiment dubbed “Project Rainbow” to render the ship invisible to enemy radar or create an illusion of total optical invisibility and transport a ship from one physical place to another. Unfortunately, the experiment went horribly wrong. If such an experiment did happen in 1943, just think of what our science is capable of.
     On Saturday, Oct. 26, 2019, Betsey discusses Star Beings and other beings visiting Earth and their agenda Cliff Dunning’s Earth Ancients talk show (pre-recorded) for one hour.

Betsey Lewis

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A Message from a Highly Evolved Being to Humanity - Oct. 8, 2019

     Recently a very dear lady mailed me a fascinating channeled book by Sunbow titled The Sasquatch Message to Humanity. on Amazon. The cover looks a little cartoonish, but the message inside is anything but. Like they say, “Don’t judge a book by its cover!” And I should also add, keep an open mind. Also, much of this information mirrors channeled books by Barbara Marciniak.
     Many of you probably think the ape people are also known as Yeti, Skunk Ape, Seatco, Didi, Yowie, Almas, Bush Men, Misaabe, Dooligah, Sasquatch, and Bigfoot, can’t possibly exist, yet there are ancient legends of them passed down by indigenous people throughout the world. The book says they are a highly evolved being created like humans by alien geneticists known as the Council of Star Elders, but they were created long before humans. Sunbow began receiving and transcribing channeled telepathic messages from Sasquatch Elder Kamooh.
     If they really exist, why isn’t a Sasquatch in a museum somewhere? Because they are highly telepathic and warn each other if a human comes into their territory to harm them. They don’t have a written language but they have no need for it. They live in harmony with Earth and the creatures on the planet. Many are benevolent, but there are a few who have not evolved similarly to some human beings. Those evolved beings and the Council of Star Elders say that NOW is the time to share this information and they are excited that more people are working together to save humanity and Mother Earth by raising their vibration to higher levels of consciousness. They say it is time to know their truth and to unite into peaceful interspecies relations and once again sit with the Council of Star Elders. It is up to humanity at this time to make the necessary changes to collectively raise our vibration in an effort to avoid another mass extinction and destruction of our planet. It all starts by changing our thinking and realize the Grand Lie that has been perpetrated on us by the dark lords who control us.
     These beings and us were bioengineered by the Star Elders, but they were born many eons before us. Their people were created as part of a cosmic plan to allow ancient souls of Star Beings to incarnate on this young planet and help it evolve into an intergalactic outpost of consciousness while discovering its many resources and life forms. They are extremely clairvoyant, have powerful psychic abilities, can remote view and they use hypnosis, astral projection, dematerialization, so they can easily escape humans. They can astral project and shapeshift into other species and permeating consciousness. No wonder humans have never captured one.
     They want us to know that the lower lords want to keep us to keep destroying Mother Earth, which is not their true home planet. The lower lords have invaded Earth for their own selfish interests and powers. They have set the stage for most major events influencing our collective consciousness and destiny, to push forward their further enslavement to some extent and level, none has been untouched by their detrimental influence. There are certain humans worldwide involved in their dark agenda.
     It’s time to realize multidimensional levels of agendas exist on our planet--some benevolent and others malevolent in nature. There is a real crisis happening here. Those who are trying to help our planet are being berated. There are many lies and deceptions put out by the lower lords (aka family of dark) who try to be seen as the Star Elders and usurp the title of Earth WATCHERS, while they have fallen due to pride, arrogance, greed for power and selfishness. They use their tactics to be perceived as saviors and gods, and carry on their agenda for global control, through a centralized tyranny of their own, that they try to masquerade as the Council of Star Elders. They have invaded our underworld where they conduct in secret their most horrific and disruptive experiments for the evolution and balance of the home-planet, including magnetic and genetic manipulations. Thousands of missing people have been abducted and experimented on.
     The situation that our ancestors faced in the downfall of Atlantis is being replayed today, but on a much deeper scale, that may cause unrepairable damages to our genetics, evolution, and destiny, if not stopped. Time to awaken to what is really happening on our planet. There isn’t a minute to waste. If you want to know more about the dark beings and their dark genetic experiments, read my book ANCIENT SERPENT GODS. And cattle mutilations are also part of their genetic experiments.
     My next interview will be on Cliff Dunning's talk show, Earth Ancients. The podcast will air on Saturday, October 26. The link will be in a later newletter on or before that date.
     If you buy and read this book, I'd like to get your comments. Contact me.   I will be posting some of my 2020 Predictions soon. It's going to be a turbulent year, so buckle up for the ride.

