2018 ends in the number 8, and 8 is a Karmic Number. Betsey's new book, MYSTIC REVELATIONS: The Prophecy of Numbers, will be available on Amazon mid October 2017.  More amazing prophecies for 2018 on financial outlook for the U.S. and world, President Trump, North Korea and Kim Jong-un, Planet X, earth changes and more amazing numbers and how they relate to us and our world. Thank you for all your questions. I've been overwhelmed but will answer many of your questions in my new book. Unfortunately there's not enough room on this page for your great questions. 

​​​World renowned psychic Betsey Lewis predicted Donald J. Trump would become our 45th President as early as April of 2016 when she was given a powerful vision of Trump taking the oath as the 45th President of the United States.  Read article here and Newsmax article. 

2018 Predictions

Number 9 is Jim Jong un's favorite number like his father. He could launch a missile at the U.S. on the 9th of the month or any date ending in 9 (9, 19th, 29th) and it could be on Sept. 27 (2+7=9) the same day there will be an Fema Nationwide Emergency Test at 2:20pm ET. Coincidence? Read more...

  1. Many of you have written to me about President Donald Trump and if he will last his first Presidential term, will he be impeached, what will happen to the economy, and will U.S. go to war. Donald Trump is not a politician. He reacts to situations as an entertainer and many of the outrageous things he says is to take your eye off the ball--divert your attention.  Donald Trump is smart--just look at all his investments worldwide that made him a billionaire. His tweets will continue to get him in trouble--it's all that Leo in his astrology chart: his rising sign, his Mars in Leo and Pluto in Leo, plus his Moon is in Sagittarius (speaks before thinking). I see General John Kelly making many changes in the White House staff, but he may find that Donald Trump is blocking him at every turn, and may call it quits before 2018.  Trump will be fighting with Congress through 2020 and his White House staff. We will see more changes in President Trump's cabinet team either resigning because they can't work with him and how he constantly changes his mind--and there will be those who resign. So far 28 people in President Trump's cabinet have either resigned or been fired since he took office. Trump has his Sun in Gemini, Uranus in Gemini and North Node in Gemini and he changes his mind often. There's no doubt he has powerful planets in his astrology chart and if used in the right way he can become a great president, but ego continues to control him. 2018 will find him in a number of investigations, accusations, law suits, protests, and perhaps even war with North Korea. 2018 will be a tough year for everyone. It's a year where many secrets will be uncovered. The solar eclipse on August 21, 2017 is falling at 5 degrees in the sign of Leo, right near his ascendant degree, and this could be a really tough time for him. 
  2. The stars and planetary alignment have aided the President's career so far, but all I see  is a blank  in his future in 2018 and this could be disaster looming. The solar eclipse on August 21, 2017, was at 28 degrees of Leo, the sign of kings. Trump's ascendant (or rising sign, the place where his chart begins) is at 29 degrees of Leo.  The eclipse  was also just a couple of degrees from his Mars.
  3. 2018 will be a difficult time for the United States and Donald Trump.  In early 2018 will be another time Donald Trump could face impeachment proceedings, but I don't see him being impeached, and he won't resign. There could be a health issue in 2018, an assassination attempt or anything else that could stop him as president. Both he and Vice President Pence are Geminis, and when I added President to both names it equals 9. Nine is a powerful number and it could mean Pence become our next president by sudden events. Trump is overweight and doesn't seem to be concerned by it or his bad eating habits. He should be more concerned. There is also the possibility that he will have an epiphany and make some drastic changes. Perhaps an event will humble him in a Godly way, but that's doubtful.
  4. MASS KILLINGS - I'd like to tell you that mass killings will not happen in 2018, but that would not be true. More will take place from October 2017 into 2018 with ISIS terrorist attacks and lone gunman targeting people in public places. On 10-1-2017 (10+1 = 11, a master number) an alleged lone gunman killed 59 people in Las Vegas and injured over 406 people while attending an outdoor Country music festival. It's like our worst nightmares coming true. I would like to say there will be no more of these mass shootings, but I can't. Until all humans learn to honor all life, this will continue. If aliens are creating hybrids as many abductees have been told, I hope they are creating a being that is kinder and more compassion than the human today. We need a major reset in our DNA. We can't stop living, but we can be aware and stay away from large outdoor events where you can become an easy target. Trust your intuition! If you have a gut feeling about something, trust it. Your guardian angels are warning you to get out of harm's way. 
