“The old people used to say that the trees, the rocks, the birds, and the animals used to talk. They had a voice, and today, as I realize it, they still have a voice. My people always say that you have to take care of them in order for you to continue on. If you don’t, when they die off, you are going to die with them.” —Spiritual Leader of the Western Shoshone Nation Corbin Harney (1920-2007), author of The Way It Is.

Happy Earth Day, Saturday, April 22, 2017. Earth Day is a day about the planet we live on, all 6.8 billion of us. Have you noticed that something transformational is taking place on Mother Earth, our unique blue planet tucked away on the outer edge of the Milky Way Galaxy. Extreme weather has become the norm, increased earthquakes in strange place not known for earthquakes, mysterious booms heard worldwide, increased volcanic activity, melting glaciers, sink holes forming everywhere, birds and sea creatures dying in large numbers, and unexplained lights in the sky. These are some of the images I was shown in a prophetic dream at the age of seven.

Indigenous people worldwide have warned us of coming changes for decades and they tell us that the changes will herald a new Earth. They tell us it is imperative we return to the natural way of living as Earthkeepers, like they practiced and practice today,and like their ancestors practiced eons ago. Although there are a great number of spiritually evolved people on the planet at this time, we haven’t reached a total awakening. The Indigenous people see a time we will be forced to awaken from our deep slumber and return to ancient Earth wisdom to live in balance again with all of nature. When we reconnect with the Living Library of Mother Earth, we connect to the mysteries, the age old secrets of spirit beings that watch and protect our planet The shamans, the elders, and the holy men and women practiced ceremonies for ages connecting to these benevolent beings that exist in the elements of our world. When we start honoring our planet and all life as sentient and conscious, we transcend our material world and find that we can communicate with them. We have become so immersed in our material world we have forgotten the ethereal world around us. Because we are destroying life on our planet through our egos, everything becomes chaotic and unbalanced. We are ONE with the cosmos—we are connected to everything that the Great Spirit or God or whatever you call the Creator.

Native Americans believe that what we do will affect the next seven generations, and so it is our responsibility to teach the children these sacred lessons about Mother Earth’s Living Library, so they will continue the healing lineage of the Ancient Ones that came before us.

On Saturday, take time to enjoy Nature--the Sun, the water, the wind, and feel the Oneness of everything. Observe the trees, the plants, the grass, the birds—see the sacredness of all life. Talk to the water spirits, the wind spirits, the fire spirits, and Earth spirits. Say a healing prayer. As my mentor Corbin Harney said, “We have to come back to the Native Way of Life. The Native way is to pray for everything. We have to start joining together to pray. We all have to try to keep our Mother Earth clean. We are going to have to join hands together the best way we can and do one thing: PRAY. Our Mother Earth is very important. We can’t just misuse her and think she’s going to continue. We only have One Water…One Air…One Mother Earth.” You will find prayers and ways we can heal Mother Earth in

Thank you to all of you who listened to my interview on the national talk radio show Coast to Coast AM on April 11th when I discussed my theory of dinosaurs evolving over 200 million years and becoming superior beings from my book
ANCIENT SERPENT GODS. George Noory said this about my book on Coast to Coast AM,Ancient Serpent Gods is based on one of the most amazing, astounding theories I’ve ever heard.” This is amazing...a listener emailed me a link to a YouTube video on a `997 Star Trek Voyager Season 3, Episode 23, titled Distant Origin. This was the first time I had seen this Star Trek episode and was shocked by the parallels between my theory and the episode. Perhaps it isn’t that far-fetched that reptilians aliens described by countless people over the years are really TERRESTRIAL beings living underground and we are their distant cousins! Watch YouTube Video.

My next interview will be on the Just Bernard Show, Tuesday, April 25, at 11am PT, noon MT, 1pm CT and 2pm ET live video, on Sacred Numerology, time travel and Predictions. Did you know that your can transform your life by changing your name? Numbers are powerful.
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With Love, Light and Blessings,
Betsey Lewis