When we realize that we’re dreaming the world into being each minute, we recognize that we also create the nightmares of our reality--destructive weather, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions. So why do we dream up such horrible nightmares and events? Because of mind and ego. The only way to create a world of peace and harmony is shut off mind. 

​Since childhood I've been blessed with predicting earthquakes and Earth-related disasters. I've earned the name "The Earthquake Lady." Through the years I've discovered Mother Earth has a warning system if we pay attention and learn her signs and warnings. Ancient humans understood this sacred knowledge because they were connected to nature, but modern humans have forgotten the the Living Library of  Earth and her secrets. It's time for us to reconnect to Mother Earth. Any one can learn this ancient knowledge of Earth--spend more time in nature and observe!  On February 5, 1971 I began having dreams of a huge earthquake in Los Angeles where I lived at the time. In the dream my family, and friends and I were safe. On the morning of February 9, 1971, I woke at 5 am, earlier than usual and at 6 am, the 6.7 magnitude San Fernando earthquake shook Los Angeles and the valley, killing 64 people, collapsing overpasses, hospital, houses and other buildings. But my family, friend and I were safe.Read about my other predictions. FAQs.  

- Full Moon - studies have shown that the gravitational pull of the moon and high tides can trigger large earthquakes. Read more...

- Earthquake lights are a mysterious phenomenon seen before an earthquake. This happened just before the powerful 8.2 earthquake in southern Mexico on Sept. 8, 2017. Read more...

- Ozone, methane and carbon monoxide gases have been known to increase but not always in the area where the earthquake takes place. This YouTube site warns of CO increases.

- Strange Animal and insect behavior -  Stories abound of animals behaving oddly in the moments before an earthquake: dogs bark incessantly, birds gather in tight flocks, and toads flee their ponds. Do animals hear the earthquake or are they sensing stress waves before the event? Before the 9.1- 9.3 earthquake in Indonesia on December 26, 2004, elephants, birds and small animals began moving and running to higher ground, sensing the earthquake and devastating tsunami. Check the classified section of your local paper for lost dogs and cats and if there is more than usual in your area. This is another sign.  Also, insects have been known to behave oddly.  Trust your pet to warn you. 

- Volcanic eruptions and activity increase before a major earthquake. I've observed that increased volcanic activity equals a major earthquake somewhere in the world. There is a growing sense that volcanic activity and the quaking shifts of the massive tectonic plates of the Earth are interconnected around the planet. When an earthquake or eruption occurs in one part of the planet, it is followed by an eruption or quake in another part, sometimes on the opposite side of the planet. When we see noticeable eruptions in the long-quiet volcanoes of Mt. Vesuvius or Pelee, then three months later there will major earthquakes along the southern coast of California that will cause an inundation of the land from the Salt Lake in Utah to the southern portions of Nevada. Mt. Vesuvius is the infamous volcano that destroyed the ancient city of Pompeii in 79 A.D. It is located east of Naples, Italy. It is considered to be one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world. Mt. Pelee is in an island arc of the Caribbean called Martinique, in the Lesser Antilles between Puerto Rico and Venezuela. If either one of these two volcanoes erupts, earthquakes will follow three months later in the southern coast of California, and these quakes will cause a damaging flood from Utah to southern Nevada.

- Solar Activity and Geomagnetic storms hitting Earth - I've discovered through the years that the sun can affect Earth's earthquake faults and volcanoes with solar wind and geomagnetic storms hitting Earth magnetic field. During the week of April 11, 2016 the sun became activity and Earth was hit with several geomagnetic storms. On April 14, 2016 a 6.5 earthquake rocked Japan and on April 15, 2016 a powerful 7.1 earthquake rocked the southern portion of Japan. Also, major earthquakes have happened after a solar eclipse and full moons. Scientists don't support this theory, but I've observed it. They don't want to admit that everything is connected in our universe.

Hurricanes and earthquakes: Question: Do you feel that with all this flooding in Texas and Louisiana this is putting extra pressure on the American continental plate and may increase the risk of a large earthquake?  Answer: YES! The devastating magnitude 7.0 earthquake that hit Haiti in early 2010 came only 18 months after Haiti had been deluged by several hurricanes and tropical storms. As I’ve always written everything in our universe is connected. I find it ludicrous that scientists say an erupting volcano can’t cause huge earthquakes hundreds of miles away. It’s like saying our arms aren’t connected to our bodies. 
- Mysterious booms - Since 2012 these mysterious booms have been heard worldwide and throughout the United States. Scientists are baffled, but theories abound--UFOs, CERN or HAARP experiments, and deep core earth movement. I'm in the deep core Earth movement camp, and have noticed that when these booms are heard, a major earthquake takes place somewhere in the world. These booms will increase in 2016. Observe and learn.   

