Betsey's  life was transformed at the age of eight-months-old by a supernatural event late one night on a lonely road as her parents drove from Northern Idaho to Southern Idaho to visit family. A horrendous roar violently shook their car as if a plane was about to crash on them. It felt like a gigantic hand reached down from the sky and shook the car like a toy. Oddly, the roar stopped the moment Betsey's parents stepped outside the car and scanned the sky. Nothing there to account for the roar. Years later another piece of the puzzled was added by Betsey's uncle. According to her Uncle Martin years later, Betsey and her parents had lost two hours in time they couldn't account for during the trip. Through hypnosis by renowned author and MUFON investigator Ann Druffel it was revealed she and her parents were abducted by small gray aliens and examined. By age three, Betsey began communicating with two invisible beings who gave her secret messages. By age seven, she was followed home from school by a giant silver disc in the sky, and that's when the lucid dreams of massive Earth changes began, now taking place worldwide. Throughout her life, Betsey has experienced inexplicable events, UFO sightings and visitations from the Star Beings (benevolent ETs). She has always known that these paranormal experiences and premonitions of the future were given to her  in order to prepare people for cataclysmic Earth changes. Since childhood she has provided psychic readings for friends and family and has made stunning world predictions. She is  considered the best in her field.   

For the past forty years, Betsey has investigated alien stories, UFOs sightings, ancient archaeological sites, conducted field investigations into the bizarre cattle mutilations throughout the Northwest, and other paranormal mysteries. She worked closely with renowned cattle mutilation investigator Tom Adams during the 1970s to uncover the cattle mutilation mystery and she studied for ten years under two indigenous spiritual leaders; Corbin Harney and Ed McGaa "Eagle Man" during the 1990s. Her inspiration to write came from her step-uncle William "Bill" Peter Blatty, director, producer and author of the New York best-selling novel The Exorcist

In 2016, seven months before the U.S. presidential election, she was shown a powerful vision of Donald Trump taking the oath as 45th President of the United States.  Read more about her predictions.

From 2009 to 2015, Betsey hosted her own talk show, Rainbow Vision Network, featuring best-selling authors and renowned investigators on paranormal/metaphysical subjects. She continues to be a frequent guest on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis, KTALK AM The Fringe Paranormal Show, Fade to Black, Dr. Rita Louise Show, Paranormal Central, KTALK-AM The Fringe, WGSO-AM Radio with Jim Rivas, and other popular radio shows. She was a keynote speaker at the UFO Conference in Alamo, Nevada in 2013 and will be a speaker at the Stargate to the Cosmos Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico on October 26, 2018.


Betsey has authored nine non-fiction books on spirit communication, life after death, healing Earth, UFO, aliens, Star Beings, Native American beliefs's, reincarnation and other paranormal topics. Published books on Amazon: Star Beings, Deja vu, Mystic Revelations, Ancient Serpent Gods, Mystic Revelations of Seven, Prophecies 2016 and Beyond, Earth Energy, Angels, Aliens and Prophecy II, Baffled by Their Brilliance, Communicating With The Other Side, and Mystic Revelations of Thirteen.  Betsey also penned three children’s books: Alexander Phoenix and The Seven Sacred Virtues, The Story of Rainbow Eyes, and A Worm Named Sherm. All books are available on Amazon. 

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