During the 1990s, my friend, Corbin Harney (1920-2007), Spiritual Leader of the Western Shoshone Nation and my dear friend and mentor Oglala Ceremonial Leader Ed McGaa "Eagle Man" (1936-2017) both taught me about honoring all sentient beings in our world and that includes trees, plants, insects, water, air, sea creatures, land animals and Mother Earth. They taught me that everything has a soul and consciousness. Indigenous people have known these truths for eons and practiced with a reverence for our precious planet. I wrote about these truths in my book EARTH ENERGY, copyright 2015. Did you know a single tree produces 260 pounds of oxygen per year? One tree can absorb as much carbon in a year as a car produces while driving 26,000 miles. I followed the story of Julia "Butterfly" Hill in 1999 when she spent 738 days in a giant Redwood tree named Luna to save the tree from loggers cutting it down. Her story began when she was in a near-fatal car accident caused by a drunk driver. The steering wheel of the vehicle penetrated her skull. After her recuperation, Hill embarked on a road trip to California that was to change her life forever. In 1997, awed by the "wisdom, energy and spirituality" of the towering redwood forests, she connected with a group of "tree sitters" in northern California who were protesting the clear-cut logging of redwoods by the Pacific Lumber Company by occupying the trees. by 1999 she was living on a makeshift platform eighteen stories off the ground, enduring torrential storms, hurricane-force winds, helicopter harassment, and a ten-day siege by company security guards. But in her loneliness and doubt, she prayed to the Universal Spirit, to Luna and hear the tree's voice speak to hear, teaching her to let go and to go with the flow.  she wrote the book, The Legecy of Luna, about her incredible experience and today she continues her environmental activism.  Visit her website 

Tom Adams of Paris, Texas, one of the leading cattle mutilations investigators and author of the quarterly Stigmata Quarterly Paper on cattle mutilations. RIP Tom Aug. 20, 2014. 


Misuse of sexuality is not new. Child pornography and child slavery, the slavery of men and women around the globe, and the raping of men and women have happened for eons. Humans have hidden the stories of Earth and do not study the subject in classrooms. It's taboo! Perhaps one-day humans will consider studying the dark side of human nature, having a class devoted to the dark misuse of power and the lack of love involved with sex. Suddenly we are shocked by Epstein and his perversive life and the powerful people connected to him, which I believe got him murdered.  There is great darkness around these people, sometimes involving satanic rituals. Those who have become powerful men didn't get there by being nice people--many are part of organizations like the Skull and Bones, the Illuminati or the infamous Bohemian Grove in Northern California. As we are forced to examine the dark misuse of humanity and how we have been tricked, scammed, and schemed against, perhaps we will throw out all our frivolous adornments and reestablish a value for ourselves based on our power as spiritual biological beings. Watch how angry protests arise from people around the globe, and how the energies will intensify to outrageous states, energies that are asking us to change. Get ready because there will be shocks and scandals the likes of which we have never seen. It will force us to wake up and see that what is happening in one country is happening everywhere. We've already seen the child abuse by Catholic priests everywhere and other religious leaders. Remember that when you run from the dark, you give it more power, allowing it to perpetuate itself. When you ignore practices that harm others, especially those of a sexual nature, then you uphold the act of harm. Each of you is called upon to heal the human spirit, to make a frequency on Earth where newborn baby souls, who will bring in the frequency of love, are valued and loved in return. We must guarantee that our young will not be violated, turned into mind-controlled zombies (i.e. mass shooters) or sex slaves, shipped to God knows where or become genetic laboratories for body parts. Yes, this is really happening and aliens are involved.  I could tell you more shocking things, but you may not want to hear it. You probably want to stay in your comfort zone and continue to think that life is like Disneyland. Realize this that without the Family of Dark outrageously trashing every single one of our values and boundaries, we would never awaken.  ​Articles on Jeffrey Epstein's death and conspiracy theories.  Is Trump complicit in child abuse?


