Robert Bigelow of Bigelow Aerospace said this on CBS 60 Minutes May 28, 2017, “The alien presence] is just like right under people's noses.” 

Do you believe in space or star beings? Have you ever seen a UFO or something unusual in the sky? Do you think you’ve encountered or been abducted by aliens? There have been thousands of reports of abductions worldwide over the last several decades. Many of you have contacted me through the years after reading Angels, Aliens and Prophecy II which tells about my own encounters through the years. I have many of the listed symptoms below. This week I gave a psychic reading to a East coast woman and immediately I sensed she had alien encounters since childhood—she verified it! Then I asked if she has 0 RH Negative blood--she said no, but that her son has RH negative blood. Another example took place in 19890 with couple abducted by three types of aliens. They felt their infant daughter at the time was given alien DNA. Year later the couple admitted their daughter has the rare RH negative blood type. Coincidence? I write about this in my book Ancient Serpent Gods. Looking back about 35,000 years, scientists believe that 0 RH negative blood type is linked to specific tribes and groups. Europeans have the greatest incidence of this blood type, but only 3% of African-Americans have it, and only 1% of Asian people have it. Some common characteristics of people with this blood type include having a higher IQ, having a lower body temperature, having more awareness (physically and emotionally), having red or light hair, being sensitive to heat, and having blue, green or hazel-colored eyes.

This blood type is shrouded in even more mystery when we look at pregnant women. RH negative women who become pregnant have difficulty delivering a baby with an RH positive blood type, as their bodies naturally attack and try to kill the fetus. Thus, they are given a special sterilization solution. But, why would the woman’s body attack the offspring it’s been helping give life to? You can read more about this in Ancient Serpent Gods.
Watch YT video of Lisa from Montreal discuss her RH negative blood and her mother's alien encounters before her birth.

This is where a relatively new theory comes in and suggests that it’s possible alien life has influenced this blood type. What’s even stranger is that almost every person who has reported being abducted by (or interacted with) aliens has the 0 RH negative blood type. So what are they doing? I sense this species of ET or evolved terrestrial dinosaur are here to help humanity evolve. Many of these awakened children who have RH negative blood have incredible gifts of telepathy, past life recall, telekinesis, and many were born with innate talents in music, art, math, and sciences. They are the Rainbow kids here on a mission to change our world!

I have no doubt that the “Star People” have visited us for centuries, and somehow tooled around with the genetics of mankind. After all, history from all over the world has shown time and time again, through ancient texts and depictions, that we’ve been visited by beings not of this world...or maybe they are from our world/planet. Do you have alien blood running through your veins?

Here are some common symptoms that many people describe after they have (allegedly) been abducted. (NOTE: These are not necessarily proof of abduction, but may also have other causes)

▪ LOST TIME - Missing hours, or days in which you have no memory of what happened. (Does not include missing days due to alcohol or drug use)
▪ MARKS ON YOUR BODY - Look out, in particular, for cuts, scratches, or bruises on your legs, ankles, wrists or back.

▪ HAVING 0 RH NEGATIVE BLOOD - You could have aliens DNA Watch this video about Lisa from Montreal, Canada who has O negative blood and believes she’s an alien hybrid.
▪ DREAMING ABOUT OWLS or other animals such as wolves.
▪ INCREASED PSYCHIC ABILITIES - You feel as though you have more frequent experiences of psychic ability, without any explanation for it. Perhaps you have telekinesis – the ability to move objects.
▪ SLEEP PARALYSIS - Waking up with immobility. This is surprisingly common. It is a sense that your mind is awake but you cannot move your body for as long as 20 seconds to a few minutes.
▪ ELECTRONICS MALFUNCTION – You notice that electronic appliances (computers, clocks, lights go on and off by themselves, wrist watches, etc.) malfunction in your presence. Also, street lights go out when you walk or drive by them, or radios and televisions go wonky when you walk by.
▪ RINGING IN THE EARS - Frequent or sporadic ringing in your ears.
▪ OCD - COMPULSIVE/ADDICTIVE BEHAVIOR either throughout your life or onset at adulthood.
▪ YOU SEE REPEATING NUMBERS ON THE CLOCK LINED UP (Such as awakening at 11:11 a.m. or 3:33 a.m. or 9:11) Some people see the same numbers lined up every time they glance at the clock.
Also, you may often see ascending numbers such as 234, or descending numbers such as 432.

I predict that UFOs will increase and a major sightings will take place over a major city in 2017.