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World renowned psychic Betsey Lewis predicted Donald J. Trump would become our 45th President in April 2016 when she was given a powerful vision of Trump taking the oath as the 45th President of the United States.  Read article here and Newsmax article. 

(Note that some of my predictions for 2017 posted on my website Dec. 2016 below have already come true).

  1. UPDATE:President Donald Trump could have served 2 terms-but I don't see it now. Too much turmoil in the White House. I know you are all disappointed, and at this time events are changing so fast. Also there is the problem of our crazy Congress and their infighting over issues. Nothing is getting done. Trump's ego and his need to be right all the time is also a big problem.  Already there much talk of his impeachment over the Russian fiasco with his son Donald Jr. and Jared Kushner. There's a slim possibility he will not last 4 years and V.P. Mike Pence will become our next President, but it's a very slim chance. I've tried to foresee if Donald Trump will be impeached, but I keep getting a blank. If Mike Pence becomes our next President, I fear it will not be good. President Pence equals the number 9, just like Trump, so this number tells me he could be our next President. Pray this doesn't happen. 
  2. Melania Trump will become more popular than her husband Donald Trump. This is already happening. Read how her ratings are climbing July 8, 2017.
  3. There is much that our leaders and governments hid from us because they want to control us at all cost. This involved the Greatest Lie that there are many aliens and indigenous beings here on Earth with many agendas. Some are benevolent, some hate humans and want us destroyed, some view us as cattle to experiment on, and others are neutral about humans. Our government and many leaders know about the ET presence, but know that if they reveal this truth how humans would react. Listen to this interview from 2013 with Mark Richards about the ET agenda and the Reptilian beings who are indigenous to our planet--exactly what I wrote about in ANCIENT SERPENT GODS.  I'm not sure I buy all of what the interview revealed, but much of it sounds possible. Even the part about geoengineering to warm out planet for these beings. Watch YouTube video if you dare!  
  4. Violent protests and riots in American cities get worse in spring. Police will continue to be targeted and there will be continued shootings of unarmed black Americans. A civil war is looming in the United States if people continue with their anger and violent protests.  What will we choose--peace or violence? 
  5. World War III could become reality this year with North Korea and their missile tests increasing and the escalating events with Russia and Syria. Pray that such an event never happens. I had a vision of a U.S. city being hit by a nuclear explosion in May or late fall. None of these horrible things need to happen if our leaders come to their senses.   
  6. Power Outages - for the past few years I've been shown massive power outages (blackouts) hitting the U.S. It is already starting with those in New York, Los Angeles and recently San Francisco. I sense these power outages are in preparation for a nuclear strike on a major U.S. city.  Read more...
  7. I foresee huge stock market gains, but could fall sharply due to escalating European financial problems in late summer 2017. Watch what happens to Greece, France and Germany! 
  8. Hillary Clinton will continue to be investigated into her abuse of top security emails. More to be revealed in 2017. She will also run again for a government office.  Jan. 12, 2017 - The Justice Department's Office of the Inspector General announced Thursday it will launch an internal probe on the Federal Bureau of Investigation handling of Hillary Clinton email investigation, according to The Wall Street Journal.
  9. We'll say goodbye to many baby boomer celebrities and older will leave us this year. My step uncle William Peter Blatty, 89, author of THE EXORCIST, passed away Jan. 2017, and other celebrities. View.  Many more will leave us--there will be some celebrity deaths that will shock us. Beloved elderly jazz/crooner singer will leave us this year. This came to pass when jazz singer Al Jarreau suddenly died on February 12, 2017 in Los Angeles before his 77th birthday. 
  10. Last year I predicted that pop singer Gwen Stefani and country singer Blake Sheldon would not last (see prediction no. 26 for 2016 on this page). They are still hanging in there and perhaps certain Blakes issues have been resolved. 
  11. Bloodshed worldwide. ISIS will again target European cities killing many. I sense a German and Paris  targeted. Sadly, this prediction has come true! . 
  12. There will be a world-wide flu epidemic that will be deadly for the very young and elderly from January through March 2017.  An article on Jan. 6, 2017 stated there is a deadly strain of flu hitting the very young and elderly.
  13. Queen Elizabeth could become very ill in 2017.
  14. Volcanoes erupting worldwide and in Italy--could produce a huge earthquake in a big city like Naples or Rome.  Huge eruption on Etna in Eastern Sicily, Italy 2/28/17  July 8, 2017 - more volcanoes spewing ash worldwide.
  15. The winter of 2016/2017 will be the coldest on record for the United States and other parts of the world. Incredible flooding, ice storms and snow storms will be the news. Already Saudi Arabia has received snow for November 2016. Expect snow levels and cold in the upper East coast and West coast to break records. 
  16. Spring/Summer will bring huge flooding in many parts of the world-- the U.S. South and East  Coast. This is still happening as of June 2017.