The most commonly accepted theory is that the Great Pyramid at Giza was a tomb for the fourth dynasty Egyptian Pharoah Khufu or Cheops (two different versions of the same name). Yet there were no mummies found in the Great Pyramid or hieroglyphs.  We also know that centuries ago, there were enormous swivel doors that weighed no less than 20 tons. But miraculously, they were so well engineered they could be opened by the push of a hand. Since no Egyptian tomb has been found to be deliberately accessible, what were the pyramids for? The Great Pyramid of Giza was once covered in white polished limestone, referred to as casing stones. The stones fit together so perfectly, they would have given the pyramid, smooth, flawless sides. This would have made the giant made the inside of the structure perfectly insulated. Piezoelectricity occurs as a result of stress or pressure on the quartz, as demonstrated by quartz wristwatches, which can be charged simply by shaking them. The granite actually ionizes the air inside the pyramid, creating a chemical reaction, which again, increases the conductivity of electricity. When such electrons are given the chance to bypass sections of rock via metal wire, quite large currents can flow. Piezoelectricity could be harnessed from the power of the current as the water flows, and it has been proven that thousands of years ago, the Nile River ran straight past the pyramids. The quartz and the tunnels of the pyramids would be subject to the stress or vibration creating piezoelectricity. It has been discovered in recent years that man-made tunnels for water run under the Great Pyramid. Read more...   Scientists remain baffled on how the ancient Egyptians could move stone weighing tons, but a slight man weighing less than 100 lbs. named Edward Leedskalnin claimed he had the answer and his proof was the enigmatic Coral Castle in Florida. Ed was born in Riga, Latvia on August 10th, 1887 and died in 1951, and took his secret with him. Ed had lived in Canada, California, and Texas but when he developed a touch of tuberculosis, he decided to move to a better climate to help his condition. Ed moved to Florida in 1918 and lived in Florida City until about 1936. Ed was a very private person and when he heard about a planned subdivision being built near him he decided to move to Homestead and in 1936 bought 10 acres of land. Ed spent the next three years moving the Coral Castle structures he had already begun to build from Florida City to Homestead, a distance of 10 miles. Ed had lived in Canada, California, and Texas but when he developed a touch of tuberculosis, he decided to move to a better climate to help his condition. Ed moved to Florida in 1918 and lived in Florida City until about 1936. Ed was a very private person and when he heard about a planned subdivision being built near him he decided to move to Homestead and in 1936 bought 10 acres of land. Ed spent the next three years moving the Coral Castle structures he had already begun to build from Florida City to Homestead, a distance of 10 miles. Ed believed that the animating force in the universe does not come from the protons and electrons in the atom, but rather from tiny magnets of different and opposite polarity that imbue all matter. In his book Magnetic Current, Ed explained his basic principle. Read more...  During my second visit to Belize in 1996, while visiting the ancient Maya ruins of  Xunantunich, a friend and I were given a tour of the grounds by a Maya caretaker. I asked him if there was a legend about the temple and how they were built. He said that his people believed that the ancient Maya could lift huge stones weighing tons through the air – levitation.  Edgar Cayce, known as the "Sleeping Prophet" claimed that a large number of Atlanteans escaped their sinking continent a moved to Egypt and throughout the world. They were highly advanced and brought their technology with them. Read more about Atlantis. Cayce said that there are a large number of souls that have reincarnated during this time from the Atlantean era when The Children of the Law of One wanted to return to a spiritual stewardship of the land based on natural laws while the other group, the Sons of Belial, wanted to exploit natural resources for material gain. Again, this spiritual war continues in our time. Who will win?

“I took my high power laser pointer and shot it up in the direction of the unexplained loud jet sound. … On two separate occasions, I have seen the beam interrupted momentarily —  It seems to me there is a real physical object moving through the air that is simply not visible.” — Scientist in San Diego, California, who has heard loud jet noises in clear sky and two times flashed a powerful laser in direction of unexplained jet noise and saw the beam interrupted by something invisible.  Read more... 


At 14:28:25 UTC a 6.0 magnitude earthquake shook the Western Indian-Antarctic Ridge, a 5.0 in the Philippines, 5.4 in Papua New Guinea, and a 3.1 aftershock near Trona, California in the Mojave Desert caused by the 7.1 earthquake on July 5. Also, a 2.5 earthquake shook near New Madrid, Missouri yesterday. There could be more strong earthquakes today. Stay tuned...