  5. Building Round Homes in the future - we continue to build square homes and building that can't withstand huge winds (tornadoes, hurricanes), but if we built round homes like our ancestor and learned what nature has taught us, round homes would withstand huge wind storms or other natural disasters. Read more... 
  6. IRIS and Mass Killings: Isis will continue to be in the news for terrorist plots in cities worldwide and  there will be lone gunman who fire on people at large gatherings. I'd like to tell you that there will be no more shootings, bombings, trucks running over people, etc. but all of this will continue. Oct. 2, 2017 last night a lone gunman killed over 50 people and injured 400 in Las Vegas at a Country Music festival. This is unconscionable to me how a lone gunman killed over 50 people in Las Vegas last night and injured over 406 people while attending an outdoor Country music festival. It's like our worst nightmares coming true. I would like to say there will be no more mass shootings, but I can't. Until all humans learn to honor all life, these heinous events will continue. If aliens are creating hybrids as many abductees have been told, I hope they are creating a being that is kinder and more compassion than the human today. We need a major reset in our DNA.
  7. California and Texas Seceding from the Union: People have written to me asking if these two states will secede from the Union and the answer is NO. Current Supreme Court precedent, in Texas v. White, holds that the states cannot secede from the union by an act of the state. I see those who want to put this forward in California and Texas getting it on the ballot for 2018/19, but it won't pass.   
  8. 2018 ends in the number 8, a karmic number, the sign of infinity (the mobius), which means radical change and people over-reacting to situations, even violence. It a number of force in the negative, which means countries showing force, people protesting and violence to get their voices heard. Number 8 brings instant karma to those who have lied to the people! It brings tension, imbalance, illusions, financial problems, and overreaction to world situations. World War III could begin in late 2017 or early 2018 as North Korea, China and Russia all show their military might against the U.S.  According to experts, North Korea now has the capability to hit Japan, Hawaii, Alaska, California, Denver and New York. 
  9. Disastrous Weather: This will be the of  natural disasters for the United States with hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding in spring of 2018 and heavy snows and recording breaking cold for the winter.
  10. UK's Kate and William are expecting their third child and it will be a boy. This won't be their last. One more is in their future.
  11. Prince Harry will wed in 2018.
  12. In my book Mystic Revelations of Seven I predicted that Barack Obama and Michelle Obama could get a divorce in 2017. The reason why I predicted this is because many political relationships are not real--they are only to propel politicians upward so they rise to power. This is not a true relationship and I do not see them divorcing in 2018, but it could happen in the next two years. Just like Hillary and Bill Clinton--he does his thing and has outside affairs and she has her female relationships (this is a known fact but never publicized by the media). 
  13. Watch the sky for strange sightings--orbs, UFOs, red lights, spirals, etc. It's going to be a very weird year. 
  14. 2018 and 2019 are dangerous time for the United States and there could be a U.S. recession and a global recession which will continue into 2020. Our national debt will grow bigger, if our political leaders fail to control spending from 2017 to 2019. Hurricane Harvey Hurricane Irma and other disasters will put a big drain on the US economy. People will be relocating to safer areas and away from coastal cities. It is possible that a global war will take place started with North Korea with China and Russia getting involved. Japan could also become trigger happy as North Korea threatens them with missiles launches late 2017. These are dangerous times for the world and the growing possibility of World War III from late 2017 to 2019. Vice President Mike Pence might become the next President in Nov. 3, 2020 (total number 9). Remember humans have free-will and anything can suddenly change along the time lines.  Here's the weird part--Mike Pence was born June 7, 1959, he's a Gemini like Trump and has lots of Leo in his astrology chart just like Trump. Seven is a blessed and protected number. It's as if they were soul brothers. Both, according to their astrology will reach the top in the profession and receive honors. Remember the future is ours to shape. By 2020, voters will be very unhappy with the Republican party and will look for a promising Democrat politician. However, I do not foresee Hillary Clinton running again. Health problems will become apparent for her.