  17. President Trump will continue fighting the News Media as fake news. Congress will continue their fight against him and his executive orders. There will many many changes in his cabinet. If a civil war begins in this country it will be due to the News Media, the so called “fake news” and the fighting partisan Congress and politicians. Trump will make many positive changes as promised, but will meet opposition at every turn. He will also make major mistakes. This is all coming true.  
  18. A former president will pass after an extended illness as well as an elderly world leader. 
  19. Two beloved religious leaders, good friends, will pass in the coming years within a few days of each other. They were friends in many past lives.
  20. Look to the skies in the summer of 2017 for UFOs, meteors, a strange green comet and other sky anomalies. There will be a mass UFO sighting over another major city (perhaps in the Southwest) like the 1997 Phoenix Lights. A big sighting took place over Phoenix Oct. 2016. April 1, 2017 -  This weekend, green comet 41P/Tuttle-Giacobini-Kresak is flying over Earth's northern hemisphere where sky watchers can find it all night long not far from the bowl of the Big Dipper.  Read about on Earth News 1 for April 10.
  21. Earth Wobble will cause increased seismic and volcanic activity worldwide. There will be more sightings of Planet X and another shocking revelation from scientists on the mysterious planet. Latest discovery on Planet X in 2017.
  22. NASA and scientists will make new discoveries on space, time, the Universe, Mars and the Moon. Two stars collide.
  23. There could be several assassination attempts on Donald Trump's life. 
  24.  I've received visions of a mega thrust earthquake, at least 9.0 on the Richter Scale, hitting the South Pacific, either the end of December 2016 or early January 2017.  This will cause a tsunami. Much loss of life. Areas that could be hit: New Zealand, Japan, Indonesia Fiji, Tonga or any of the other South Pacific Islands. 
  25. ​ New jobs created and people optimistic again about the economy. So far this has come to pass through President Trump.
  26. Stock market will continue to rise, but there could be a slight set back in fall. Nothing major.
  27. Topsy-turvy weather will be in the news throughout the year. Heat, cold, winds, tornadoes, hurricanes, and wildfires. Violent weather will dominate the news with devastating tornadoes in the Midwest, wildfires in the West and early hurricanes forming on the Pacific and Atlantic sides. In some areas will continue in drought and other areas receiving torrential rains. Crazy weather worldwide continues as of July 2017. 
  28. Obama will do everything he can to make a mark in history in his last few days in office. He could cause a major incident with Russia. Got it right. Dec. 29, 2016 President Obama struck back at Russia on Thursday for its efforts to influence the 2016 election, ejecting 35 suspected Russian intelligence operatives from the United States and imposing sanctions on Russia’s two leading intelligence services.  Obama before he leaves office will send more U.S. troops to Syria. Trump could send troops once during his term due to horrible carnage to the people of Syraia. Assad could  have an attempt on his life.  April 5, 2017 Trump is angered by Syrian chemical attack on it's people. Many children killed. Read more...
  29.  A commercial plane will crash into water—a miracle saves all lives. May 3, 2017 a small plane nearly missed hitting the freeway. No one was killed in this miracle event. Watch video  This isn't the commercial plane I envisioned crashing and no deaths. 
  30. Airlines will no longer treat people like cattle after numerous incidents on flights. Congress to the rescue, imposing tough laws on commercial airlines this year.  
  31.  A new drug shows amazing results for Alzheimer patients, which is now being tested, also MS and  certain cancers. 
  32.  Russian troops will invade and attack Ukraine. Much loss of life mid to late 2017.  There will be an incident with Russia and the U.S. over Syria. 
  33. The world governments will unite to destroy part of ISIS. Unfortunately, when one head of ISIS is destroyed another grows back. More U.S. troops will be sent to Syria in 2017 by President Trump.
  34. Gas prices will rise to over $3.00 a gallon in mid to late 2017, but will fall again. May of 2017 some areas of the U.S. did have $3.00/gal. gas prices and as of July prices have fallen to $2.28/ gal.  Read article
  35. Flooding in Southern California will be in the news in early 2017. This happened as predicted. There huge flooding throughout the world this year.
  36. Movie theaters will become obsolete in the coming years. Read article how this is happening.
  37. 2017 is going to be a year of environmental disasters. Drinking water contamination, and lakes, rivers and our precious ocean will experience toxic spills. Our prayers are needed! 
  38. ​John Moore gave the speech on the coastlines disappearing in 2008.What would cause such a disastrous event? The Poles Shifting and melting. Scientists already know that such events have happened through Earth’s history— not only with the magnetic poles switching but the poles physically moving. Is it caused by Planet X aka Nibiru? There’s evidence that it does exist and now Caltech scientists admit they found it earlier this year. Depending on Planet X’s path through our solar system, it affects weather, volcanoes and earthquakes. Will it get worse? YES! But there will be warnings and signs to those who understand. Psychics and Indigenous elders say that the Earth’s rotation will stop just before our planet shifts, which means part of the Earth will be plunged in darkness and the other half experiencing three days of constant light. If such a scenario does takes place in the future, it won’t be this year.  This year will bring many Earth changes as Mother Earth prepares to cleanse herself.  Read more...
  39. In the past couple of years I predicted more sink holes forming. Russia will see huge methane gas holes formed literally over night. More evidence of a changing Earth.  Read article.