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Was it a coincidence that the History Channel's Ancient Aliens episode 8 on the Reptilian Agenda that aired on July 26, 2019, featured much of the information I had written about in my book Ancient Serpent Gods, published on Amazon on July 27, 2016, three years earlier? On April 11, 2017, I was a guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory and discussed my new book. After reading my book, George said this about my book on air,  "Ancient Serpent Gods is based on one of the most amazing, astounding theories I’ve ever heard.”  It's interesting that a Ancient Aliens producer contacted me last year to be on their show and discuss my research into ancient petroglyphs. The interview never happened! If Ancient Aliens used any part of my book for Episode 8, I am greatly disappointed they didn't contact me or interview me for the segment. David Childress, author and owner of Adventure Unlimited Press, was featured on this Ancient Aliens Episode 8. David has carried my book Ancient Serpent Gods as well my Star Beings in his catalog. Read more on my Ancient Serpent Gods.


More and more people are noticing something off with the position of the Sun, moon, and stars. Sightings of a huge mass near the Sun have been captured (see YouTube keeps hiding these videos. What are they afraid of?  Are we finally seeing evidence of Planet X lurking in our Solar System? No doubt in my mind!  Watch MrMBB333's YouTube Video  

August 4, 2019 - MASS SHOOTERS PREDICTED: As a psychic, I have visions of future events. The future is still forming. Humans have free-will and we can change the future!  Months ago, I predicted children killing children and mass shootings (see Prediction #53). Yesterday, July 3, a young man shot and killed 20 people at a WALMART in El Paso, Texas on Friday, and last night a lone shooter killed 9 people at a dance club in Dayton, Ohio. Some want to blame President Trump, but this has been going on for years before Trump was elected i.e., Columbine School in Colorado where 12 students were murdered and Sandy Hook School where 20 children were killed and 6 adults. There been more through the years, but I won't list them here. It's unconscionable what is happening. Who is to blame--gun owners, parents, violent movies, video games?  Kids watch Democrats and Republicans berating each other like children--, bullies have become an everyday occurrence. People have become angrier as seen with protests worldwide. Coincidentally, I read an interesting article yesterday on Teaching Kindness to young people before the Walmart mass shootings. A study revealed that 70% of parents worry that the world is an unkind place for their kids. Although teaching love, respect, compassion to kids is important, children should be taught consequences and the cosmic laws of the Universe--KARMA, Cause and Effect! These mass killers/terrorists will pay for eons on the Other Side.   Article by Marilyn Mitchell on teaching kids kindness.   Let's human-up everyone and start loving each other and pray for those who have recently passed on. 

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The above crop circle was reported on August 11 at Preston Candover, Nr Basingstoke, Hampshire. Possible meaning: We are all aware that the Sun was mysteriously concealed by some extraterrestrial object on the morning of 08.08.2019, 4 days after Clear Wood's crop circle graphically demonstrated it, which appeared on a Sunday that I also predicted. And seven days later, on this new Sunday of August 11, 2019, another crop circle appears, with a complex geometry that also alludes to this mystery, starting with the fact that the toothed outer ring was repeated in both models with the difference is that this second crop circle lacks part of the same ring that appeared whole in the first crop circle. A countdown? A count of days for any announced events? Read more...


This morning at 3 am I woke from a lucid dream of a mega earthquake along a coast where I stood on a cliff as it moved at least one foot. That's huge! Today a 6.3 aftershock earthquake shook 120km NNW of L'Esperance Rock, New Zealand, a strange 5.1 earthquake near the Arctic at No. Severnaya, Zemlya, a 5.1 in Indonesia and a 3.8 in North Korea. With all these volcanoes and Yellowstone's Steamboat Geyser getting active again this indicates huge Earth unrest and volcanoes always indicate powerful earthquakes. Also, water disappearing at a bay in Washington state and in Northern Canada recently might be an indication of a megathrust earthquake (9.0 magnitude).   Volcano update...     Syncronicity: several people on Facebook contacted me about their own earthquake dreams on the morning of June 27.  Many sensitive people are connected to the super consciousness mind and are shown the identical premonition before a huge event. This happened before the Trade Towers fell on 9-11-2001. 

