June 16, 2018 
Dear Friends,

Natural disasters happen all the time and we always think it will happen to someone else, but it could happen to any of us at any time in our changing world. We've seen wildfires in California, the West and Southwest destroy homes and lives, and flash floods that have swept people away and destroyed homes throughout the world without any warning. Tornadoes are becoming stronger and last longer, and now volcanoes are beginning to awaken worldwide, putting people in harm's way. Kilauea erupted the end of May 2018 and so far has destroyed over 600 homes and thankfully no lives lost, but Guatemala's volcano suddenly came to life killing 114 people and burying villages under feet of ash.

Is there any spiritual lessons in these horrible disasters? The answer is YES. First of all we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Star Beings call us "containers" because are souls are contained in our physical bodies for a short time and then we move on to other experiences from lifetime to lifetime. Many people decide to pass on in groups such as the Japanese 9.0 magnitude earthquake and tsunami where an estimated 16,000 people perished on March 11, 2011. I recall when Hurricane Sandy ravaged New Jersey and New York City on Oct. 22, 2012. A young girl was interviewed after she and her family had lost their home. She said that the hurricane had brought the family closer. They were having conversations again and actually eating dinner together, something she had missed for years. There are other stories of people starting charities and reaching out to those who have lost everything.

Think about the super heroes who appear like angels during and after a natural disaster, and how countless unsung heroes come from all over to help disaster victims with food, clothing, and compassion. Hurricane Harvey destroyed parts of Eastern Texas on August 17, 2017, and there was the story of "Mattress Mac", a wonderful man in Houston, owner of a super huge furniture and mattress show room. He opened his doors to whoever needed help. He let them come in and sleep on his show room models where they were safe from the storm.

I've always believed that those who are meant to survive disaster are protected by their angels or guardian angels. Think of the people who were supposed to go to work at the World Trade Towers on September 11, 2001, but something prevented them for going or they were delayed that day. Coincidence? It was time for them to go--they still had more to do on this earthly plane.

Natural disaster offer a multitude of souls a chance to challenge their fears. If you are faced with an overwhelming natural disaster, do your best to stay calm and follow you intuition on what to do next. Don't panic. Trust that once you get the spiritual lesson from a disaster, you will move past it and understand that we never die. Our souls are infinite. For those who pass, they will be conferring with their angels/spirit guides on their next earthly adventure.

Watch for my new book STAR BEINGS, available on AMAZON mid to late July 2018 (photo above). This book will have more stories about the Indigenous people and their connection to Star Beings and what they've been told about the coming Earth changes. Are they benevolent beings or do they have a dark agenda for Earth and humanity?

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Sending Infinite Love, Joy and Peace,
Betsey Lewis
Author, Earth Mysteries Investigator and Psychic 

Boamie, The Rainbow Serpent - Ancient Aboriginal Art


Indigenous people worldwide have foreseen the coming extreme earth changes for decades. They tell us it is imperative that we return to the natural way of living as Earthkeepers, like they practice and like their ancestors practiced eons ago. They understand their connectedness to Earth unlike most of us. The earth changes will signal a time of humanity raising their consciousness and a new beginning for Earth. During the time of purification many will choose to leave, and those who do remain, will find new ways to live in harmony and gratitude with our Mother Earth.

For thousands of years Australian Aboriginals have lived in harmony with Earth, but there was a time long before they arrived on this planet, they came from a far distant place in the stars, according to their legends. When they arrived on Earth, they found it was one huge landmass. The ancestors came to erect an energy grid. The Earth is among the smallest planets, and when it lines up in a certain way, the pull of the galactic energy is so strong that it could suck Earth into the spiral of the galactic system and toss it around. So the first arrivals to Earth erected a grid to withstand the periodic energy pulsations from the galaxy (referring to the ley lines). They knew the energy grid called Boamie, the Sacred Rainbow Serpent, reflected the precious stones within Earth’s crust. These minerals have kept the Earth stable, until now. Crystals and other minerals feed energy to the grid, but now the minerals, metals, jewels, oil, gas, are being removed to such an extent that the balance is in jeopardy—uranium in particular has an important task. When it is gone, the Earth will be right out of balance, they say. There is no safe place on Earth now. We’ve got to ride it out, but if we are in balance within ourselves and in balance with the Earth, then we are healthy.

At the end of each change every several thousand years, every time we come into a new world, the Great Creator says, “Ok humanity, you must start your change now, too,, and go into the new world—but you must do it in accordance with the Earth, as well as yourself, with HEART. Excerpt taken from Betsey’s Earth Energy: Return to Ancient Wisdom on

Think about this: Plastics and trash are thrown into the ocean daily and plastic doesn't disappear, but it does break down into small pieces and then is consumed by fish and then we eat the fish full of plastic. WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND. How can we ignore what we are doing when we see how our destruction is harming Earth, its creatures and ourselves--adults, young children and infants are dying from horrible cancers every day. Everything we flush is going into our waters worldwide. We are meeting KARMA, and now opioids are in our waters and in the fish we eat. Let's change our destructive ways!

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Betsey Lewis