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Discrimination of Women in the Paranormal/UFO Genre - Ancient Aliens TV Series took much of  Betsey's Book Information, ANCIENT SERPENT GODS without permission 

The above Ancient Aliens Episode 8, Series 14, THE REPTILIAN AGENDA aired on July 26, 2019

​Betsey's book was published on Amazon July 27, 2016  

Lately, there's been news about Country female singers complaining that they don't get the same airplay on radio stations like Country male singers. But that discrimination goes beyond singers. Women in the paranormal field are often ignored or ridiculed, while men can offer conspiracy theories on UFO and aliens as being the source of ancient technology. There is no proof of that. Look at some of the late-night radio talk shows--how many times are women invited as guests? Even on the History Channel's Ancient Aliens women are seldom asked to join the shows.   

On April 11, 2017, I was a guest on George Noory's Coast to Coast AM show and discussed my well-researched book Ancient Serpent Gods published on Amazon in 2016 about my theory on a species of reptilian dinosaur that evolved into what is known today as reptilian aliens encountered by people through the years. I wrote extensively on how nearly ancient civilizations worshipped serpents gods or reptilian gods for eons. Legends abound of serpent or reptilian gods that brought incredible technology to our planet.

Before my interview, George Noory requested a copy of my book and actually read it before my interview for Coast to Coast AM on April 11, 2017, and said this on-air, "Ancient Serpent Gods is based on one of the most amazing, astounding theories I've ever heard." Keep in mind, my book was published on Amazon in 2016. Then on April 2, 2018, Anthony Cross, a producer at the History Channel for the Ancient Aliens TV Series, emailed me about discussing my investigation into ancient geoglyphs of the Mojave desert. I mentioned in an email to Anthony that I had written a book about Ancient Serpent Gods and told him that I had been on Coast to Coast with George Noory in 2017. On July 26, 2019, the Ancient Aliens show aired using much of my book information without consulting me! 

Ancient Aliens Series 14, Episode 8 on The Reptilian Agenda aired on July 25, 2019, featuring George Noory who discussed ancient reptilians, paralleling much of my book. Coincidence?  Doubtful. This was the first time Ancient Aliens executive producer David Silver used this idea. And it's beyond coincidence that George was featured on the show.

Sadly, many of the people in the UFO/paranormal genre are ruthless and will do anything to get publicity and ratings. But that's Hollywood! Above is the trailer that contains much of my book, Ancient Serpent Godsfrom the Ancient Aliens Series 14, Episode 8 on The REPTILIAN AGENDA that aired on The History Channel on July 26, 2019. About the episode: Serpent gods are found in the religious traditions of Mesopotamia, Central, and South America, India, China, and Japan. Even the Bible describes reptilian entities interacting with humans. Could these stories be describing a race of reptile-like extraterrestrials? And if so, are they still here today? Isn't it odd that after all these years they never had an episode on Reptilian Gods or Dinosaur Humanoids?


Betsey interviews on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory since 2012.

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April 11, 2017 -  Betsey discussed her Ancient Serpent Gods book with George Noory. George said this, "Ancient serpent Gods is based on one of the most amazing, astounding theories I've ever heard." 

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