Dane Wigington has been following the geoengineering and chemtrails over our skies on YouTube. Listen...   (Betsey's comment: It was during the late 1990s, that my friend, Johnita, and I began to notice something strange in the sky over the Ketchum/Sun Valley area of Idaho--chemtrails! We began photographing them and listening to talk shows about it. Why were unmarked jets spewing trails of clouds over Idaho and around the world? These weren't ordinary clouds, but clouds that spread across a clear morning sky and by noon the sky was covered in hazy clouds. People began to complain about respiratory problems and the conspiracy theorists collected samples of water, ground and sometimes spider-web-like material that had fallen from the sky. Large traces of barium, aluminum and other chemicals were found. But here's the real kicker. We are being mind-controlled by YouTube now. Try looking up conspiracy theories and chemtrails. You will find all kinds of videos claiming there is no conspiracy now.  It's hard to find the real investigator videos and their findings on YouTube. This goes for UFO and other paranormal videos. We are being told what to believe! Even if you find a conspiracy theory video it has a disclaimer below the video that says chemtrails are only contrails per the Encyclopedia Britannica. What happened to free speech?  Read this article on chemtrails  As a child I studied the sky and I know what a contrail from a jet looks like--a water vapor trail that evaporates quickly in the sky, but chemtrails linger and spread across the sky. Either chemtrails are real or something very drastic has happened to our sky. )  

This was reported on May 29: VIRGINIA BEACH, VA (WWBT) - The National Weather Service says a boom heard in southeast Virginia on Monday night was most likely a sonic boom that was made even louder by the weather conditions at the time. For those wondering about a boom last night across the appears it was a sonic boom, perhaps ducted/augmented by a temperature inversion due to persistent low cloud cover yesterday. Double boom sound in video fits with supersonic aircraft. Residents say they heard the boom around 6:30 p.m. Monday that also caused houses to shake. “We heard and felt this boom, it was kind of like head to toe, we felt a little bit underneath our feet,” Mandy Berkowitz told WVEC. A Navy spokesperson says an F-18 Super Hornet was operating in the area at the time, but could not confirm whether or not that was the cause of the noise. Article and video...  No earthquakes were reported in Virginia Beach, however, a 2.6 earthquake was reported near Malone in upper New York on May 30. Military might have caused the boom but that doesn't explain the hundreds of mysterious booms heard worldwide through the years starting in 2011 (per Linda Moulton Howe).  Last year we read and heard about the huge 11-11-18 event off the east coast of Africa near the island of Mayotte. Just before 9.30 am on Sunday, November 11, a series of unusual seismic pulses rippled around the world almost undetected. The waves rang for over 20 minutes, emanating about 15 miles off the shores of Mayotte - a tiny island in the Indian Ocean. No earthquake was detected during this event, but it moved the island a few inches. Now scientists believe that a magma surge deep within the Earth was to blame. THIS WEEK, June 16, 2019, Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay experienced a massive blackout. It is still unknown why. 

April 26, 2019, Albuquerque, New Mexico – Mysterious, unexplained loud booms like explosions that shake houses have persisted since 2011 around the world. Some people say the explosive boom sounds come like a compression wave from the sky downward on to houses and buildings. Other people insist the explosive booms come from below ground, even cracking cement around houses and slapping the bottoms of shoes. Also sometimes associated with the loud, mysterious booms are metallic scraping and trumpet sounds. On March 19, 2019, there were simultaneous boom sounds heard in Omaha and Harrison, Arkansas — small towns about 20 miles apart and not far from the Arkansas and Missouri border that is shown on this map as a thin red line dividing the two states.Read the full article on  Something huge and inexplicable is occurring within our planet. The booms and shaking, unconnected to seismic activity, has been happen since the late 1990s. My psychic intuition tells me it's related to the dreams I had as a child where I was shown mega Earth changes. It's related to deep core Earth movement with tectonic plates, sliding piezoelectric rocks deep with the earth and magma movement. 