  15. The late psychic Edgar Cayce predicted that a major earth upheaval would cause New York City and Japan due to earthquakes but was he seeing a nuclear event? Our prayers are greatly needed in this time of chaos. 
  16. AGAIN Weather and temperature extremes, winds, hurricanes and major flooding: 2017 has already seen severe weather worldwide--record breaking heat and cold, wildfires, tornadoes, torrential rains and flooding, a disastrous hurricane named Harvey and maybe another named Irma. WARNING: Cities and coast areas worldwide will experience floods, torrential rains, hurricanes of incredible strength and destructive winds never seen before in 2018.  New York City, New Orleans, Florida, Texas coast and Los Angeles could all experience inundating floods in 2018. Before the end of this century cities below sea level with be inundated by rising oceans. Scientists now say that places like New Orleans and parts of Florida will deal with the ocean rising 6'feet. If city officials don't act now, and implement what Amsterdam and the Netherlands have done with ocean control through incredible water ways, these cities will not exist in the future.  2018 winter will be another tough one--record snowfall for East and the Northwest. Ice storms and record-breaking cold. FLIP-FLOP weather extremes will become the norm.  
  17. Future TRAVEL: In the near future people will take tube-like cars capable of reaching 700 mph.   
  18. Pope Francis and the Catholic Church - In my book, Mystic Revelations of Thirteen, and how Pope Francis uses numerology and is connected to the Illuminati number 13. Does that mean he is evil? Think about this--the Catholic Church has been known to delve into occult rituals through the ages, and is there any reason to believe they have changed in the 21st century? NO! The sexually abuse of young children has been part of their sick rituals. Why would Pope Francis be any different? He is a wolf in sheeps' clothing. The late Father Martin Malachi wrote books about the evil in the Church and was a frequent guest on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell. Read more... 

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UPDATE:President Donald Trump could have served 2 terms, but I don't see it now. Too much turmoil in the White House. I know you are all disappointed, and at this time events are changing so fast. Also there is the problem of our crazy Congress and their infighting over issues. Nothing is getting done. Trump's ego and his need to be right all the time is also a big problem.  Already there much talk of his impeachment over the Russian fiasco with his son Donald Jr. and son-in-law Jared Kushner. There's a slim possibility he will not last 4 years and V.P. Mike Pence will become our next President. I've tried to foresee if Donald Trump will be impeached, but I keep getting a blank. If Mike Pence becomes our next President, I fear it will not be good. President Pence equals the number 9, just like Trump, so this number tells me he could be our next President. Pray this doesn't happen.


  1. There is much that our leaders and governments hid from us because they want to control us at all cost. This involved the Greatest Lie that there are many aliens and indigenous beings here on Earth with many agendas. Some are benevolent, some hate humans and want us destroyed, some view us as cattle to experiment on, and others are neutral about humans. Our government and many leaders know about the ET presence, but know that if they reveal this truth how humans would react. Listen to this interview from 2013 with Mark Richards about the ET agenda and the Reptilian beings who are indigenous to our planet--exactly what I wrote about in ANCIENT SERPENT GODS.  I'm not sure I buy all of what the interview revealed, but much of it sounds possible. Even the part about geoengineering to warm out planet for these beings. Watch YouTube video if you dare!  
  2. Violent protests and riots in American cities get worse from spring to the end of the year. Police will continue to be targeted and there will be continued shootings of unarmed black Americans. A civil war is looming in the United States if people continue with their anger and violent protests.  What will we choose--peace or violence? 
  3. World War III could become reality this year with North Korea and their missile tests increasing and the escalating events with Russia and Syria. Pray that such an event never happens. I had a vision of a U.S. city being hit by a nuclear explosion in May or late fall. None of these horrible things need to happen if our leaders come to their senses.   
