Bunkers have been built for the elite and there are those who know what is coming. Will there be an announcement? No, because they don't want you to panic. But there will be hints of what is to come and the signs will increase with Earth changes. How do banks fail, softly or with a hard crash? Politicians and the wealthy would prefer the system to survive the coming passage of Nibiru aka Planet X, and thus will do all they can to disguise the distress that banks are experiencing. They hope for the common man to learn of Nibiru late, preferably during the Last Weeks, so they have no time to stop paying their mortgage, else foreclosures would increase. There will be continued booms heard worldwide, strange sky anomalies, strange animal behavior, increasing earthquakes and volcanic activity in places not known for this activity.


We are in a world that is on the brink of slowing down before it goes into a complete mad frenzy. You can stop this slowdown by consciously taking greater care of your home--Earth. Communicate with Earth, listen to her, and let this beautiful planet teach you how to live in harmony. This is a hard process for most who want to impress others with their huge multi-million dollar homes and perfectly groomed lawns. Humans misuse Earth and think she is going to survive our abuse.  Hear Mother Earth saying, "Listen, would you like someone pouring pesticides on your skin?"  This is what happens when you pour them on Earth. Earth is a sentient being, or collection of beings. When you use pesticides you kill the beneficial insects, worms, and bees. The pesticides go into the rivers, lakes and our oceans and kill fish and pollute the water.  When Earth is in jeopardy and humanity has pushed things too far, Earth will do whatever is necessary to teach humans about the proper care of its home, in order for you as the inhabitants to learn a bigger lesson that we humans are connected to everything.  You have heard the predictions of Earth changes over and over again. Some of you have taken the warnings with a grain of salt. You have thought it wouldn't happen to you. What will you do when it happens to you? These changes are coming and I was shown them beginning at age seven in lucid recurring dreams.  When human beings awaken and make quality of life the number one priority in their lives by honoring the quality of Earth's life, there will be very few Earth changes upon this planet. However, most humans, especially in the Western world, are concerned with a very different quality of life--how many electronic devices they own, how many clothes in their closets, and how many cars in their garages. They are not at all connected to the effects of all of this material manufacturing on this sentient planet that is our parent. If we don't awaken and make the shift in values and realize that without Mother Earth we could not be here, then Earth, in her love for its own initiation and her reach for a higher frequency, will bring about a cleansing that will balance everything again.


Linda Moulton Howe of received this info.“There are no entry wounds. A metal detector revealed no bullets. ...There were no outward signs of a struggle — no rope burns on trees, no scattered hoof prints, no strangulation marks. The bulls look like they simply fell over and died." — Colby Marshall, Vice President, Silvies Valley Ranch, Harney County, Oregon. Rancher submitted the above bull mutilation photograph to the Capital Press in Salem, Oregon, for publication on August 2, 2019, requested anonymity. This is one of five bloodless bull mutilations reported to the Harney County Sheriff's Office in the past few days. Image source Capital Press. Betsey's comment: I began investigating cattle mutilations in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It started when I worked at the local TV station in Twin Falls, ID and a rancher called in to report one of his cows was mutilated and no blood around the carcass. Later, I began collaborating with renowned investigator Tom Adams (1945-2014) in Paris, Texas. We discovered unmarked helicopters were reported in many of the mutilation cases, but there were those that were more bizarre and included UFOs. One case in Brazil was reported by a rancher and his son who witnessed one of their calves floating a few inches above the ground, bawling for its life. Suddenly, it rose in the sky and stopped bawling as it disappeared from sight. There was no UFO seen at the time. Read more in my latest book STAR BEINGS. Some of the cattle taken were marked by infrared. It appeared that they were airlifted to a place to conduct the mutilation by using a laser to cut out certain parts and then the animals was airdropped to a new location--thus the bloodless cow. I phoned Sheriffs, veterinarians, and ranchers across the U.S to get more information and their comments. Some believed Satantic cults or predatory animals were involved. I believe both military and ETs were and are still involved. The questions is what are they testing and why cattle DNA? During the 1970s and 1980s the FBI began investigating the mysterious cattle mutilations but came up empty handed. There are still some facts about cattle mutilations that are unnerving. There was the lack of footprints, missing blood in the animal, sometimes tripod impressions and the fact that decomposition was slow, predatory animals would not touch the dead animals and how farmers were only gone for minutes to an hour when they came home to find a cow mutilated. There were cases where the rancher was asleep and the mutilation happened yards from the house. Nothing was heard!