MrMBB333 posted a fascinating YouTube video on May 27 about the Island Mayotte off the East coast of Africa and its underwater volcanoes and how the GOES 16 satellite picked up a large anomaly near a string of volcanoes off the coast of New Jersey. Something huge appeared within days (unverified - volcano?). Some of these volcanoes off the East Coast are 2 miles high and 2 miles wide and show heat signatures (see photo above). Could these be the cause of mysterious booms along the East coast and this strange earthquake near Malone, New York on May 30th? It is my sense that Earth is getting ready to show her fierceness like never before. A shift of the axis could be in our near future and the signs are certainly everywhere! I suspect that's why the increase in UFO activity and why we are hearing more about sightings from Military to civilians. Even you think things are strange now, just wait for the coming months. Watch MRMBB333 video.   More on the mysterious booms and rumblings

​Prediction #59 for 2019: I predicted the first of the year that "2019 will bring some rather unusual solar events--solar winds hitting Earth throughout the year causing some spectacular Aurora Borealis/Northern Lights in the Northern hemisphere. There could be sun spots that will fire  CMEs at Earth by June or July. Could cause blackouts!"  May 9th began with a bang. Big sunspot AR2740 produced another solar flare, this time an impulsive C7-category explosion. 

Planet Earth is alive. Deep beneath its skin, its life blood — rivers of molten iron — pulse around its core. And this mobile iron is what generates the magnetic field that causes auroras — and keeps us alive. But, according to the science journal Nature, something strange is going on deep down below. It’s causing the magnetic North Pole to ‘skitter’ away from Canada, towards Siberia. “The magnetic pole is moving so quickly that it has forced the world’s geomagnetism experts into a rare move,” Nature reports. On January 30 (delayed due to the US Government shutdown), the World Magnetic Model — which governs modern navigation systems — is due to undergo an urgent update. Why the magnetic field is shifting so dramatically is unknown. “Geomagnetic pulses, like the one that happened in 2016, might be traced back to ‘hydromagnetic’ waves arising from deep in the core,” Nature reports. “And the fast motion of the north magnetic pole could be linked to a high-speed jet of liquid iron beneath Canada”. This fast-flowing molten river appears to be weakening the magnetic influence of the iron core beneath North America.  Just before 9.30 am on Sunday, November 11, a series of unusual seismic pulses rippled around the world almost undetected. The waves rang for over 20 minutes, emanating about 15 miles off the shores of Mayotte - a tiny island in the Indian Ocean. 


On Sunday a Boeing 737 MAX 8 that crashed shortly after take-off in Ethiopia, killing 157 souls. This is the second crash for a Boeing 737. Read more... I predicted strange accidents would occur this year involving trains, planes, buses, trucks, and mostly due to carelessness, greed, alcohol or drugs.  Many planes are not serviced correctly and mechanics who reported them are often fired for saying anything! 


RIO DE JANEIRO - In the height of daytime on Monday, August 19, the sky suddenly blackened, and day became night in Sao Paulo. Sure, smog is bad in the Western Hemisphere's largest city, where traffic jams can stretch for dozens of miles. But not this bad. What was going on? Was the end near? "Apocalypse!" one person cried on Twitter. "The final judgment is coming!" another added. Experts tried to puzzle it out, but their conclusions at times appeared to be conflicting, deepening the mystery. The National Institute of Meteorology said the city, which sits at an elevation of 2,500 feet, was "inside a cloud." Others explained that it was a cold front. Metsul, a Brazilian meteorology company, said the culprit was smoke that had come in from forest fires in Bolivia, Paraguay and remote parts of Brazil. In fact, it appeared to be a combination of all three factors - clouds, smoke and a cold front - that ushered in the smoke from distance reaches, plunging the city into darkness in the middle of the day. Read more... (Was it really caused by smoke and smog? How could the sun suddenly disappear? Remember on July 21, 2018 a similar event happened when daylight suddenly turned to night around noon in the remote Russian Arctic in a strange phenomenon that “frightened” locals. For three hours residents were plunged into sudden darkness and called media outlets to ask if it was the work of the devil. Article    It was confirmed that massive fires burning in the Rain Forests are causing the horrendous amount of smoke in the atmosphere. The Rain Forests provide 20% of Earth's oxygen. However, the Russian event in 2018 has never been explained.)