I removed most of the predictions for 2016 to make room for 2017 and soon 2018 predictions. I correctly predicted Judge Scalia was murdered (although not confirmed), Italy's large earthquake, strange discoveries by NASA and big earth changes, earthquakes, volcanoes become more active and extreme weather again. 


World Famous Psychic Predicts Next President, Issues Dire Warning to US By The Conservative Millennial
One of the world’s most famous psychics has issued her prediction on the 2016 presidential election. She’s correctly predicted everything from natural disasters to the rise of ISIS over the years, and she believes she has seen a vision of the person who will take the presidential oath next…
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Another article on Betsey's predictions.

I predicted at the first of the year that Trump would most likely be the Republican candidate. April 2016 - I am now predicting that Donald J. Trump will become our 45th President on November 8, 2016 that's if we don't have a rigged election which is quite possible according to many articles on the web. April of 2016 I was given a powerful vision of Donald Trump taking the oath of Presidency on a very cold, but clear day in Washington, D.C. on January 20, 2017, wearing a dark or black wool coat (it was dark navy blue) and Melania, his wife, wearing a light-colored coat (it was a light blue).  Jan. 20, 2017 - The weather had been  overcast in Washington, D.C. and no rain until Donald J. Trump gave his Inaugural speech and it began to lightly rain like a blessing and then stopped. Guess my Spirit Guides/Angels can't predict the weather! 

EXPLANATION: For those of you who are scratching your heads wondering how I arrived at the number 9 in Trump's information. It wasn't his birthdate, it was the name PRESIDENT TRUMP which totals 72 and 7+2= 9. He became our 45th President (4 +5 = 9). The number 9 confirmed my vision of a Trump win. Learn how to find your name in numerology.

The numbers and his astrological chart also confirmed my prediction! I also looked into the numerology of both Trump and Hillary. Donald Trump's birthdate 6 - 14-1946 totals the master number 22, which means the Master Builder, dreams made manifest, ancient wisdom, realization, force of nature, the future, evolution, technology, Universal Love, God, retribution, redemption, love, war, leader, the Universe, personal power, charisma, service, the Divine imagination, idealist, expansive, visionary, government, Universal transformation, philanthropy, common sense, practicality. This is the 'God' energy brought to the material plane and put into form, and this vibration holds with it a great deal of responsibility. Because of its great power, the number 22 may result in outstanding ascendancy or disastrous downfall. The 22 can turn the most ambitious of dreams into reality and is potentially the most successful of all numbers. Number 22 is the Spiritual Master Builder and Teacher and has chosen to come back to the earth plane to help the human race. To do this, they need to take this energy and help to build a better, firmer foundation for the human race in the Aquarian Age. Master Number 22 will help to establish the foundation for a new consciousness on the planet. Destiny or Life Path 22s are the master builder. Whatever a 22 thinks about is almost sure to manifest so it is very important for them to choose their thoughts carefully. If they are willing to work for what they desire they can achieve enormous prestige, success and fame. 22s are the most capable of the Life Path numbers and are endowed with many powers. They have a unique talent for manifesting ideas into the realm of reality. Sometimes they display what looks like insensitivity, but actually they are just very focused upon their goals. This is part of a spiritual directive to be detached from objects and the outcome of events. Many of them work for material gain, with the idea that their wealth should be spread among the masses.

Hillary Clinton is a number 9, which is the end of the 9 year cycle. It show leadership but also karma brought in from past lives. Although it shows 9 can serve humanity, it can mean either good or bad, depending the soul's purpose.  

Astrological signs - the planets reveal our next president:
Donald John Trump was born on June 14, 1946 in Queens, New York. His Sun sign is Gemini, with Leo rising and his moon in Sagittarius (he speaks his mind). He has 3 Cancer signs, which gives him compassion for humanity; he has 3 Leo signs, which give him strength and an ability to attract people to him, and he has 3 Gemini signs which embraces communication. He is able to speak his mind to the masses. His primary star is Capella grants him an energetic nature, and a love of learning. Leo in his chart makes him bombastic--he's known to say things off the cuff.  He has a habit of saying things without considering the negative consequences. Funny, but his star indicates a tendency to be verbose--too talkative! It also imparts honor and prominent positions of trust. Note: he will become the 45th President which totals "9" his number. He is destined for the White House. I also accurately predicted that Mike Pence would be Trump's decision for Vice President days before he was selected. Trump will be a good president for the nation. I see him making a great many positive changes as promised, but 2017 will be a tough year ahead for the world.   

