Ariel shared her Angel Song vision with me. AN ANGEL'S SONG tells of a future new world after the cleansing--The Great Transformation. Beautiful but yet so haunting. 


In the swirling mists of a midnight dream,
I saw an Angel of Earth kneeling by a stream.
Her face was aglow in the light of the Moon,
and she sang a song that was so full of gloom.
I asked “My Dear Lady, why are you so sad?,
and why does your song make me feel so bad?”
Look into this water she said, and tell me what you see.
“I see only the water, the Moon and a reflection of me.”
As she touched my head and held my hand,
my vision was opened and I saw a lifeless land.
I saw trees without leaves, and streams without life,
nights without stars, and days without light.
I saw pitiful creatures of forest and plain, 
and had to turn away for so great was their pain.

What is this dear Angel, and how can this be?
And why have you shown such horrors to ME?
With tears in her eyes, yet a soft smile on her face,
held me in her sweet arms and soothed with an embrace.
What you see in this stream, would have been the end results of your ways, had not your Mother the Earth,

shortened these days.
This water is the life that flows from your Earth Mother,
It is your life and the life of so many others.

This has nourished, sustained and freely given you life,
and in return, you have shown it greed, hatred and strife.
You profess to believe that you should love one another,
Then why is it so hard for you to love and respect your Mother?
Can you not see that the death of her will be the death of you?
Then I beg you dear Angel, tell me what it is I must do.
Tell your brothers and sisters, that the time has now come,
when their patterns of hatred must all be un-done.
A new time is coming, for which they now Must prepare,
A time of un-doing, of great change but first despair.
You cannot correct that which has already been done,
but you can prepare yourself for what IS to come.
You must cleanse your heart, your soul and your mind
of the blind hatred and strife, leave it all behind.
Fill your being with love, with light and with kindness,
let loose of your old ways that created this blindness.
Radiate your love to ALL that you see, to the Earth, the Stars, the Moon and the Great Seas.
Extend it to all and to each other without end, 
Demand nothing in return, nor to your will force others to bend.

Prepare yourself and learn these new ways, 
for a new time is coming and you will soon see that day.
Your Mother will cleanse herself of this great blight,
She will shake, she will turn and roll in the night.
She will cover herself with dark clouds of gloom,
and no light from the stars, the Sun and the Moon
will she allow to touch her times of distress,
nor allow any creature begged for reprieve or rest.
Her change will affect and touch everything, 
but happily you will see what her new Day will bring.
When her changes have passed and all will be new,
you will then understand the change required within you.
With mixed love and sadness I give you this information,
and pray with my heart that you prepare for the 
Great Transformation.

Was Atlantis a mythical continent and was the late sleeping prophet Edgar Cayce right on 700 detailed readings on Atlantis, its people and its demise over 10,000 years ago? Life and events seem to go in cycles. I believe that millions of us existed in Atlantis in a prior lifetime and have a deep subconscious memory of the last days before Atlantis sank beneath ocean waters. This might explain why a large number of us have a sense of doom that a great disaster is about to befall us. That subconscious memory still lingers since our return during those chaotic times.

Edgar Cayce (1877-1945), known as "The Sleeping Prophet," is considered one of the most prolific prophets in modern history, and is often compared to Nostradamus. But he was actually far more prolific than Nostradamus, with his 14,000 plus trance readings, and he was also more accurate. Cayce mostly gave psychic readings and healing readings for people that were in great difficulty or physically suffering. He never asked for money and he never took advantage of them, although he did accept donations. Besides offering readings to people, he also prophesied world events— past and future. One of those past events was on legendary continent of Atlantis. In fact, Cayce revealed that a vast number of souls who lived past lives in Atlantis had been incarnating to America for a long time now. Their purpose was to usher in a new era of enlightened human consciousness. In all, Cayce referred to Atlantis no fewer than seven hundred times over a span of twenty years. I believe millions of souls today, both good and bad, lived in Atlantis. Where you an Atlantean? In many ways Atlantis parallels what is happening in America and the world now. They say history repeats itself, and there are many examples of this with the rise and fall of great civilizations.

Cayce maintained that Atlantis was the “first” civilization which was technologically superior to even our own. He added that its last surviving islands disappeared somewhere in the Atlantic ocean some ten thousand years ago. He revealed that the size of Atlantis was equal to that of Eurasia. He saw visions of this continent of the past which went through three major periods of division. The first two occurred around 15,600 B.C., when the mainland divided into islands. The three main islands of Atlantis were Poseida, Og and Aryan. Many people fled into Egypt and South and Central America, eventually entering American during Atlantis' final days. Their technological advancements and temples still stand the test of time.

Cayce claimed that the Atlanteans were well-versed in technology that harnessed the power of the quantum world. This included the use of crystals and sound waves for healing. Elevators and connecting tunnels operated with compressed air and steam. And they used quartz crystal science to mine gold, copper and silver from the earth. Atlanteans were adept at the use of silicon chips at levels unrivaled in the modern world. The Crystal Skull discovered in Belize in 1924 by Anna Hedges adventurer father, for example, was cut with such infinite precision that “no known modern tool could have replicated the job.” The Atlanteans were familiar with the amplification power of crystals in laser technology and memory chips. Also, they made extensive use of mass mental telepathy, psycho-kinesis and astral projection into fourth dimensional consciousness. They had ships that traveled through the air and into the sea, and even temples of healing.

Cayce stated the people of Atlantis had constructed giant laser-like crystals for power plants, and that these were responsible for the second destruction of the land. Doesn't it sound like our misuse of nuclear power now and other technologies? Cayce also blamed the final destruction of Atlantis and the disintegration of their culture on greed and lust.

According to Cayce, two rival parties fought for control of the Atlanteans in its final days. The Children of the Law of One wanted to return to a spiritual stewardship of the land based on natural laws. The other group, the Sons of Belial, wanted to exploit natural resources for material gain. The chief focus of their conflict was a third class of dull, half-awake sub-humans that the Sons of Belial used for slave labor. The Children of the Law of One wanted to enlighten these sub-beings by raising their consciousness. However, the Sons of Belial wanted to keep them in ignorance and exploit them for their own gain. Sound familiar? Obviously, lessons were never learned since the souls responsible for harming Earth and humanity have returned to this time period and so have the Enlightened One to correct their wrongs. Who will win the conflict?

Will we repeat the events of Atlantis? Certainly, we are headed in that direction with our disrespect of the environment, humanity and all life on Earth. It's up to us to unite for a the Highest Good instead of staying in fear, anger, bigotry and hate. We can alter the dark path we are now walking toward which I discuss in my new book, MYSTIC REVELATIONS OF SEVEN. To all of you Atlanteans who have returned during this time, it's time to kick some Dark behinds and make positive changes!