March 17, 2018 NEWSLETTER

From the book, Déjà vu: Past Lives of Famous People Available on Amazon on or before March 29, 2018
I'm excited to tell you about my upcoming book on reincarnation: DEJA VU. Do you have dreams or visions where you were someone else and walked the golden sands of some ancient forgotten time? This eerie familiarity is known as Déjà vu—that strong sensation that a place or event has already happened before. It can also be the sensation of feeling a stranger is an beloved friend upon your first meeting. Have you journeyed to an ancient city and sensed this was once home? If you are like me, you have experienced déjà vu impressions throughout your life.

This sensation began for me at an early age. I wasn’t sure what that feeling was until my mother explained to me that I had lived in many bodies in past lives like she had. The first time my parents took my sister and me to the California coast, I recognized it . It was all too familiar. I couldn’t explain how I knew, but I did—that I had lived in another body, in another time and place, and my current parents weren’t my real parents.

We are given the chance to learn and grow through reincarnation—returning in different timelines and bodies. But not all bad things in life, including physical ailments and deformities, are the result of karma, but a divine way to grow and evolve much faster.

Many famous people have recalled past lives—His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Thomas Edison, Mark Twain, Jack London, Benjamin Franklin, Omm Sety, Henry Ford, General George S. Patton, Napoleon Bonaparte, William Peter Blatty, author of The Exorcist, Edgar Cayce, and actress Shirley MacLaine, just to name a few.

Stories include Napoleon Bonaparte’s belief in reincarnation and the frightening night he experienced in the Great Pyramid of Giza, Omm Sety’s recall of her ancient Egyptian life as the lover of Pharaoh Sety I and how she astounded archaeologists with her knowledge of that past life as a priestess of the Osirian temple, and my own investigation in 1981 involving an actress who recalled her past life as 1930s actress Jean Harlow and the horrifying events she was force to witnessed by Joseph P. Kennedy, father of President John F. Kennedy. If true, the story could be the revelation of the century!

In one particular case, a small boy named James Leininger recalled his short life as a World War II pilot, shot down by the Japanese. He gave names, places and events of that life which turned out to be incredibly accurate. The information would have been impossible to find or research at the time. Where did such details originate if reincarnation doesn’t exist?

So what is reincarnation? Reincarnation, in religions and philosophy, is a belief in the soul, mind or consciousness that has the ability to be reborn into a physical body through birth to reach perfection. It is also known as transmigration or metempsychosis. The belief in reincarnation is mostly found in South Asian and East Asian traditions. The belief in reincarnation goes back thousands of years and may have been a pillar of belief at the beginning of the Christian era.

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Betsey Lewis

World Psychic, Author, Numerologist, and Earth Mysteries Investigator


Earth provides healing. Our ancestors and Earth's indigenous people have known this energy for thousands of years, but modern humans have forgotten it. Grounding, also called Earthing, refers to the discovery of major health benefits from sustained contact with the Earth's natural and subtle electric energy. Recent research published in the Journal of Inflammation, Integrative Medicine: A Clinician's Journal, Neonatology and Healthindicates that ground stabilizes the physiology in many ways, drains the body of inflammation, pain and stress, and generates greater well-being. Grounding can be as simple as going barefoot in nature, including the backyard, for 30 to 60 minutes once or twice a day on surfaces like grass, soil, gravel, stone and sand. I find it important to give thanks to Earth Mother while you are doing this. If this isn't practical, special grounding mat and pads are available online for convenient indoor use while sitting or sleeping; people with compromised health, often benefit from more time being grounded. The activity restores a primordial electric connection with the Earth that has been lost with modern lifestyles. We wear shoes with insulating, synthetic soles and live and work elevated about the ground. These overlooked lifestyles factors may contribute to increasing global rates of chronic illnesses. Grounding revitalizes us, akin to charging a weak battery, because our bodies operate electrically and our movements and thoughts are based on electrical signals. We are bioelectric beings!

Earth has amazing healing powers. Pythagoras told his patients to walk in the mountains and near water for healing and peace of mind. Today we know that moving water gives off negative ions–the good ones. Shaman and medicine women attend Vision Quests, climbing high mountains, removing their shoes to connect to Earth Mother, and often they receive powerful visions of the future. Perhaps that’s why pyramids were built worldwide for their energy.

Inflammation is intimately linked to most chronic and age-related diseases, " says Gaetan Chevalier, Ph.D., a visiting scholar at the University of California, San Diego, who has conducted multiple grounding studies. "Ground seems to be nature's way to reduce inflammation." Enhanced blood flow: Thick, sludgy blood is a common feature of diabetes and cardiovascular disorders. Several grounding studies have demonstrated a significant decrease in blood viscosity and enhanced blood flow.

Music Therapy soothes the Soul
Have you ever participated in a drum circle? It’s powerful. I have attended Native American pow wows and I can tell you that the drumming, chatting and dancing in a circle is meditative, spiritual and healing. Studies have shown that classical music like Mozart and Bach have high vibrations for healing and can actually improve your intellect.

The Indigenous people of the world ask us to respect the Mother Earth each day, talk to her and send her prayers. She is a living, breathing entity. Indigenous people are gathering to teach us Earth wisdom again. They offer four sacred gifts of wisdom rooted in their life experiences:
1. The Power to Forgive the Unforgiveable: Forgiveness is releasing ourselves from the prison of pain, hurt and mistreatment.
2. Power of Unity: This is a time for us all to become and remain united and steadfast, repairing the world from the misuse of power and greed.
3. Power of Healing: Indigenous elders know that the whole being must be healed—the mental, spiritual, emotional and physical body.
4. Power of Hope: Hope springs from the choice to tap into an infinite energy source. It may not be understood by modern science, but indigenous wisdom keepers behold an inner certainty of something bigger than us all. Hope creates positive thoughts and those are materialized. Freeing our imagination creates expansive possibilities.

I am an old soul here to love myself more, and to love and have more compassion for others. I will not judge another, because I might have been in that person’s shoes in a past life. I forgive everyone in my past for all perceived wrongs. I release them with love. Each day I visualize a healed planet and all life on it, where Earth is in balance again. I take nothing for granted. Each morning, I give thanks for my gift of free-will to create the world I live in. I choose to feel good about myself, that I’m a powerful spiritual being, and I accept that no one is above me or below me. All souls are ONE. We are all part of the loving mind and energy of God and so my mission is to evolve spiritually each day.

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