International Psychic Medium Betsey Lewis

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Beginning at the age of 8 months old, Betsey experienced the paranormal with her parents on a country road in Idaho late one night when a strange roar enveloped the car. Years later, she'd learn that she and her parents lost two hours in time they couldn't explain. At age three, Betsey spoke to invisible play friends, according to her mother, and by age eight her grandfather's spirit visited one night. Throughout Betsey's life there have been warnings of major earth events and personal warnings from deceased family members who validated that their love is endless even from the Other Side. Read more about her amazing psychic gift in,
Communicating with the Other Side,
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Betsey was a featured speaker at the UFO Conference near Area 51 in 2012, and interviewed on television and radio shows like Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis, The Fringe, the X-Zone, and other popular radio talk shows. Listen to archived shows. 

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Mystic Revelations of Thirteen
Angels, Aliens and Prophecy II
Communicating with the Other Side like Theresa Caputo
Earth Energy: Return to Ancient Wisdom, available July 2014.
Young adult's fiction: Alexander Phoenix and the Seven Sacred Virtues
Children's books: The Story of Rainbow Eyes and A Worm Named Sherm

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