Namaste to all,
Betsey Lewis


One aspect of the Vietnam War that disappeared from mainstream consciousness was the widespread reports of strange things in the sky that defied conventional explanation. Even less known still are numerous bizarre reports of actual confrontations between military forces and unknown forces not from this world.  Those reports read like a science fiction story or an alien invasion movie.
            Troops in the Vietnam War were absolutely plagued by UFO activity, and some reports included alien encounters. One such incident allegedly occurred on June 15, 1968, along the demilitarized zone (DMZ) between North and South Vietnam, where a patrol boat known as PCF-12 (Patrol Craft Fast or Swift Boat), commanded by a Lieutenant Pete Snyder, was on a routine night patrol near Cua Viet. At 12:30 am, PCF-12 reportedly received a frantic distress call from another patrol boat in the vicinity, PCF-19, claiming that they were being attacked by unidentified lights they referred to “enemy helicopters” which was really bizarre because the North Vietnamese enemy was not known to utilize combat helicopters at the time.
            Snyder ordered the PCF-12 to head for PCF-19’s position to offer assistance, and as they closed in reported spotting two circular bright lights in the sky immersed in a “strange glow” hovering over PCF-19’s position. As they approached, one of the strange lights reportedly emitted a bright flash of light, after the PCF-19 exploded in a cascade of water and flying debris. Directly after the destruction of PCF-19, the two enigmatic lights were described as rapidly accelerating away towards the sea as PCF-12 scouted the area for any possible survivors of the carnage they had just witnessed.
            Two wounded men were found and recalled that the two UFOs had been trailing them for miles along the river. The survivors then claimed that they had decided to fire upon the threatening, mysterious objects, and that was when one of them had issued a piercing blast of light to obliterate the boat.
            At first, officials thought that the PCF-12 had been the victim of an enemy missile fired from shore, but a later AP dispatch from Saigon would quote a military spokesman as having attributed the loss of the PCF-19 to an “unidentified object,” and not enemy coastal batteries or missiles.
            But that wasn’t the end of bizarre events. The PCF-12 continued its patrol up the river and was soon approached by the same two unidentified lights, which took up positions hovering on the port and starboard sides around 300 yards away and 100 feet above the water. PCF-12 called into headquarters to try and get an idea of what they were dealing with but were met with the response that there were no aircraft in the area at the time. Realizing that the craft was not friendly, Snyder ordered his men to open fire on the lights, which apparently did little to faze or even slow them down. PCF-12 then began to retreat at full speed as the two mysterious aircraft tailed and stalked them, flickering in the night the whole time.
            Second engine man Jim Steffes would later claim that he got a good look at the craft and described them as having “a rounded front like an observation helo [helicopter],” and what looked like “two crewmen sitting side by side.”
            Strangely, no weapons could be seen mounted on the unidentified aircraft, even though PCF-12 found itself being fired upon. Steffes remembered seeing tracer rounds piercing up into the night from the nearby base Point Dume, with their targets being what he said were other far-off blinking circular lights whizzing about in the sky above. Eventually, a group of Phantom F4 fighter jets arrived to converge upon and chase off the strange lights that were plaguing PCF-12 out to sea, leaving the crew to wonder what in the world had just happened.

At approximately the same time, another very strange incident was unfolding out in the South China Sea with an Allied ship of the Royal Australian Navy, the HMAS Hobart, which was patrolling near Tiger Island, about 20km off Cap Lay. They reported sighting up to 30 unidentified slow-moving lights hovering in the night sky near their ship, which they believed might be Russian built M-14 ‘Hound’ helicopters. But upon closer inspection, they now knew it was not Russian.
            US 7th Air Force Phantom Fighter-bombers were sent to engage, supported by generous anti-aircraft fire from the ground. The lights flew out to sea as they were pursued by the fighters, which fired upon them mercilessly along with several other military ships in the air. Unfortunately, it contributed to the friendly fire incident where a U.S. swift boat was sunk by missiles, killing 5 of the 7 crew.
            The HMAS Hobart was prepped for battle when the radar room detected an incoming unidentified aircraft coming in fast with no identification number to mark it friend or foe. Word soon came in the craft was “friendly,” but suddenly a missile struck the ship killing one and injuring two others, followed by a barrage of two more missiles.
            Whatever the craft was it swiftly fled the scene before it could be shot down. In the meantime, F4 jets scrambled about firing on the lights, joined by anti-aircraft fire from the ground, with attempts to communicate with whoever was onboard the mysterious craft. No one replied. Eventually, the lights floated off and the fighter pilots were ordered back to base.  The following morning, a complete search of the area turned up not a single shred of the wreckage of an enemy helicopter, or any other enemy aircraft for that matter, despite the intense fighting that had occurred. The complete and utter lack of any wreckage of any aircraft was baffling considering that these enemies had come under such resistance and been met with so much persistent fire. The Royal Australian Navy News would later confirm No physical evidence of helicopters.