STAR BEINGS: Their Mission and Prophecy -PURCHASE
The Phoenix Days have arrived on Earth as strange planetary changes take place everywhere, according to a great Indigenous people who have been contacted by the Star Beings or the Star People. Catastrophes are increasing worldwide—record-breaking heat, wildfires and floods, giant fissures opening up, mysterious booms coming from underground, devastating tornadoes and hurricanes, strange sightings in the sky, toxic water everywhere, and animals and sea creatures dying mysteriously worldwide. These events were foretold to indigenous people and Native Americans for years by extraterrestrials. Earth Mysteries investigator and renowned psychic Betsey was shown the same prophecies in lucid dreams shortly after a UFO encounter at age seven. She believes the recent glowing bird captured over Teton National Park by a webcam was the legendary Phoenix warning humanity that massive cataclysms will increase. Time to prepare. Oddly, a huge fissure had opened up at Yellowstone National Park a few days before the Phoenix was captured on webcam.


​The History Channel's Ancient Aliens Series 14, Episode 8 on The Reptilian Agenda aired on July 26, 2019, and featured Coast to Coast AM host George Noory who spoke about ancient reptilians which were similar to my book published in 2016, and parts of the episode were also close to my book's information. I am not claiming my copyrighted 2016 book was plagiarized, but it seems coincidental that so much of my book was in that episode.  Anyway, I was never contacted by the Ancient Aliens producers. George Noory had requested a copy of my book through my publicists for my interview on April 11, 2017. This is what he said about my book on-air April 11, 2017. "Ancient Serpent Gods is based on one of the most amazing, astounding theories I've ever heard." - George Noory of Coast to Coast AM, April 11, 2017
CBS 60 Minutes interview with Robert Bigelow of Bigelow Aerospace on May 28, 2017, stated this, "They [aliens] are just under people's noses." Or as Lewis claims, "Under our feet!"  Dinosaurs once dominated the Earth but just imagine if a species of intelligent dinosaur survived the extinction event 65 a million years ago and evolved over 200 million years and then went underground to become what human abductees describe as reptilian aliens.  Sound farfetched? Think again! That is the hypotheses of  (Betsey) B.E. Lewis in her latest book ANCIENT SERPENT GODS. Are Reptilian beings responsible for the disappearance of thousands of people, genetic altering human DNA, mysterious booms heard worldwide, UFOs entering and existing oceans and why ancient civilizations worldwide worshiped Serpent Gods? Discover what Dulce Base security officer Thomas Castello, Dulce geologist Phil Schneider, and CIA Pilot and Area 51 engineer John Lear tried to warn us about the reptilian underground presence and their dark agenda.

DEJA VU: Past Lives of Famous People    PURCHASE  
Do you recall walking along the ancient golden sands of some forgotten time? This eerie feeling is known as DEJA VU, defined as the current situation experienced that feels like it has already been experienced in the past. Deja Vu is the instant feeling of familiarity. It can be a stranger who seems like a beloved old friend or it could be the time you visited an ancient city or foreign country and sensed it was home. If you are like me, you have experienced Deja vu throughout your life. In DEJA VU discover the past lives of famous people like His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Thomas Edison, Mark Twain, Jack London, Benjamin Franklin, Omm Sety, Henry Ford, General George S. Patton, Napoleon Bonaparte, William Peter Blatty - author of The Exorcist, Edgar Cayce and actress Shirley MacLaine, just to name a few who have recalled past lives. The book also includes the author’s own investigation into the bizarre reincarnation case of a Los Angeles actress, who clearly recalled her past life as the glamorous 1930s actress Jean Harlow and how she was forced to witness the assassination of a famous leader by a prominent politician at the time. If true, this could be the most shocking story of the century!

