I have a confession—I used to wake up every night at 2 am or 3 am and think of all the horrible things that could possibly happen--even the end of the world. I know it was totally ridiculous because the world didn't end. Everyone has fears of some kind—fears of death, cancer, disease, disasters, and fearful of an apocalyptic world ending.

What does fear and anger accomplish? Absolutely nothing! But it can keep you up at night and cause stress--lots of it! Oprah Winfrey in her August 2017 OPRAH magazine discussed the art of letting GO. It's all the garbage we keep with us through the years and refuse to dump it. Oprah wrote that she has witnessed grown men and women who can’t stop playing the mind tape from an event that happened days, weeks, sometimes years ago. What a loss of precious time and energy, being a prisoner of your own hand, laden with the burdens of the past. Are you someone that holds onto what happened or what you think should have happened? Marty McFly was able to create another reality when he went back to the past in Back to the Future, and returned to discover that by changing the past, he created a new future. It would be wonderful, but don’t plan on changing the past until Doc gets his DeLorean time machine built.

I’ve given psychic readings worldwide and I’ve learned that people won’t let go of fearful thoughts and events. They believe that Karma is the result of a bad past life. That's a false belief. I don't know of anyone who lives a perfectly charmed life--do you? As I grow older it seems like such a waste of time to obsess over the past. I had to consider this: do I want to be right, or do I want peace? I decided on peace and forgiveness. I still have those moments of angry, fear, hurt, but not like I used to have. Any bad habit takes time to heal. If you put the past in the past and release it, think of all the time you will have to create a more meaningful life. Remember—time is fleeting and you can never make it up.

Bad things happen to good people. For example His Holiness the Dalai Lama is believed to be the reincarnation of past spiritual leaders but he was not immune to the a really bad event in 1958 when the Chinese invaded Tibet killing thousands of men, women, children and monks. The State Oracle, the Dalai Lama’s advisor, urged him to flee. On this day, March 17, in 1959, Tibet’s spiritual and political leader, then 23, disguised himself as a soldier and slipped through the crowds outside the palace he’d never see again. He embarked on a dangerous journey to asylum, crossing the Himalayas on foot with soldiers and cabinet members. They traveled only at night, to avoid detection by Chinese sentries. Rumors later circulated among Tibetans that the Dalai Lama “had been screened from Red planes by mist and low clouds conjured up by the prayers of Buddhist holy men,” according to TIME’s 1959 cover story about the escape. But until he appeared in India, two weeks after taking flight, people around the world feared that he had been killed, according to the BBC.

So become a kid again, fearless and happy without a care in the world. Know that you are an infinite being. You will exist forever and experience infinite adventures, learn many soul lessons and evolve along the process. Live for the moment and let your fears go. Imagine those fears placed in a big box, lock it up, and then throw away the key.

I’m currently writing a new book on reincarnation about people who recalled their past lives and how the past impacted their life. Included in the book will be my own past life recall, my mother’s past life memories, and an extraordinary story I researched during the late 1970s on a Los Angeles actress who recalled her life as Jean Harlow, the famous actress and sex-symbol of the 1930s. The story, if true, tells how Jean Harlow witnessed the assassination of a famous person. Publication November.

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Enjoy the rest of your summer. Stay safe and let go of the garbage in your life.


Dear Lightworkers,

Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Not time, birth, death, or rebirth can finally separate those who have formed a deep soul and spiritual bonds through eons of time. The soul is infinite—we are an extensions of God.

When we die there is physical separation and parting for a short period of time, as we know it. Mental separation is unknown on a subconscious level. Lovers from the past will reincarnate within the same time frame again and again, although the memories will not be remember on the conscious level. Lovers, family members and friends will find each other again. Lovers will feel an instant attraction. In each new incarnation the love will deepen; and hopefully it will grow more unselfish and complete, until, after many lives, love is perfected.

There is no doubt that the people you know today and have a deep bond with have been close to you in a previous lifetime. Situation change with each lifetime for spiritual growth—a mother might have become a sister, you might have been the opposite sex in another lifetime, a father might become a friend or brother. A sibling in this lifetime could have been a parent in the past life. You were guided and maneuvered by unseen help—guides/angels, and by your Akashic records that help you decided before each incarnation what will be best for your soul growth. The Akashic records represent the Universe’s computer records of everything that has ever happened, including each soul’s thoughts, words, emotions, and deeds or misdeeds.

Karmic history explains why you are so immediately attracted to some people, and also why you are repulsed by others upon the first meeting. It accounts for the old adage, “Love is blind.” Your meeting was predestined to occur as a classroom for your own soul’s growth. A completely untroubled relationship would provide no learning, so in most situations, as regressive hypnotists have learned like Dr. Brian Weiss and Dick Sutphen, that unlearned lessons from the past begin to surface, to be worked out and ultimately balance the karma of all involved . Until you have learned from the past, you are destined to repeat it again and again, until you get it right.
If a relationship has soured and both people leave angry and hurt, that karma will continue on until each person finds forgiveness and love for each other. There’s no escaping the Cosmic boomerang! In regressive hypnosis fears, phobias, and illnesses carried over, usually disappear. Even in difficult relationships, the problem can be traced back to a past life, and if both people can find forgiveness and love again, they can go on with their lives without the extra karmic baggage.

When you see an effect in the physical world, you can be sure that there has been a cause. That’s the way of Karma. If you throw a rock into a lake, it sends out ripples, and you were the cause who threw the rock. The river washed the rock down to the place where you found it and a volcano erupted and formed the rock. Your entire life—your mental state, your health, your relationships with others, the money you have or don’t have—all are effects from the lives you lived. They were set in motion by causes. In other words, you have no one to blame but yourself for your difficulties and hardships in life. But positive karma can erase bad karma by compassionate actions in your present reality. The law of karma works both ways—it rewards as well or disciplines. What is imperative is how you react to the crisis, how you think about what has happened. If you react in a positive way, you are erasing your karma. You have learned your past lesson. If you respond in the negative way with bitterness, remorse, revenge, or hate, you have not healed your life lesson, and sometime in the future you will once again have to come up against the “opportunity.” It can be played out in this lifetime or lifetimes to come. That’s your choice!

When horrible things happen to people—murder, plane crash, car accident, suicide, cancer, deformity, etc. —it might not be from a prior lifetime, but something they chose to learn by experiencing the event. Difficult lives can evolve a soul much faster. If life was perfect how could you learn anything? So we cannot judge why a soul has decided on such a certain a difficult fate.

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This summer will be a busy one for me with a lot of traveling. I will be conducting psychic readings again late September or early October. Wishing you all a wonderful and very safe summer.