​ CLICK HERE Betsey's Newsletter Sunday, Aug. 11 on healing with music.  Next Newsletter on Stargates worldwide. Thank you for visiting Betsey's Earth News blog!


At 15:23:19 UTC a 5.4 earthquake shook off the Coast of Oregon along one of the deadliest faults in the world! THE Cascadia Subduction Zone off the coast of Oregon and Washington State.  This morning people bogged down the phone lines at the KWCH 12 newsroom as soon as it hit around 7:59 am this morning Central time. Tim Black, who lives near 17th and Severance in Hutchinson, Kansas told us his house shook and things fell off the walls.  Read article...  


The Indigenous people worldwide have been treated inhumanly for centuries and the shocking truth is they still are. Here in the United States many Native Americans still live in third world conditions on reservations. Recently, I talked to a man in Australia and asked about the Aboriginals and how they are treated. He said these beautiful people are treated like sub-humans. The Australian government seems hell-bent on doing everything it can to deny Aborigines their internationally-recognized rights, especially their land rights. Its stance can only be described as racist and seems like a throwback to attitudes 30 years ago. Recent government legislation will make it very difficult for many Aborigines to reclaim land now occupied by huge ranches.' Two UN Committees have recently condemned the Australian government's treatment of its Aboriginal population. Anger amongst Aborigines has never been as high. Typical of the government's contempt towards them is its refusal to apologize for previous policies under which tens of thousands of Aboriginal children were removed from their parents. In contrast, many other countries such as Canada and Japan have issued apologies for historical policies that would be unacceptable today. Australia recently became the first affluent industrialized country to be subject to the UN Committee for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination's early warning procedure. Instead of learning from these people and their incredible relationship to Mother Earth, they have been reduced in numbers by horrible near-genocide events and a large number are alcoholics, like Native Americans, also spiritual people. In my book EARTH ENERGY -Return to Ancient Wisdom, I wrote how the Aboriginals lived in harmony with Mother Earth, and a time when they arrived from a far distant place in the stars to balance Earth's grid. Aboriginal leader, visionary, activist, and filmmaker, Alinta aka Lorraine Mafi Williams (1940-2001 - photo above) taught their creation stories that go back to Dreamtime when the Earth was one landmass. "At that time, the four races--red, yellow, black and white, lived side by side. There, they lived as one people, creating a world of harmony, balance, and mystery.  It took the white people only fifty years to destroy a million years of our culture, but the core of it still remains strong. We haven't forgotten. Our elders are telling us to go back out and tell everyone so that no one can say they didn't hear." Alinta said that the balance of Earth is in real jeopardy because we are removing the crystals, oil, gas, and other minerals that feed energy to the energy grid.  For the health of the Earth, the crystals must be free to let energy flow to the grid. Now minerals have been removed from the Earth to such an extent that the balance is in jeopardy. She also said that the human being is a link between the Heaven and the Earth. By keeping our bodies in balance (most of us are completely out of balance now) and in harmony, we can keep the Earth healthy. We are connected to everything on Earth and our energy, our actions and our thoughts are powerful. She was told that within every one million years, there is a seven-thousand-year- long Earth shift. Then we go into the New World. She said, "Our people and our teachings are very similar to the teachings of the North American Indians."   In order for humanity to survive, we must return to indigenous ways of honoring and respecting Earth and all life! Watch this video.  Read about their starvation.