  4. Power Outages - for the past few years I've been shown massive power outages (blackouts) hitting the U.S. It is already starting in New York, Los Angeles and recently San Francisco. I sense these power outages are in preparation of a nuclear strike on a major U.S. city.  Read more...
  5. HUGE EARTHQUAKES this year. With the full solar eclipse on August 21, 2017, this could trigger powerful earthquakes worldwide. Also, our Sun has been very quiet in the past few years, but I foresee it becoming very active. There's a possibility that fall of 2017 a X-Class flare will be aimed at earth, knocking out communications in certain areas of the world.  As of August 19, the sun has become extremely active and an M-Class flare fired off toward the Earth on 8-20-17. 
  6. I foresee huge stock market gains, but could fall sharply due to escalating European financial problems in late summer  or in the fall of this year. Watch what happens to Greece, France and Germany! The financial bubble could burst. 
  7. Hillary Clinton will continue to be investigated into her abuse of top security emails. More to be revealed in 2017. She will also run again for a government office.  Jan. 12, 2017 - The Justice Department's Office of the Inspector General announced Thursday it will launch an internal probe on the Federal Bureau of Investigation handling of Hillary Clinton email investigation, according to The Wall Street Journal.
  8. We'll say goodbye to many baby boomer celebrities and older will leave us this year. My step uncle William Peter Blatty, 89, author of THE EXORCIST, passed away Jan. 2017, and other celebrities. View.  Many more will leave us--there will be some celebrity deaths that will shock us. Beloved elderly jazz/crooner singer will leave us this year. This came to pass when jazz singer Al Jarreau suddenly died on February 12, 2017 in Los Angeles before his 77th birthday. 
  9. Bloodshed worldwide. ISIS will again target European cities killing many. I sense a German city and Paris will be again targeted. Sadly, this prediction has come true!  
  10. There will be a world-wide flu epidemic that will be deadly for the very young and elderly from January through March 2017.  An article on Jan. 6, 2017 stated there is a deadly strain of flu hitting the very young and elderly.
  11. Queen Elizabeth could become very ill in late 2017.
  12. Volcanoes erupting worldwide and in Italy--could produce a huge earthquake in a big city like Naples or Rome.  Huge eruption on Etna in Eastern Sicily, Italy 2/28/17  July 8, 2017 - more volcanoes spewing ash worldwide.
  13. The winter of 2016/2017 will be the coldest on record for the United States and other parts of the world. Incredible flooding, ice storms and snow storms will be the news. Already Saudi Arabia has received snow for November 2016. Expect snow levels and cold in the upper East coast and West coast to break records. 
  14. Spring/Summer will bring huge flooding in many parts of the world-- the U.S. South and East  Coast. This is still happening as of August 2017. Aug. 24, 2017 Hurricane Harvey expected to bring huge flowing to Texas and Louisiana coastal cities. I'm also deeply concerned about New Orleans and more devastating floods.
  15. President Trump will continue fighting the News Media as fake news. Congress will continue their fight against him and his executive orders. There will many many changes in his cabinet--the White House will be a revolving door for people coming and going; fired or resigning. If a civil war begins in this country it will be due to the News Media, the so called “fake news” and the fighting partisan Congress and politicians. Due to civil unrest anything Trump says will be used against him. He can't win! And this is all to create more violence. Trump will make many positive changes as promised, but will meet opposition at every turn and he will also make major mistakes. This is all coming true.  
  16. A former president, maybe even two former presidents, will pass after an extended illness as well as an elderly world leader. I also see an elderly Congressman dying from a progressive cancer. August 2017 John McCain was diagnosed with brain cancer. This could be the congressman I predicted who will pass this year. My prayers go out to him.  
  17. Two beloved religious leaders, good friends, will pass in the coming years within a few days of each other. They were friends in many past lives.
  18. Look to the skies in the summer of 2017 for UFOs, meteors, a strange green comet and other sky anomalies. There will be a mass UFO sighting over another major city (perhaps in the Southwest) like the 1997 Phoenix Lights. A big sighting took place over Phoenix Oct. 2016. Could the total solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017 bring out the UFOs as millions of people look to the sky at the total eclipse? UFOs were seen during the eclipse. 