​In 2014, I contacted author Ron Felber about his little known non-fiction book SEARCHERS, published in 1994, and invited him to be a guest on my talk show Rainbow Vision Network. It all began November 1990 while award-winning writer Ron Felber was on a business trip to Southern California when a long-time associate contacted him about a middle-class couple, Dawn and Steve Hess, who believed they were victims of a terrifying alien abduction in the Mojave Desert in 1989 by three different types of aliens. Ron and the Hesses were also interviewed by Coast to Coast AM and featured on a television show. Listen to the podcast.   Ron's book is now titled MOJAVE INCIDENT.

The source of a loud boom and rattling reported in Wichita Saturday remains a mystery yesterday. Officials at McConnell Air Force Base say it did not come from the base and the United States Geological Survey did not report any earthquakes at that time. There also were no explosions. Could the answer be a meteor? Or was it the increase in earthquakes along the New Madrid Fault?  The American Meteor Society keeps logs of fireball reports and at about 1:30 p.m. Saturday, it received 36 reports of a fireball, seen over Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. Eyewitness News will continue to ask questions and bring you any updates that we receive concerning the mystery boom. Read full article...


Sure, lots of crop circles are human-created, but there are others created by intelligent beings. On October 23, 2019, this remarkable fresh green crop growing in a circular formation appeared on a brown harvested field at Rodfield Lane, Hampshire, England.  A week ago on October 23, 2019, U. K. videographer Nick Bull from Stonehenge Dronescapes reported on YouTube this drone video of a vivid green “ghost crop circle” that has mysteriously emerged in fresh-looking plants even though it’s the end of October. There are no crops in the fields, trees are turning colors and their leaves falling to the ground before winter snows. How can this be explained a nature? How could this beautiful and intricate crop pattern emerge from the bare Earth field as if it were spring?  Watch Autumn UK Crop Circle video    This is a video taken of mysterious orbs around a UK crop circle in 2010.  Another video of orbs taken at Silbury Hill on May 19, 2011. 

Tom Adams of Paris, Texas, one of the leading cattle mutilations investigators and author of the quarterly Stigmata Quarterly Paper on cattle mutilations. RIP Tom Aug. 20, 2014. 


What are the huge triangle-shaped objects in the sky. This one caught by a woman in Philadelphia looks like a smoldering pyramid in the sky--too weird. These sightings are going to increase. An alien war is coming and I will be writing more about this war that has gone on for eons--the unenlightened beings that reside beneath Earth and the Star Elder here to help us.  Watch MrMBB333's YouTube video...


The object, which was discovered in 2006, intersects Earth’s orbit twice a year and is described as “potentially hazardous” due to its proximity to our planet during its fly-bys. A fast-approaching mammoth asteroid is set to skim past Earth in less than two weeks, NASA has warned. The object, which was discovered in 2006, intersects Earth’s orbit twice a year and is described as “potentially hazardous” due to its proximity to our planet during its fly-bys. A fast-approaching mammoth asteroid is set to skim past Earth in less than two weeks, NASA has warned. Read more...

Nov. 11, 2019 - ALIEN SHIP CAPTURED DURING ISS ASTRONAUT SPACE WALK (UFO hiding on right side of clouds)

RARE Video Footage of "Alien Space Craft" WATCHING ISS Astronaut! WHO are they? Why does NASA want to keep us in the dark about aliens?  Watch video


A 6.5 earthquake shook the Fiji island region early this morning and Ventura is experiencing swarm earthquakes today. Other earthquakes today: 5.2 in Papua New Guinea, 5.2 in the Philippines, 5.9 and 5.4 in Tonga, 5.1 in the Northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge, and a 4.7 in Iran. Little Alamo, Southern Nevada near Area 51 felt a 2.7 earthquake.  Earthquake expert Dr. Lucy Jones said Thursday’s swarm of earthquakes are normal and is unlikely to be followed by a bigger temblor. (I am still sensing a big one along the West Coast of the U.S. anywhere from Southern California to Seattle, Washington in the next few days. Stay safe and be alert. - Betsey 


