March 17, 2018 

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From the book, Déjà vu: Past Lives of Famous People Available on Amazon on or before March 29, 2018
I'm excited to tell you about my upcoming book on reincarnation: DEJA VU. Do you have dreams or visions of distant places where you were someone else walking the ancient sands of time? This eerie familiarity is known as Déjà vu—that strong sensation that a place or event has already happened before. It can also be the sensation of feeling a stranger is an beloved friend upon your first meeting. Have you journeyed to an ancient city and sensed this was once home? If you are like me, you have experienced déjà vu impressions throughout your life.

This sensation began for me at an early age. I wasn’t sure what that feeling was until my mother explained to me that I had lived in many bodies in past lives like she had. The first time my parents took my sister and me to the California coast, I recognized it . It was all too familiar. I couldn’t explain how I knew, but I did—that I had lived in another body, in another time and place, and my current parents weren’t my real parents.

We are given the chance to learn and grow through reincarnation—returning in different timelines and bodies. But not all bad things in life, including physical ailments and deformities, are the result of karma, but a divine way to grow and evolve much faster.

Many famous people have recalled past lives—His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Thomas Edison, Mark Twain, Jack London, Benjamin Franklin, Omm Sety, Henry Ford, General George S. Patton, Napoleon Bonaparte, William Peter Blatty, author of The Exorcist, Edgar Cayce, and actress Shirley MacLaine, just to name a few.

Stories include Napoleon Bonaparte’s belief in reincarnation and the frightening night he experienced in the Great Pyramid of Giza, Omm Sety’s recall of her ancient Egyptian life as the lover of Pharaoh Sety I and how she astounded archaeologists with her knowledge of that past life as a priestess of the Osirian temple, and my own investigation in 1981 involving an actress who recalled her past life as 1930s actress Jean Harlow and the horrifying events she was force to witnessed by Joseph P. Kennedy, father of President John F. Kennedy. If true, the story could be the revelation of the century!

In one particular case, a small boy named James Leininger recalled his short life as a World War II pilot, shot down by the Japanese. He gave names, places and events of that life which turned out to be incredibly accurate. The information would have been impossible to find or research at the time. Where did such details originate if reincarnation doesn’t exist?

So what is reincarnation? Reincarnation, in religions and philosophy, is a belief in the soul, mind or consciousness that has the ability to be reborn into a physical body through birth to reach perfection. It is also known as transmigration or metempsychosis. The belief in reincarnation is mostly found in South Asian and East Asian traditions. The belief in reincarnation goes back thousands of years and may have been a pillar of belief at the beginning of the Christian era.

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Betsey Lewis

World Psychic, Author, Numerologist, and Earth Mysteries Investigator

ENTITY POSSESSION is REAL -  Newsletter Feb. 16, 2018 

​There’s a spiritual war taking place on Earth between the Family of Dark and The Family of Light. Young minds have been mind-controlled and some are possessed through occult and satanic rituals. They have no idea they are entering a world of evil where dark souls wait to possess their souls.  
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My step uncle, William Peter Blatty (1928-2017), wrote the New York best-selling novel THE EXORCIST in 1971, which was later adapted into a film by William Friedkin in 1973. The book and movie sparked an intense curiosity in the world of demonic possession. Exorcisms were rarely practiced before the novel, and film brought the practice to the main stage. So what possessed Blatty to write about entity possession? Bill had read about a young boy named Ronnie Doe aka Ronald Hunkeler, who appeared to become possessed after playing with the Ouija Board. The first spirit to communicate to him was his aunt Tillie, but it wasn’t long before this friendly spirit turned sinister (like The Exorcist movie). The family first noticed angry voices and the sound of furniture moving across the room. Not long afterwards they noticed claw marks on Ronald’s body. Bill Blatty changed the young boy into a young girl for the novel, played by actress Linda Blair. Bill was always searching for answers about God and dark forces because of his devout Catholic upbringing. Bill claimed, at the time of filming The Exorcist, that strange things happened on the set.