Never Can Say Goodbye answers questions to life's greatest mysteries such as: Why we are here? What is heaven? Is there a hell? Where do we go when we die? Can we communicate with our loved ones? Do animals reincarnate and do they have souls? Do we have soul mates? What happens to those who commit suicide? What are ghosts? What is causing all the mysterious booms and Earth changes? Are we in the End Times? Do ETs really exist? Have the new children really arrived and what is their purpose? Do we create our own reality? These are just a few of the many questions answered by internationally renowned psychic and paranormal mysteries investigator Betsey Lewis who began communicating with invisible beings at the age of three. She was eight years old when her deceased grandfather stood over her bed one night. Not only has she had spirit encounters, but her life has been saved numerous times by invisible hands. Betsey has foreseen major disasters before they happened, including 9/11, the eruption of Mount. St. Helen's volcano in 1980, the Japanese earthquake on March 11, 2011, the Sandy Hook elementary shootings, the Indonesia earthquake in 2004 and Bobby Kennedy's assassination. She continues to predict major earth changes with amazing accuracy. 

MYSTIC REVELATIONS: The Prophecy of Numbers

Discover what 2018 which ends in the number 8, will bring to world--will World War III be ignited by North Korea, will Donald Trump remain President, what is the financial outlook for the U.S. and world, will Planet X cause worldwide disasters, will earthquakes and volcanic activity increase and will we see bigger storms--straight-line winds, hurricanes, and tornadoes in the future? Discover the mystic revelations of number 9 and number 11. What are safety areas to live in with increased flooding and wildfires? Learn how to detect the signs of a powerful earthquake before it hits. Betsey also peers into the far distant future and reveals what she has seen.   


Betsey has written a political satire book under the pen name B. Foss, based on real quotes by famous politicians. You won't believe the dumb things Democrats and Republicans have said. Baffling quotes by former Presidents Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump, former Vice Presidents Al Gore and Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and many more. 

MYSTIC REVELATIONS OF SEVEN -  Sacred Numerology, 2017 Predictions and Planet X 
"There are great mysteries on our beautiful planet Mother Earth. My friend Betsy Lewis has written a book on ancient knowledge and sacred numerology. She provides invaluable information about the year ahead and into the future. She asks us to make the necessary changes to alter timelines to create a new Earth. As a Native American, I have seen the bad road we are headed if we don't walk in balance and respect our planet. We have been warned by Indigenous Elders--we have little time left." - Ed McGaa "Eagle Man" Sioux Lakota Ceremonial Leader and Author of Mother Earth Spirituality, Rainbow Tribe and Native Wisdom

PREDICTIONS 2016 AND BEYOND: The Prophets Speak   
Discover Apostle John's frightening vision 2,000 years ago of a nuclear holocaust, St. Malachy's vision of 112 Pontiffs up to Judgment Day, the Fatima prophecies given to three children in 1917, Nostradamus's vision of a world without rainbows for 40 years, warning from indigenous people worldwide from the Sky People, Edgar Cayce's vision of earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and shift of the Earth's poles, Padre Pio's vision,  warnings given by the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers and Betsey's amazing predictions for 2016 and beyond. 

Praise for Earth Energy: "Earth Energy provides profound and insightful knowledge for returning to proven ancient and indigenous wisdom practiced successfully through the ages: thus written by my friend Betsey Lewis. She provides invaluable information for those who love Mother Earth and want her healed again. With admitted climate change/planetary heating, we can't ignore Black Elk's warning vision. We must practice mindfulness, balance and respect for Mother Earth, if we are to save our planet, ourselves and all life--it's that critical!"  — Ed McGaa "Eagle Man" Sioux/Lakota author of Mother Earth Spirituality, Spirituality for America and other books.  

Review: This book, however, is truly fascinating! I read many books on the UFO phenomena and this one ranks near the top in my opinion. Most books deal with one or 2 aspects of the phenomena: there are ancient astronaut books, there are abduction books, there are conspiracy books. This book, however, is an all-encompassing account of the UFO phenomena from ancient times, to modern mysteries. It brings up many valid arguments, all backed by sound research and rational thinking. An absolutely great find. I highly recommend it to anybody interested in the unknown origins of man, as well as modern UFO mysteries and the abduction enigma. 

At age three Betsey began communicating with spirits and through the years she's had countless experiences that confirm our loved ones are always near to help us in our time of need. The book covers Betsey's own near-death experiences when she was saved by unseen hands as well as the messages she's received from her spirit guides through the years. Discover how the Other Side guides each of us along our earthly sojourn and how they want us to know Love is Forever.  Betsey answers baffling questions about the mysteries of life and the Other Side for people who have contacted her over the years.