The other day I gave a reading to a spiritual young lady born between November 1983 and November 1995, known as a Millennial or Generation Y. This person shocked me by revealing that she and her friends joke that the world is going to end and they would be better off dead. Wow! She then went on to say it was their sense of humor, but I reminded her that joke or no joke that words and thoughts have energy and power to recreate our world. This kind of energy is creating the world we live in now. Yes, there is plenty of negatives in our world, but I know that humans have the power to intend and visualize a healed planet. Hopefully, this isn't the mind-set of the majority of Millennials or Generation Y, and only a few. When the Millennials were born, the planet Pluto transited the sign of Scorpio, and those in the ‘Pluto in Scorpio’ generation are bringers of radical transformation. They are generally old souls. Your generation will be the generation who leads us into a new era of consciousness and will work in the best interests of humanity. Right now, we are all experiencing Pluto in Capricorn (from 2008 through 2023) which means that we will see many things collapse, such as money, religion, and government, but these changes will present an opportunity for everything to be rebuilt in humanity’s best interests. If any of you have ever watched the 1984 children's movie, THE NEVERENDING STORY, you will discover the story's spiritual analogies in it. In this beautiful story, there's a malevolent force devouring Fantasia called "The Nothing".  The young hero Atreyu sets out to save the Princess and save Fantasia. He must go through great trials. One of them is the Swamps of Sadness (photo above), where his beloved horse Artax begins to sink the swamp because of its sad thoughts and hopelessness. Atreyu pleads with his horse to think positive to live, but the horse too consumed in sadness and sinks into the swamp, Atreyu must continue along on his quest. Humanity is sinking in the Swamps of Sadness and must change our consciousness to empowerment and hope.  


Lately, huge clouds with edges are being photographed worldwide. People observed this pink cloud or whatever it was from the ground. Let's just hope they are benevolent beings. Watch VIDEO

Possible explanation: The S American roll is aggressive lately, as the Venezuela oil that appeared on Brazil beaches shows. The boundary between the Caribbean Plate, which is being pushed down, and the South American Plate, which is rolling over the Caribbean Plate, dissects Trinidad. This line can be seen going east to west through the center of Trinidad. When rock layers are torn apart in this manner and great amounts of methane gas is released forming a pink cloud. Unless there is a spark from lightning or cloud friction, this gas remains in a bubble, rising as methane is lighter than air.

Oct. 29, 2019 -BETSEY PREDICTED SINKHOKES FORMING IN 2019-  ONE OPENED UP IN PITTSBURGH YESTERDAY: PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A massive sinkhole opened up in downtown Pittsburgh during the Monday morning rush hour, swallowing the back half of a Port Authority bus and nearly a car with it. Emergency crews have been on the scene all day at Penn Avenue and 10th Street, near the Westin Hotel. They were called there just before 8 a.m., and are expected to be there into the evening hours. Full story here...  