Linda Moulton Howe of received this info.“There are no entry wounds. A metal detector revealed no bullets. ...There were no outward signs of a struggle — no rope burns on trees, no scattered hoof prints, no strangulation marks. The bulls look like they simply fell over and died." — Colby Marshall, Vice President, Silvies Valley Ranch, Harney County, Oregon. Rancher submitted the above bull mutilation photograph to the Capital Press in Salem, Oregon, for publication on August 2, 2019, requested anonymity. This is one of five bloodless bull mutilations reported to the Harney County Sheriff's Office in the past few days. Image source Capital Press. Betsey's comment: I began investigating cattle mutilations in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It started when I worked at the local TV station in Twin Falls, ID and a rancher called in to report one of his cows was mutilated and no blood around the carcass. Later, I began collaborating with renowned investigator Tom Adams (1945-2014) in Paris, Texas. We discovered unmarked helicopters were reported in many of the mutilation cases, but there were those that were more bizarre and included UFOs. One case in Brazil was reported by a rancher and his son who witnessed one of their calves floating a few inches above the ground, bawling for its life. Suddenly, it rose in the sky and stopped bawling as it disappeared from sight. There was no UFO seen at the time. Read more in my latest book STAR BEINGS. Some of the cattle taken were marked by infrared. It appeared that they were airlifted to a place to conduct the mutilation by using a laser to cut out certain parts and then the animals was airdropped to a new location--thus the bloodless cow. I phoned Sheriffs, veterinarians, and ranchers across the U.S to get more information and their comments. Some believed Satantic cults or predatory animals were involved. I believe both military and ETs were and are still involved. The questions is what are they testing and why cattle DNA? During the 1970s and 1980s the FBI began investigating the mysterious cattle mutilations but came up empty handed. There are still some facts about cattle mutilations that are unnerving. There was the lack of footprints, missing blood in the animal, sometimes tripod impressions and the fact that decomposition was slow, predatory animals would not touch the dead animals and how farmers were only gone for minutes to an hour when they came home to find a cow mutilated. There were cases where the rancher was asleep and the mutilation happened yards from the house. Nothing was heard!

Betsey Lewis


Last night Earth Mysteries Investigator Linda Moulton Howe talked to Clyde Lewis on Ground Zero about the on-going cattle mutilations which I also investigator and collaborated with the late Tom Adams during the 1970s and early 1980s. Linda describe how a necropsy was performed on a mutilated cow in Colorado and the result was far more shocking than she could have imagined. The heart was removed without a trace of it going through the body. Was it alien technology? What confused me wasthat Tom Adams found traces of infrared markings on the backs of cattled he had investigated and knew they were being selected at night with infrared glasses. This doesn't sound alien to me. Also, unmarked military helicopters were often seen in the same area as the mutilated cow. There are stories of cattle being lifted into the sky and simply vanish without a trace, and that sounds alien. Perhaps the military and aliens were working together.  Read Clyde's monologue.       LISTEN TO PODCAST.  The scary part is the cattle mutilations and other animal mutilations still persist.

Psychic, Astrologer, Numerologist and Earth Mysteries Investigator 


MrMBB333 on YouTube has received some amazing video and photographs of orbs, silent triangle-shaped craft over Billings, Montana and really strange clouds around the world. WATCH VIDEO. Conspiracy theorists believe the triangular-shaped craft is a black project by the U.S. military (TR-3B spy craft) using reverse-engineering. Former Coast to Coast AM host Art Bell had witnessed them over Pahrump in Southern Nevada.  Article on the triangular-shaped craft dated May 24, 2019.


With the selling of linear thinking and the erasing of the cyclical meaning of existence, magic has vanished. It vanished with the burning of the witches. They were the last brave ones to carry forth the teachings. To bring up witches may raise some hackles. There are as many versions of the witch stories as there are versions of the truth. Many so-called witches were actually those who defied the ultimate tyranny of mind called religious truth. They still spoke to the land, like the ancient Pagans, and understood the herbs as medicines. They practiced natural healing remedies and knew how to live in a time of great darkness. They dared to reach into the ethers, into the realm of spirits, and communicate with them. A great fear spread through the land for the Inquisition had many methods of torture. However, every age always has its renegades, those who quietly know how to blend in and play the game.  Even in the darkest of times, those who understood the frequency of love knew how to shroud themselves, and so the mysteries of cyclical living were carried forth. Taken from Barbara Marciniak's book, FAMILY OF LIGHT.