Hillary Clinton was born Oct. 26, 1947 in Chicago, Illinois. Her sun sign is Scorpio. Scorpio is also in her Rising sign, in the planet Mercury and in the planet Venus. Scorpio is the scorpion known for it's sting and has a horrible temper, and it lasts. She makes hasty decisions. Hillary has Uranus in Gemini, Jupiter in Sagittarius, Mars in Leo, and her moon is in Pisces (this is the sign of the fish going in two different directions)--indecisive. Hillary's star is Princeps which gives her prominence in education, science and government affairs. She has a competitive nature. The truth is Hillary and Bill Clinton are part of a elite cabal group and they are involved in dark occult practices. Their involvement in the dark side of life will eventually be their undoing! If she is elected, the New World Order will ignite World War III. The past few months on Earth News I've predicted that more damaging information will be revealed about Hillary. 

Bernie Sanders - Bernie was born on September 8, 1941, a Virgo. Bernie is a good man but he doesn't have the backbone to be President. Unfortunately, he was born behind the 8 ball, which mean he's unlucky. Those born on this day will have a hard time achieving their dreams. I predicted in January 2016 that Bernie would never become President. I did not see him as a strong person to lead our country.  

3. NASA - Jan. 21, 2016 - I've predicted since the 1990s that NASA has known about Planet X and scientists would confirm it. PLANET X - SCIENTISTS HAVE KNOWN ABOUT IT SINCE 1983. In 1983 NASA released news that they discovered an object is traveling through our solar system as big as Jupiter and then suddenly retracted their statement which had appeared in several newspapers across the country. On Jan. 20, 2016 two Caltech scientists said they had found the 9th planet and hinted it was Planet X.As the mysterious booms continue worldwide and more sightings of a second sun, the establishment will continue to cover up Planet X, but soon all will see it. There will be no my denials. Jan. 18, 2016 this sighting of Planet X was taken in Marbella, Spain. Read what NASA discovered in my new book, Predictions 2016 and Beyond: The Prophets Speakavailable on Amazon.  Now we have confirmation from two California's Caltech scientists  revealed a 9th planet may exist in our solar system 10 times the size of Earth. Konstantin Batygin and Mike Brown of the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in Pasadena,  prepared for the inevitable skepticism with detailed analyses of the orbits of other distant objects and months of computer simulations. 

FLIP-FLOP WEATHER, WINDS, DROUGHTS, HEAVY SNOW FALL EARLY SPRING AND MAJOR FLOODING IN THE SOUTH AND EAST COAST. Flooding will be in the big news worldwide and El Nino torrential rains in California causing landslides (this happened early in 2016), flash floods in Texas and parts of the Midwest, and heavy snowfall (I'm talking about feet and record breaking snow) for the U.S. West (Utah, Colorado, Arizona, Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and New Mexico). The Northeast will experience record temperatures both warm and extreme cold. More frigid Arctic temperatures--record breaking like last year in the winter months of 2016. Northeast and Florida: For all of you living in these areas, please be prepared for flash flood warnings and get to higher areas and don’t drive into flooded roads. Hurricane Matthew is headed to Florida as of Oct. 6, 2016 with winds over 100 mph, and then headed to the Carolinas. California and parts of the West will experience devastating wild fires during the summer. August - Wildfires have consumed huge areas of California and parts of the West as I predicted. My prediction continue to come true--flash floods in Texas and the South and catastrophic wildfires like the wildfires hitting near Edmonton, Canada May 4, 2016. Europe and the Mideast can expect unusual snowfall amounts in early 2016--even Africa's desert regions will get snow again this winter. This happened as I had envisioned. I foresee huge winds--tornadoes, hurricane winds, cyclone winds, flash floods, and wildfires, affecting millions of people worldwide. Jan. 20, 2016 Historic blizzard hits East Coast . Jan. 20 - Historic blizzard set to hit East Coast. Read article here.Jan. 9, 2016 Record breaking cold set to hit Britain and Europe.April 7, 2016 a new polar vortex is set to hit the Great Lakes and Northeast bringing more snow and extreme cold.  

6.JUSTICE SCALIA. When the news of  Justice Scalia death I knew he was murdered in some kind of occult ritual and it appears he was. JUSTICE SCALIA MURDERED IN OCCULT RITUAL: On Feb. 25, 2016 The Washington Post wrote that U.S. Justice Scalia was involved with an elite secret society and also linked to the Bohemian Club, another occult group. He died on Feb. 13, 2016 and number 13 is a power number linked to the Illuminati. Read more about the number 13 in my book Mystic Revelations of Thirteen.