Nov. 1, 2019 - THE SACRED CRYSTAL BEINGS: Do you own a crystal? And do you realize their special function for our planet? Eons and eons ago in the primordial past, the Council of Star Elders invested in the construction of intergalactic consciousness outposts on Earth and found on this newly reformed Earth a fertile ground for the implantation of crystals. These highly evolved sentient entities of the mineral kingdom can store memories and energy charges. Have you ever struck two crystals together to see the lightning or electric charge (piezoelectricity) inside them? Be sure to use glasses to protect your eyes.  Large quantities of crystals from many other planets were brought to Earth and disseminated in sites. Those crystals of diverse chemical compositions were programmed with messages of cosmic wisdom. Under the appropriate circumstances, they vibrated at higher frequencies, emitting sound, and images. They are also telepathic transmitters of the message they contained, like a network of radio antennas. These sacred stones were distributed on Earth in favorable ecosystems with more evolved life forms. They were disposed of in concentric circles or in geometric patterns to create ethereal energetic vortices. They served the double purpose of first, consolidating the fractal organization of higher molecular complexity by creating magnetic fields and creating ripples of crystallization on surrounding environments. They were brought from various intergalactic outposts throughout the Universe and encrypted with hue amounts of memories and information from Star Elders. The crystals were programmed with microscopic holographic animated libraries for intergalactic transmission. The Star Elders would then re-energize them and upgrade them in pyramids and domes they had built. In the long term, those programmed crystals created a network of healing energy fields and ley lines to balance the Earth's grid. They also channel telluric currents and electromagnetic winds, influencing weather systems and patterns. Earthquake lights are associated with the crystals within the Earth. Now great crystals are being removed from the Earth along with minerals (uranium, gold, silver, oil, gas and rare earth minerals) that were put in the Earth to stabilize it. The problem now is humans have forgotten that everything is sentient and alive and has a symbiotic purpose on our planet. The Australian Aboriginal people have legends of their origins from distant stars and how they helped the Earth balance itself again. Now they worry that our planet has become unbalanced from our disrespect for Mother Earth. If you own a small crystal, don't worry about it being in your possession. Honor it and if you feel like it, plant it inside Mother Earth with an honoring ceremony. 

Nov. 8, 2019 - ORBS TRACKING CHEMTRAIL JETS  (see faint orb on upper left side of photo) 

In the past weeks, two videos have surfaced of an orb tracking a chemtrail jet, but I recall several videos in the past of these orbs which I feel are operated by other-worldly beings and could be like our drones. A woman named Wendy from Notherneastern Georgia sent this video to MrMBB333 for his YouTube Channel. Watch how the High speed "orb" STOPS in contrail or chemtrail from Jet... then takes off again! - A M A Z I N G! Watch   In this next video a Colorado man who was concerned that a jet flying over his property might be dispersing chemtrails got quite the shock when he also spotted what appeared to be a UFO hovering near the airliner. The strange scene was reportedly filmed by Marc Abell of Vail sometime last week. Watch  We are told time and time again that chemtrails are only contrails from jets and if this was true, why are Orbs concerned and tracking them? 

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The launching of an “official impeachment inquiry” into Donald Trump’s conduct has sailed America into largely uncharted waters. While there have been demands for the impeachment of many presidents, just three—Andrew Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Bill Clinton—have faced formal impeachment inquiries, and the Senate convicted none of them. None of those three sought reelection. After Johnson’s acquittal, he was denied his party’s presidential nomination. Nixon and Clinton were in their second terms already and could not run for reelection. Trump, however, is already doing so. As a scholar of American legal and political history, I have studied the precedents for dealing with this strange conundrum. A little-known wrinkle in the Constitution might allow Trump to be reelected president in 2020 even if he is removed from office through the impeachment process. The constitutional framework: At the time the Constitution was ratified in 1788, many of its authors regarded impeachment as an improvement over the violent methods often used in Europe to get rid of corrupt rulers. Nonetheless, they recognized the dangers that impeachment would always present. As if commenting on the current moment, Alexander Hamilton noted in 1788, that it will “agitate the passions of the whole community, and… divide it into parties more or less friendly or inimical to the accused. In many cases, it will connect itself with preexisting factions and will enlist all their animosities, partialities, influence, and interest on one side or the other.”  Read more...   I still say he won't be impeached and will be re-elected. The numbers say it all since trump has been elected RECORD 158,269,000 WORKING,UNEMPLOYMENT 50-YEAR LOW Read more...

Nov. 10, 2019 - US government 'forces NASA to cut ISS feed when UFOs appear 

NASA has its "hands tied" and is forced to cut the International Space Station (ISS) live feed when UFOs turn up, according to a campaigner who has studied alleged alien phenomena for years. Conspiracy theorists have often claimed the US space agency covers up the existence of extraterrestrial life by terminating the live feed from the ISS at the exact time UFOs appear. This has never been proven and according to the message that pops up when the feed is cut, it is simply down to a "temporary loss of signal with the International Space Station". Full article...