  19. Earth Wobble will cause increased seismic and volcanic activity worldwide. There will be more sightings of Planet X and another shocking revelation from scientists on the mysterious planet. Latest discovery on Planet X in 2017.
  20. NASA and scientists will make new discoveries on space, time, the Universe, Mars and the Moon. Two stars collide.
  21. There could be several assassination attempts on Donald Trump's life in late 2017. 
  22.  I've received visions of a mega thrust earthquake, at least 9.0 on the Richter Scale, hitting the South Pacific, either the end of December 2016 or early January 2017.  This will cause a tsunami. Much loss of life. Areas that could be hit: New Zealand, Japan, Indonesia Fiji, Tonga or any of the other South Pacific Islands. 
  23. ​ New jobs created and people optimistic again about the economy. So far this has come to pass through President Trump.
  24. Topsy turvy weather and extremes will be in the news throughout the year. Heat, cold, winds, tornadoes, hurricanes, and wildfires. Violent weather will dominate the news with devastating tornadoes in the Midwest, wildfires in the West and hurricanes forming on the Pacific and Atlantic sides. Places like New Orleans will continue to be inundated by high tides and tropical storms (hurricanes off the coast). Some areas of the world will continue in drought while other regions will receive torrential rains with flooding. Crazy weather worldwide continues as of August 2017. 
  25.  A commercial plane will crash into water—a miracle saves all lives. May 3, 2017 a small plane nearly missed hitting the freeway. No one was killed in this miracle event.Watch video  This isn't the commercial plane I envisioned crashing. 
  26. Airlines will begin to rethink how they threat passengers after numerous incidents on flights. Congress to the rescue, imposing tough laws on commercial airlines this year.  
  27.  A new drug shows amazing results for Alzheimer patients, which is now being tested, also MS and certain cancers will have new drugs that will be tested and finally approved for these diseases. 
  28.  Russian troops will invade and attack Ukraine. Much loss of life mid to late 2017.  There will be an incident with Russia and the U.S. over Syria. 
  29. The world governments will unite to destroy part of ISIS. Unfortunately, when one head of ISIS is destroyed another grows back. More U.S. troops will be sent to Syria and Afghanistan in 2017 by President Trump. August. 23, 2017 Trump breaks his promise and is sending 4,000 troops this fall into Afghanistan.
  30. Gas prices will rise to over $3.00 a gallon in mid to late 2017, but will fall again. May of 2017 some areas of the U.S. did have $3.00/gal. gas prices and as of July prices have fallen to $2.28/ gal.  Aug. 27, 2017 - Hurricane Harvey is expected to cause gasoline prices to rise.  
  31. Flooding in Southern California will be in the news in early 2017. This happened as predicted. Huge flooding throughout the world this year.
  32. Movie theaters will become obsolete in the coming years. Read article how this is happening.
  33. 2017 is going to be a year of environmental disasters. Drinking water contamination, and lakes, rivers and our precious ocean will experience toxic spills. Our prayers are needed! 
  34. ​John Moore gave the speech on the coastlines disappearing in 2008.What would cause such a disastrous event? The Poles Shifting and melting. Scientists already know that such events have happened through Earth’s history— not only with the magnetic poles switching but the poles physically moving. Is it caused by Planet X aka Nibiru? There’s evidence that it does exist and now Caltech scientists admit they found it earlier this year. Depending on Planet X’s path through our solar system, it affects weather, volcanoes and earthquakes. Will it get worse? YES! But there will be warnings and signs to those who understand. Psychics and Indigenous elders say that the Earth’s rotation will stop just before our planet shifts, which means part of the Earth will be plunged in darkness and the other half experiencing three days of constant light. If such a scenario does takes place in the future, it won’t be this year.  This year will bring many Earth changes as Mother Earth prepares to cleanse herself.  Read more...
  35. In the past couple of years I predicted more sink holes forming. Russia will see huge methane gas holes formed literally over night. More evidence of a changing Earth.  Read article.