Can an evil spirit possess someone’s mind and body or is it only a  psychological or mental illness? Spirit possession is a term for the belief that animas, aliens, demons, extraterrestrials, gods, or spirits can take control of a human body. The concept of spirit possession exists in many religions, including Christianity, Buddhism, Haitian Vodoo, Wicca, Hinduism, Islam and Southeast Asian and African traditions. Science doesn’t believe in spirit/demon possession, yet there are stories that defy logical explanation. Doctors, psychiatrists usual suggest mental illness and drug abuse. Nikolas Cruz, the gunman, who killed 17 students at a Florida school on February 14, now claims he heard demonic voices in his head tell him to carry out the heinous shootings.

Entity possession is real. One of the strangest true entity stories was made into a movie in 1982 called, The Entity, based on a true story. In this case, reality is more frightening than fiction because the true story behind The Entity is a much more harrowing ordeal than could ever be contained on celluloid. The story of Doris Bither, the woman whose life inspired the classic horror film, is one of addiction, abuse, and spectral rape. It’s not for the weak of heart.

Evil entities exist in parallel realities. They prey on helpless people, those involved with Satanic rituals, those who are taking large amounts of drugs—legal and illegal, alcohol abuse, all of which will lower the human vibrational rate. They find a weakness or a door through traditional family behavior or reckless behavior of the individual. The person’s active free will must be breached. They usually seduce a person with something simple and almost innocent unless they have done something that they have tremendous shame or guilt over. All of the symptoms can be a cry for help or signal the beginning of drug use or mental illness. When these are the only things present, seek  psychological counseling first, before even giving thought to the possibility of possession. Many of these changes are normal, especially when dealing with teenagers. Do not automatically think of possession unless you have some reason to believe they are vulnerable to possession. Is the person dabbling in occult arts, Ouija Board, and Satanic rituals? Note paranormal activity in the house which starts out innocent and then becomes frightening. Has the person’s personality changed or changes through drug or alcohol abuse? Are there strange marks on their body, can’t sleep, suddenly becoming isolated, aversion to religious objects, self-mutilation, looks change, aggression and violence, abusive to animals and humans, night terror and black outs?

I predicted that there were be more shootings by young people in 2018 and I wonder if these young people, who walk into a church, theater or school and begin shooting, are possessed. They certainly fit that description of entity possession. Do I believe there are dark entities in our universe?—absolutely! There’s so much we don’t know about our world and other dimensions. Everything in our world is divided between opposites—Light and Dark, good and bad, negative and positive poles.  God created all souls at the same time, but some went against God. Eventually all souls, no matter how evil, will return to their Creator, even if it takes eons in our time. Everything returns to the Light!

Read more about what the late Father Malachi Martin said about Satanism practiced in the Vatican. Sexual abuse is about power and control through satanic rituals. It is believed that many celebrities are involved in Satanism knowingly and u
nknowinglyCan Exorcists  really help someone possessed? Most cannot. I believe that we are stronger than evil spirits are but because of our fear of them, we feel helpless in stopping their control. I have never experienced anything dark or evil, but I have read that using incense, salt, beseeching religious figures and using crucifixes, seldom works. It's all about believing in the Light and knowing that you are a Powerful Spiritual Being, stronger than any demonic force. In some cases I believe the soul has some karmic lesson learn. Was this person cruel to others in another lifetime and is being punished by those who were harmed? There are many reasons for possessions, including those by aliens. Ann Druffel wrote an excellent book called, How To Defend Yourself Against Alien Abduction, which is based on her Catholic beliefs of possession. Her suggestions could also be applied to demonic possession. 

My next book will be on reincarnation and it will blow your mind. I recount the story of Dorothy Eady aka Omm Sety, a woman who spent most of her life living and research the Temple of Sety I in Abydos, Egypt and her relationship to Pharaoh Sety, who lived 3,000 years ago. He spoke of his astral travels to other world and a planet that was once inhabited by a great civilization. Pharaoh Sety "His Majesty"  was warned by the Amenti Council that he must never go to such places again. They told him that a man of the Earth must never travel to any other place. They said the stars were evil places, and their evil influence must not be allowed to contaminate the world of humans. Seems their warning is a little too late for our planet! The description by Sety sounded strangely like Mars. My book will be available April of 2018.