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Besides having a lucid symbolic dream of 9-11 one year before the horrible disaster that downed the WORLD TRADE BUILDINGS, I had a vision of the people involved. It was an inside job planned by powerful people in the U.S. Some of these people are still alive.  Someday when these people have passed away the truth will be revealed about their heinous agenda. Betsey

ARTICLE: For the first time ever, an elected body in the United States is stating that it is “beyond any doubt” that explosives – not plane impacts and fires alone – destroyed the three World Trade Center towers on Sept. 11, 2001. Continue reading...


“I heard what sounded like a military powered jet engine at full power for about 5 seconds then it would abruptly stop.  The noise would start again every 5 seconds then stop again 5 seconds continuing like this for a couple minutes.” — U. S. government employee in Colorado, who requests anonymity. “I took my high power laser pointer and shot it up in the direction of the unexplained loud jet sound. … On two separate occasions, I have seen the beam interrupted momentarily —  It seems to me there is a real physical object moving through the air that is simply not visible.” The most common meanings have to do with fortitude, courage, and strength. The dragon totem brings magic and balance into your life. When the dragon spirit guide comes into your life, it wants you to get in touch with your psychic nature. The dragon asks you to view the world through the window of mystery and wonder. Since January 2011, Linda Moulton Howe of Earthfiles has done some 200 news reports about mysterious loud, unexplained booms without physical evidence. People also report other eerie metallic scraping and trumpet sounds — as well as strange, loud, jet-like engine sounds, even at night in suburbs far away from city airports. That’s why headlines like this one pop up periodically. Read the full article.

L to R: Bill Blatty, Betsey's mom Bette and Bette's husband Maurice "Moe"  Blatty, eldest brother of Bill Blatty.


Recently there's been news articles on demonic possession and my step-uncle William "Bill" Peter Blatty (1928-2017) brought the phenomena of possession into the public consciousness 48 years ago with his 1971 bestseller horror novel and 1973 blockbuster movie The Exorcist, based in part of a real-life story of a young boy possessed.  Bill was raised a Catholic and believed in the paranormal and that possession was real.  After his mother passed away he experienced proof that his mother lived on. Bill was fascinated with EVP (electronic voice phenomena) and began experimenting with reel-to-reel tape recordings that produced some really eerie results. The tapes were sent to a friend at Columbia University who ran the recording through a spectrograph. The analysis revealed that the voice couldn't be human. You can read more about my experiences with the supernatural and how Bill Blatty and his brother Maurice "Moe"  Blatty became family in my book, Communicating with the Other Side on Amazon. A word of caution-- if you keep your vibration rate high, lower entities can't harm you. Please note the man interviewed--could be Dave Schrader, host of Midnight in the Desert, mispronounced Bill Blatty's last name in the video. This is the correct pronunciation.  Article:  Almost 50 years since the release of The Exorcist, actors and experts continue to weigh in on the strange and uncanny events that surrounded — and continue to surround — the film. Linda Blair, who played the 1973 film's "possessed" lead character, 12-year-old Regan, recalled a number of eerie incidents for E! True Hollywood News this week. Blair remembers feeling "challenged by the physicality" of the role, which caused her to "fracture [her] lower back." Especially unsettling was a fire that tore through the movie set midway through filming and nearly demolished it. Oddly, the only portion left intact was Regan's bedroom, the site of her possession in the movie. Other creepy incidents were kept from Blair at the time to avoid her becoming frightened. Ellen Burstyn, who played Regan's mother, claimed that several people associated with the film died during production. Actor Jack MacGowran, who played the alcoholic director Burke Dennings in The Exorcist, died from a heart attack related to a case of the flu shortly after completing his work on set. Vasiliki Maliaros, who appeared as Fr. Damien Karras' mother, also died during post-production from natural causes at age 89. Linda Blair's grandfather and actor Max von Sydow's brother died during filming. READ MORE...