The Spiritual War we are engaged in at this time becomes apparent as you read this book. The awareness of what is going on in our world is frightening, but this book tells what, who, why and when we can see results of the passive reaction taken by people worldwide who ignore the situation due to mind control or just playing out their lives, oblivious to the true nature of reality. Betsey gives us the results we could see with a positive approach to the spiritual war that will bring us to the Golden Age. 


Genre - Spiritual/New Age Fiction - Age group: teens to adults
A spiritual book for young adults and adults. V.P. of Harper & Row Publishing compared Alexander to Richard Bach's bestseller Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

Sherm is a curious worm who has big dreams of flying someday. But how can a worm fly? Although Sherm takes rides on the back of his friend Danny Dragonfly, he wants to have his own wings. Then one day the impossible becomes possible when Sherm makes a shocking discovery that will change his life forever—he’s not the worm he thought he was. Join Sherm and his bug buddies, Danny Dragonfly, Lady Bug, Monty Mantis, Daddy Longlegs and Betty Bee as they explore enchanting gardens where dreams really do come true!

"What a great book! My son loves it. We have been reading it every night for the last 2 weeks." - Aubree Armstrong 

A delightful children's storybook with original illustrations by Rod Tatsuno about a young medicine child who was born blind and learns about life through her Medicine healer Grandmother to become a heroine. This book teaches children to trust their sixth sense and how animals also have this ability to warn us of cataclysmic events. The book has become a favorite of school children and children in hospitals, including the St. Jude Hospital, where books are donated yearly. 

2020 PROPHECIES AND PREDICTIONS - Viewing the Near and Far Future NOW available   in Softcover and Kindle. 
*****Reviewed in Canada May 8, 2020 A Must read for our children's Future
*This book was written in truth and love for all. I believe we all need to come together now to make life as sacred and enriching our lives to support our oneness in this universe and live peacefully in harmony balancing our resources to continue mindfulness as we walk the path of love and light on Earth.

*Omg! I am reading your 2020 prediction book, and I'm blown away! It is exactly what "I know" through my own intuition to be true. Holy crap are you spot on! Humans have to change the negetive to positive and fast... Or we are about to get a very rude, painful, traumatizing events to play out. - Lori C. 

Nov. 13, 2020 - Available on Amazon in softcover and Kindle e-book  PURCHASE HERE

This will be Betsey's last prediction book! 

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​​NEW -EXTRATERRESTRIAL ENCOUNTERS OF THE EXTRAORDINARY KIND ON AMAZON   PURCHASE  This book will also be available through Adventures Unlimited Fall 2020 catalog.  

​Learn the truth about ETs and how they are working with the U.S. Military. Are ETs benevolent or malevolent? The answer is both according to people who have been abducted repeatedly by different ET species. Is the military and governments of the world involved with certain Reptilian types? Yes! In this breakthrough book, Extraterrestrial Encounters of The Extraordinary Kind, Earth Mysteries Investigator Betsey Lewis reveals new stories of people and their firsthand accounts of alien beings, their abductions, and their messages to humanity. She includes her own experiences beginning at the age of 8 months of age and continuing through the years. Read how USOs seen diving in and out of our deepest oceans and lakes and alien beings encountered in Russia’s deepest lake by Russian divers.
Learn about the firefight between aliens and Navy ships during the Vietnam War.
Read about giant angels seen by both U.S. astronauts and Russian cosmonauts in space

  • Read about cloned beings dropped off by UFOs on Native American reservations
  • Why reptilian alien could be evolved dinosaurs
  • Read about how Lewis investigated cattle mutilations cases in the 1970s and what she discovered
  • Learn about the captured gray alien known as Squiggly from 1947
  • Read what U.S. Presidents and politicians believe about UFOs and aliens
  • Native Americans have seen cloned humans taken in cars to our cities by ETs—what is their agenda?
  • Are we merely experiments for certain aliens or is there a higher agenda for humanity to help us evolve both spiritually and intellectually?