That question led a group of University of Virginia physicists to start grinding rocks and measuring gases in a lab experiment designed to mimic an earthquake and see what might be setting the animals off. What they found was dramatic: The rocks they crushed produced ozone gas at levels up to 100 times higher than a smoggy Los Angeles day. (I've smelled this gas in L.A. and have know it was a procurer to a large earthquake). 

- Extreme vertigo/dizziness - many people feel ill and experience nausea and vertigo before an earthquake. Article. 

- Disappearing Pets 
- Animals both domestic and wild react to geomagnetic changes and seismic stress waves before a strong earthquake. Pets have been known to runaway before an earthquake. Check your local newspaper in the Classified section under Lost Pets. An unusual amount of runaway pets has proven to be an accurate warning of a earthquake. Read more on the subject.

- Water levels suddenly drop in wells, aquifers, lakes or standing water. Mini tsunamis or large ocean waves have preceded a large earthquake. Read USGS article. Also, it has been noted by seismologists that earthquakes happen after a deluge of water from storms like hurricanes.  

- Feeling nervous and anxious? Many people experience nervousness and a feeling of anxiety. Some have headaches. Other experience precognitive dreams or intuitive feelings before a large earthquake. There are stories of children sensing earthquakes before they happen. Always listen to your child! It is believed that those who are meant to survive such cataclysmic events were warned in some way by their spirit guides or angels. It could be a gut feeling or something was changed in the person's usual routine that day that saved their life. There are no accidents in life. 

BE PREPARED FOR ANY DISASTER: West coast of California, Oregon, Hawaii, South Pacific and Mexico (Mexico City) – There is high risk/ strong likelihood for a very strong earthquakes within the next 2 years (2018-2020) and volcanoes erupting. Storms, hurricanes and tornadoes will also affect many people worldwide  Prepare now! Supplies like food, water, flashlights, extra batteries, and radio. Learn about Earthquake preparedness. 


When we make the quality of life the number one priority in our lives by honoring the quality of Earth's life, there will be very few Earth changes upon this planet. However, most of us are concerned with a very different quality of life: how many electronic devices we own, how many clothes are in our closets, and how many cars are in our garages. We are not all connected to the effects of all of this material manufacturing on the sentient being that is our parent--Mother Earth. If we do not change--if we do not make the shift in values and realize that with Earth we could not be here, then Earth, in her love for her own initiation and her evolving to a higher frequency, will bring about a cleansing that will balance her once again. There is the potential for many people to leave the planet in an afternoon. Maybe then everyone will begin to walk up to what is going on with our planet and how we are destroying her. What happens to Earth depends on how willing everyone is to change.

What is your responsibility? How willing are you to change? It's time to stop talking about it and start making changes. As we commit to change in our own lives, we automatically make the change available to the entire planet. Love yourself and love Earth, because they are ONE. Everything is connected.

"We have to come back to the Native way of life. The Native way is to pray for everything. Our Mother Earth is very important. We can't just misuse her and think she's going to continue." - Corbin Harney, Spiritual Leader of the Western Shoshone Nation (1920-2007)

"It is very late, but there is still time to revive and discover the old American Indian value of respect for Mother Earth. she is very beautiful, and already she is showing us signs that she may punish us for not respecting her. We must remember she has been placed in this universe by the one who is the All Powerful, the Great Spirit above, or Wakan Tanka--God."  - Ed McGaa "Eagle Man" Oglala Sioux Ceremonial leader (1938-2017)

If cataclysmic Earth changes come about, and there is plenty of signs taking place now (mysterious booms heard worldwide, volcanoes coming to life, increasing earthquakes, extreme weather, wildfires, floods), then the changes will play an important role in breaking down the system. Earth changes will also bring about a joining and triumph human spirit because people will go out of their way to help others when disasters occur. We have seen this with the wildfires in California, the mudslides and the hurricanes last year.  It may be hard to imagine a group of oil workers asking for guidance and permission to penetrate the Earth. Yet, if this were done, things would be much more in harmony. Some of you may think this is silly to communicate to something that does not talk back, but Indigenous people realized how the spirit in all things. I was honored to have had two great Native American spiritual leaders as teachers--Corbin Harney and Ed McGaa "Eagle Man, who taught me about nature and our connection to it. The good news is such awareness is catching on; many people are getting this information at this time and telling others.  

Someday, perhaps in the far future, children will play in a pristine world where the oceans, rivers and lakes run pure again, the skies will be blue again (no chemtrails), and plants, trees, animals, birds, insects, and sea creatures will flourish again. Humans will pray to the planet, to the flowers, the trees, the water, the inserts, the rocks, the animals. Anything that is killed or taken from the Earth will be honored and thanked for giving its spirit to us. It may take hundreds of years before we reconnect with our planet and all life again and take nothing for granted--that all life is precious! How many of you want to return (reincarnate) to a world of toxic air, water and land? Or would you rather return to a world that is pristine again? The choice is ours!