Many of you are familiar with the Wizard of Oz children's novel written by L. Frank Baum in 1900 and later made into a 1939 movie starring Judy Garland as Dorothy. Remember in the movie where Dorothy enters the enchanted forest and picks a big red apple to eat. The tree responds by saying, "Well, how would you like to have someone come along and pick something off of you?"  We know trees don't talk, at least not like humans, but they are alive and conscious. They do feel. In the 1990s, I traveled to Belize in Central America and witnessed the rainforests being cut and burned for citrus groves. I cried, knowing that valuable plants for medicine were being destroyed. Recently, we watched on the news acres of valuable Amazon rainforests destroyed by wildfires. Prince Ea did this amazing video about trees. It's true what indigenous people believe that what we do today will affect the next 7 generations. My mentor Western Shoshone Nation Spiritual Leader Corbin Harney (1920-2007) often said, "We have to come back to the Native way of life. The Native way is to pray for everything. Our Mother Earth is very important. We can't just misuse her and think she's going to continue. We, the people, are going to have to put our thoughts together to save our planet here. We only have One Water...One Air...One Mother Earth."  is a great charitable organization started by two young surfers that help third world countries clean up plastic from our oceans with a small donation of $20.00 for a bracelet made from recycled plastics gathered from our oceans.  I will be writing soon about sacred ceremony taught to me by Oglala Sioux ceremonial leader Ed McGaa "Eagle Man" and Corbin Harney. Let's put our heads together to clean up our home--MOTHER EARTH.  Protect the trees at


I have been photographing chemtrails since the mid-1990s and have noticed that whenever a weather front approached chemtrails are the heaviest, leading me to believe that they actually remove the moisture in the air. I have noticed the huge increase in wildfires and I am greatly concerned about what chemtrails are doing to our planet. Yes, geoengineering exists and unmarked planes are controlling our weather for their agenda. Our prayers are greatly needed at this time. Betsey  Watch MrMBB333's video today on the Wildfires and 1.1 MILLION without power - Major BLACKOUT - unprecedented

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Betsey's 2020 Prophecies, Predictions and Beyond book will be available on Amazon by mid-December. Watch for updates.   


A swarm of small earthquakes has struck near the California-Mexico border underneath the town of El Centro in Imperial County. Scientists are closely watching the cluster, which began at 6:07 p.m. Monday with a magnitude 2.8 quake, followed six minutes later by the largest quake so far, a magnitude of 4. There were 18 aftershocks within the first two hours, Caltech seismologist Egill Hauksson said. By Tuesday morning there had been dozens of aftershocks. No damage was reported in El Centro, which has a population of about 44,000. El Centro is the seat of Imperial County, one of the nation’s most important agricultural regions. The region has been hit hard in past quakes, most recently during the magnitude 7.2 earthquake that struck south of the California-Mexico border on Easter Sunday in 2010, killing two people in Mexicali and damaging buildings on both sides of the border.  ​Mammoth Lakes, California has had three earthquakes today 2.9 to 3.2, and continued swarm earthquakes. This could be a precursor to a big ONE with today's full moon known as the Full Beaver Moon. There's a minor stream of solar wind buffeting Earth's magnetic field today, Nov. 12th. It is not potent enough to cause a geomagnetic storm, but it could spark auroras around the Arctic Circle. Last night my husband and I woke up to our fire alarm blasting at 2:30 am PST and then it suddenly stopped. This might have been a warning from my spirit guide, my sister who visits often. Be safe out there. ​

Yesterday a STRONG QUAKE HIT PEPEEKEO, HAWAII, VOLCANOES GETTING ACTIVE - FULL MOON TUESDAY COULD TRIGGER BIG ONE. Also a powerful 6.1 earthquake shook Tonga at 23:21:11 UTC, a strong 4.9 shook Pepeekeo, Hawaii followed by a 3.4 and 3.0 aftershocks, Redoubt Volcano in Alaska experienced a 3.4, 3.0 and 2.5 magnitude earthquakes, and a 4.8 shook Meysse, France. 


In the past few days, I have had nightmares but don't recall what there were. Usually, when I have recurring dreams it's a warning of a coming event. Also, yesterday while walking my dog a strange white bird followed me along the path and even followed me home. What was strange about this small white bird is it zoomed in the trees and bushes and I couldn't get a good look at it.l  It moved so quickly, faster than a hummingbird. A white bird indicates a spiritual contact of some kind. The area where I live is known for ancient Native American petroglyphs. I hope that I am wrong, but I sense something big building either from a natural Earth event or a planned human event. I will meditate for an answer and post later today. If any of you sense this, please contact me.   

Nov. 12, 2019 - UFO FOLLOWING PLANE 

Some believed the UFO was following the plane and the shape of the "craft" mirrored others that have been spotted above the US this year.  A UFO shaped like a cigar that mirrors several similar objects seen over the US has been spotted above Kansas. The bizarre footage starts with the camerawoman filming a plane above Wichita. But his focus is then drawn towards a bright cylindrical object nearby. Read and watch video

April 26, 2019, Albuquerque, New Mexico – Mysterious, unexplained loud booms like explosions that shake houses have persisted since 2011 around the world. Some people say the explosive boom sounds come like a compression wave from the sky downward on to houses and buildings. Other people insist the explosive booms come from below ground, even cracking cement around houses and slapping the bottoms of shoes. Also sometimes associated with the loud, mysterious booms are metallic scraping and trumpet sounds. On March 19, 2019, there were simultaneous boom sounds heard in Omaha and Harrison, Arkansas — small towns about 20 miles apart and not far from the Arkansas and Missouri border that is shown on this map as a thin red line dividing the two states.Read the full article on  Something huge and inexplicable is occurring within our planet. The booms and shaking, unconnected to seismic activity, has been happen since the late 1990s. My psychic intuition tells me it's related to the dreams I had as a child where I was shown mega Earth changes. It's related to deep core Earth movement with tectonic plates, sliding piezoelectric rocks deep with the earth and magma movement. 

MrMBB333 posted a fascinating YouTube video on May 27 about the Island Mayotte off the East coast of Africa and its underwater volcanoes and how the GOES 16 satellite picked up a large anomaly near a string of volcanoes off the coast of New Jersey. Something huge appeared within days (unverified - volcano?). Some of these volcanoes off the East Coast are 2 miles high and 2 miles wide and show heat signatures (see photo above). Could these be the cause of mysterious booms along the East coast and this strange earthquake near Malone, New York on May 30th? It is my sense that Earth is getting ready to show her fierceness like never before. A shift of the axis could be in our near future and the signs are certainly everywhere! I suspect that's why the increase in UFO activity and why we are hearing more about sightings from Military to civilians. Even you think things are strange now, just wait for the coming months. Watch MRMBB333 video.   More on the mysterious booms and rumblings

Planet Earth is alive. Deep beneath its skin, its life blood — rivers of molten iron — pulse around its core. And this mobile iron is what generates the magnetic field that causes auroras — and keeps us alive. But, according to the science journal Nature, something strange is going on deep down below. It’s causing the magnetic North Pole to ‘skitter’ away from Canada, towards Siberia. “The magnetic pole is moving so quickly that it has forced the world’s geomagnetism experts into a rare move,” Nature reports. On January 30 (delayed due to the US Government shutdown), the World Magnetic Model — which governs modern navigation systems — is due to undergo an urgent update. Why the magnetic field is shifting so dramatically is unknown. “Geomagnetic pulses, like the one that happened in 2016, might be traced back to ‘hydromagnetic’ waves arising from deep in the core,” Nature reports. “And the fast motion of the north magnetic pole could be linked to a high-speed jet of liquid iron beneath Canada”. This fast-flowing molten river appears to be weakening the magnetic influence of the iron core beneath North America.  Just before 9.30 am on Sunday, November 11, a series of unusual seismic pulses rippled around the world almost undetected. The waves rang for over 20 minutes, emanating about 15 miles off the shores of Mayotte - a tiny island in the Indian Ocean. 


On Sunday a Boeing 737 MAX 8 that crashed shortly after take-off in Ethiopia, killing 157 souls. This is the second crash for a Boeing 737. Read more... I predicted strange accidents would occur this year involving trains, planes, buses, trucks, and mostly due to carelessness, greed, alcohol or drugs.  Many planes are not serviced correctly and mechanics who reported them are often fired for saying anything!